Hello and welcome to Class 5’s webpage.

My name is Mrs Perry and I am the teacher in Class 5.

Here you will find information and photographs of the children having fun in their learning throughout the year. I hope to update the page regularly to give you an insight into how the children spend their days in class, Mrs Perry

For more information on how Phonics is taught in school and how you can help at home, please click on the following link: Letters and Sounds information for Parents

SEPTEMBER 2017-2018

Week beginning 16-7-18

What a fantastic year we have had in Class 5. The children have achieved so much and it’s been wonderful to watch them all grow and develop into such mature boys and girls. We have had so many happy memories and they are all ready now to take on new challenges in their next classes. We said goodbye this week to Lucas who is moving on to a new school and a new house in Southport. We will all miss him lots but we wish him all the very best for the future!

I would like to thank you for all your lovely gifts and cards and wish you all a happy and safe summer break. Here are a few snapshots from this last week – making our ‘memory’ books, taking part in Class 5’s got talent class photos and friendship group photos. Have a great summer break and see you all around school in September…

Week beginning 9-7-18

On Wednesday the year 1 children enjoyed their school trip to Red House Farm. What a fantastic day we had…. activities included climbing up the climbing wall, sliding down the inflatable slide, a bouncy castle, learning about the crops and animals, a barrel train ride and playing on giant hay bales. The children also loved having lunch together in the barn and were treated to an ice-lolly – which we really needed due to the warm weather!! The children were extremely well behaved and they were such a credit to the school and all their families.


We can’t believe that next week will be our last week in Class 5. It’s been a wonderful year and the children have been a pleasure to teach!! Thank you for all your help and support throughout the year and best wishes for the future.


Week beginning 2-7-18

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend our Open day on Wednesday. It was a very warm afternoon and the children were very busy enjoying all the activities. As always the children were an absolute credit to you all! We hope you enjoyed having a look around and visiting the art gallery in the hall.

In preparation for shuffle up day on Friday the children have been thinking of questions they would like to ask their new teacher. They talked in groups first and then wrote them on post-it notes. Then the children practised writing them on whiteboards. Later in the week the children are going to write letters to their new teachers which will be sent up to their new class. They are all very excited about meeting their new teachers on Friday!!

This week we have also been doing some African Art work and the Reception children have been practising their techniques outdoors with chalks. The year 1 children have been practising their techniques on black paper indoors using dots and other patterns to build up their pictures – we had some wonderful results….

We were very lucky this week to get the chance to see some of the chicks (which we saw hatch and we got to hold) earlier in the year. As you can see they are much bigger now and they are just starting to lay their own eggs now. The children were amazed to see how quickly they have grown into adult chickens. Thank you to Mrs Byrne for bringing them in for us to see!!

Week beginning  25-6-18

What a sweltering week it has been! It feels more like Madrid than Manchester…. The children have done so well considering the heat and we have still managed to fit so much into the week despite the heatwave.

In maths this week we have been doing lots of revision of various topics including Time, number patterns, number bonds, and much more. In English we have been thinking about instructions and how we need to be quite ‘bossy’ when we are writing using imperative (bossy) verbs to write them and make them concise. The children had to work on whiteboards to change Little Miss Bossy’s instructions to make them even more bossy. Earlier in the week we planted sunflower seeds and then later in the week we had to write our own instructions on how to plant a sunflower seed.

On Wednesday we had both our Sports Days, Early Years in the morning and KS1 in the afternoon. The children coped extremely well in the soaring temperatures and did themselves proud – well done to all of them. Thank you to all the grown ups who came to support this wonderful day, we hope you enjoyed it as  much as we did!

Here are the photos from the week:



Week beginning 18-6-18

This week the children have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and thinking about their properties. We have also been making repeating patterns with various objects and shapes.

In English we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been ‘Talk for Writing’ the story – retelling the story as a whole class with actions to help us recall the story in our writing. The children worked together in pairs to make their own beanstalks using various materials. The Year 1 children had to really use their imagination to change the story when Jack got to the top of the gigantic beanstalk. The children had to select their own setting and new characters e.g. instead of a castle and a giant – a haunted house and a witch.

Week beginning 11-6-18

Welcome back after the half term holiday. The children have been very keen to tell me all about the wonderful things they have been up to over the 2 weeks. I can’t believe that this is our final half term and we only have another 5 weeks to go after this week! Where has the year gone?

We started the week by talking and writing about our holiday, practising our sentences on whiteboards first. Then the children wrote a recount of what they did and tried hard to use good punctuation, adjectives and time connectives.

This week has been British Values week so we have been having lots of discussions about what it means to be British and live in Britain. Each day we talked about a different value , including:


Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Tolerance of other Faiths and cultures

We listened to the National Anthem and talked about how it made us feel – excited, proud, happy, etc. We also watched a clip of some young American children pledging their allegiance to the USA. Some children thought we should do the same in school and pledge our allegiance to Britain. The children have enjoyed working in pairs and small groups all week talking about the British values and on the whole they feel it’s a good thing to live in Britain and that we need rules, fairness, choices and liberty to feel happy and safe.

On Thursday it was Eid and we did lots of learning about it and some activities including Bollywood dancing, word searches and colouring in some Mendhi hands. We watched some clips of some Muslim children celebrating Eid and we learnt about how the grown ups fast for a month during Ramadan and then they celebrate when this is over by having Eid celebrations.

Week beginning 25-5-18

This week the children have put their finishing touches to their bird feeders. We added googly eyes and some fake leaves, and some insects. Finally we stuck a lolly stick in the box, so the birds have something to perch on when feeding. The children will take them home at the end of the week to put them outside. We hope you can find somewhere to hang them outdoors. Don’t forget to put some birdseed inside to hopefully attract some garden birds.

We have been making the most of the beautiful weather by taking an opportunity to do some of our learning outdoors in the playgarden. The children did some planting on Wednesday with Mrs Jones and also the children went outdoors in small groups on a tree hunt. They were exploring the trees and trying to find out what kind of trees we have in our playgarden and we tried to find out if they were deciduous or evergreen trees. Sorry we don’t have more photo’s but the ipad ran out half way through!! It’s been a lovely week. Lets hope the beautiful weather continues during the half term break! See you in a few weeks.

Week beginning 14-5-18

Its been another eventful week in Class 5. At the beginning of the week the Reception enjoyed spending time in our Playgarden making some wonderful art work using all the natural materials they could find. They came up with some wonderful creations…

A lot of our learning this week has been around the Royal Wedding. This built up to our special celebration on Thursday when we had our own wedding celebration party in the Infant playground. The children loved dressing up in red, white and blue clothes and came together with all the Infants to have a few snacks and a drink. This was then followed with some music and some dancing in the playground. We even had a special visit from Prince Harry and Megan Markle themselves?? The weather was beautiful and the children had a fun time with their friends! It was a very memorable day and the children behaved impeccably.



Week beginning 8-5-18

For the last two weeks the children have taken part in some PE coaching lessons. The children really enjoyed the variety of activities they provided. They concentrated on dodging skills, team work and balancing skills. Here are a few snap shots.


Week beginning 30-4-18

This week we have been looking at the parts of a flower or plant and learning about the functions of each part. We looked at some small pot plants and explored the whole of the plant including the roots.

In English this week we have been looking at different types of poems about seeds, plants and  flowers. The children worked in small groups looking at a selection of poems. We then read them to the class and talked about what we liked about them and how they made us feel. We then had a vote to see which was the most popular and practised this poem, with actions and then we read it out as a whole class. The following day the Year 1 children wrote their own poems about flowers and the children did a fantastic job – who knows we may have some budding poets in the making. The reception children drew their favourite flower and wrote some sentences about them. Click on the link below to see our class poem –

Class 5 – poem clip

Week beginning 23-4-18

This week the year 1’s did some more research on the laptops to find out some more facts about the continent of Africa. The children worked in pairs to find their facts on a children’s website and then wrote them on clipboards, ready to share with the rest of the class at the end of the lesson.

In maths we have been working on our measuring skills, in terms of capacity/volume and weight. The children worked with Mrs Saint on Tuesday to find full, half full/half empty, empty, a quarter full, three quarters full etc and filling measuring jugs up to different amounts in millilitres. Then on another day we looked at weight and how we can use a balance scale to find which object is heaviest, lightest or the same weight. Then we tried to work out some word problems which proved to be quite tricky.

In RE we thought about places that are special to us e.g. swimming baths, gymnastics, the park, ballet, beavers etc. Then we looked at some special places where people who believe like to go to worship, that are special to them, including a church, a mosque and a synagogue. We discussed how these are sacred places to these people and we need to be respectful to their beliefs. We then got into small groups and worked together to think about what kind of things these people might do in these special places e.g. praying, singing, getting married, getting christened etc.

Finally on Thursday the Reception children went on their school trip to the farm and had a wonderful day. We saw lots of farm animals close up and we even got to see a calf being born – the children were amazed, and so were the teachers!! The behaviour throughout the day was excellent and they were a real credit to the school and their families. Please ask your children what they can remember from the day. On Friday they wrote some thank you letters to the farm expressing what a fabulous day we all had. We are going to send them and hopefully we will get a reply? Here are some snapshots from our fantastic day.


Week beginning 16-4-18

Wow what an eventful week this has been. All week we have been looking at fractions (1/2 and 1/4) of shapes and amounts. We started by finding a half and a quarter of shapes. The reception children made their own collage pizzas and then folded and cut them into halves and quarters. The year 1 children had to shade a half and a quarter of different shapes, remembering that the parts had to be equal! Then we moved on to finding a half and a quarter of amounts by sharing between 2 and 4 to find a half or a quarter.

The reception children went in the outdoor play garden to make their cheerio bird feeders and helped to hang them in the trees and bushes. They had to thread cheerios onto a pipe cleaner, loop it around and then hang them up with string.

Then on Tuesday the children arrived in class to find that the classroom had been visited in the night by some kind of extra-terrestrial being. The classroom had alien footprints on the floor and there was a disgusting, green slime all around the classroom –  on tables,  the door handle and the window sill. The room was filled with gasps, screams and utter pandemonium!! Straight away they were asking questions and wanting to find clues to find out what had happened. Later in the week the Year 1 children had to pretend to be news paper reporters to report on the events that had happened. The reception children had to draw a picture of what they thought the Alien might have looked like and describe him. The next day they wrote him some notes – some asking him/her to visit again and others to ask him not to come back and make a mess of their classroom again!! It was a wonderful time in class 5 and I think they will never forget the time we were invaded by an alien???

Also later in the week we started thinking about different types of common garden flowers. Mrs Perry brought in some fresh flowers for us to look at and we did some observational drawings using pastels. They look fantastic! Please look out for flowers when you are in your gardens or at parks and name and talk about them.

Week beginning 10-4-18

Welcome back after the Easter holiday, I hope you all had a lovely break. The children have had a busy week back and are back in the swing of things again and working hard in their learning. The children have been talking, planning and writing about their Easter holiday. The Year 1 children have been working on their time connectives to improve the flow of their writing and using conjunctions to extend their sentences. The reception children are really starting to use their learnt sounds in their writing and using finger spaces between their words. The children were able to read back what they had written and share it with the rest of the class. The Year 1 children also did some editing trying to spot some errors in their writing which had been highlighted by the teacher. In maths we have been continuing to work on ‘money’ and trying to add up amounts of coins and looking at different ways of making amounts. The Year 1’s then used their number bonds to 10 and 20 to try to work out the change from 10p and 20p. Finally at the end of the week we challenged ourselves to work out some ‘money’ word problems. Please continue to talk to your children about money and adding up amount of coins and working out the change. A simple money box with different coins in will really help to do this! Our role play area is now a florist shop and our small world area is now full of African animals for the children to play/learn about.

Week beginning 26-3-18

This week the children have been working out how to solve a variety of different word problems. They worked together in pairs and small groups to mentally find the answers. Some children used number lines to support them and others were able to mentally work out some of the answers by counting on or counting back.

The children collaged their own egg template for their Easter card. The children then wrote their own special message inside their cards to their families.

Finally on Thursday we had our Easter Bonnet parade and the children looked fantastic. Thanks to all of you who were able to support us on the day. The children did a wonderful job parading around and singing all the songs!! We hope you enjoyed the show. Happy Easter to all of you and we’ll see you after the break….

Week beginning 19-3-18

Here are some snapshots from the week.

We went on a Spring walk in our play garden to look for some signs of Spring. We found some daffodils, rosemary and leaf buds on the trees. We also commented on how the temperatures are starting to rise and hopefully this is the start of some brighter weather!! We hope to see more changes as we get further into the season of Spring.

We have been practising our spellings on whiteboards using the look, read, cover, write method. The children are working hard to keep improving their spellings. Please continue to support your children with their spelling homework (Year 1’s) as this will really help your child long term.

We all enjoyed applying the final touches to our royal crowns by adding paint. the children have worked hard and enjoyed the process of making their crowns, which they have now taken home. They are all so proud of their work!!

In English the Year 1 children have been looking at contractions e.g. we will – we’ll , I am – I’m. We have been doing various activities to help us understand this.

On Tuesday the Year 1 children performed in their Ukulele concert for the parents/grandparents. What an amazing job they all did, I’m sure you are as proud of them as I am. All that hard work paid off and it was a wonderful show – well done to you all!!

Week beginning 12-3-18

This week the children started their crowns using clay. They had to roll it out and make a circle shape and then use modelling tools to cut out the pattern along the top of the crown.

Finally we used some plastic jewels to make them look more like royal crowns. We now have to wait for them to dry so we can paint them. When they are finished the children will be able to take them home.

This week has been Diversity week and the children have been having lots of discussions and taking part in lots of activities throughout the week. On Monday we talked about gender and thought about the question ‘Can boys and girls do the same jobs?’ This prompted lots of interesting discussions and we concluded that if you really want to do something and you are determined it shouldn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy as long as you can do the job well. On Tuesday we looked at a story about disability and looked at how it can be challenging for some people to do the simple every day things. On Wednesday we discussed how all families are different and we talked about our own families and what makes them special. On Thursday we thought about cultural differences and how different people believe in different things and how we have to respect their different beliefs and values. Finally we looked at the diversity of all of us and how in Class 5,we are like a jigsaw puzzle – all different pieces and together we are complete! The children completed their own personal jigsaw of pieces that makes them special and complete!

In Maths this week we have been working on the  measurement of length. We started by using non-standard unites to measure objects (cubes) and then moved on to using a cm ruler to measure different objects including our own water bottles! The children had to then order them from the shortest to the longest. Later in the week we challenged ourselves by looking at some word problems relating to length/measure


Week beginning 5-3-18

This week in history we dressed up as kings and queens and sat on the throne to try to imagine what it would feel like to be a king or a queen. Then we learnt about some kings and queens from the past and looked at what they were like and what they did. Finally the children had to say what kind of a king or queen they would be if they were on the throne!

Then on Wednesday we had World Maths Day and the children enjoyed going into different classes around school doing various maths activities. The children were so excited about going over to the juniors and they came back buzzing about all the things they had been taking part in. It was a super day all round!!

Finally on Friday the children worked on the apparatus in our PE lesson. The children had to find different ways of moving along, balancing along and jumping off the various equipment. We also practiced our gymnastic starting and finishing position. They all did a great job at safely putting the apparatus out and putting it away again.

Week beginning 26-2-18

Here’s some snapshots from World Book Day on Thursday. It was a great day and as you can see the children had a great day which hopefully reinforced their love of books….

Week beginning 19-2-18

The children started the week by writing about their holiday and they had to help Mrs Perry to edit her recount of her holiday. The children are getting better now at rereading their work and spotting their errors.

In maths this week the Y1 children have been working on multiplication (as ‘lots of’ or ‘groups of’) and looking at division (as ‘shared between’). We practised counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s which helps us with our multiplication. If your child has a money box of 2p, 5p and 10p’s at home perhaps they could try to count them to practice this, this will really help them. The Reception children have been practicing finding 1 more and 1 less of numbers up to 20 and beyond. Also they have been playing doubling and halving games using counters.

The Reception children have enjoyed some new activities in our outdoor learning and they have enjoyed ‘getting busy’ both indoors and outdoors. We have all noticed a change in the temperatures and the children have been working on fastening their own coats – they are all doing so well with this. Please keep encouraging them to fasten their own clothes.

The two obvious highlights of the week were observing the eggs develop into chicks. We even managed to watch one of the chicks cracking out of an egg at the end of Wednesday!! The children were so excited and couldn’t wait to get the chance to hold one, which we did on Friday. I don’t know who was more excited the children or Mrs Perry!!

This week we also enjoyed our session on the bouncy castle for the ‘sponsored bounce’. The children loved bouncing around with their friends. Thank you for all your support and generosity in supporting this event.

Finally I am so happy to tell you that next week we will be welcoming our new teaching assistant Mr Irakoze who will be working with Class 5. I’m sure the children have probably already told you, as they were so excited to find out on Friday!! He will be a huge asset to our class and we will all benefit from having such an enthusiastic and caring member of staff joining the school team.


Week beginning 5-2-18

It’s been another action packed week in Class 5 and the end of another half term. At the beginning of the week the Year 1 children visited the Lowry and they enjoyed a variety of activities including observing in the art gallery, sketching in the long glass corridor and colouring Lowry pictures in the activity room. The children were so well behaved and they all said what a great time they had and that they can’t wait for the next trip!


In class we also managed to complete our own Lowry style paintings by adding some figures and cats and dogs. All their efforts have been displayed in our LS Lowry gallery display in class.

We said goodbye and farewell to our wonderful Teaching Assistant Mrs Hughes this week and we took part in a special assembly for her. We sang her an adapted version of a One Direction song (That’s what makes you beautiful) – That’s what makes you wonderful!! We dressed her up in office clothes and gave her lots of gifts for her new HR job. We wish her all the luck in the world and I know she will keep in touch and pop in when she can to see us all.

On Thursday we focused on Mental Health/Diversity day and listened to some thought provoking stories about how it is ok to be different and we are all unique in our own way. We had lots of discussions about how we are all special and good at different things. Then the class had to say what they thought was special about different class mates – it was lovely to see how the other children were able to think of lots of positive things about each other.

Finally in Science we have introduced a new topic, ready for after the half term, by asking the question ‘Why are humans not like Tigers?’. The children came up with some great reasons and after half term we will be learning about, classifying and sorting different types of animals into different groups.

Week beginning 29-1-18

Here are some photos from our busy week! We have been writing about our families and why they are so special to us. In Maths we have been exploring 2D & 3D shapes again, thinking more closely about their properties and learning the names of the different shapes. We have also been practising the days of the week and months of the year. Perhaps you could ask them to say them for you in order?

On Thursday we had a very exciting day when we all came to school dressed in our pyjamas for World Story Telling day. Even the teachers joined in and the children had a bit of a giggle seeing their teachers in PJ’s!! We had a super day which included lots of storytelling activities. As we have been looking at Traditional stories, especially Little Red Riding Hood, we did some ‘Talk for Writing’ to help us retell the story in order. To do this we had to do various actions as we told the story  – the children were amazing.  Then in the afternoon we had a visit from some Year 6 children, who read some lovely stories to us in small groups. Thanks to all the Year 6 children, they were a real credit to the school and it was a wonderful afternoon!!

This Friday we are saying farewell to Mrs Nayyar, our student teacher, who has been with us since last October. We have all enjoyed having her in our class and we will miss her very much. We would like to wish her all the very best for the future in her teaching career.

Next Friday we will also be saying Goodbye to our wonderful Teaching Assistant Mrs Hughes, who will be moving onto a new job after the half term holiday. We are very sad to be losing her but we are happy for her as she moves on to the next chapter in her career. It has been an absolute pleasure to have her in our class and she has built up such close relationships with the children. We are all going to miss her very much!! We wish her all the very best for the future and I know she will always keep in touch and any chance she gets she will call in to see us all!!

Please bare with us next week with the reading books as they will be coming home later in the week due to the Y1 Lowry trip on Monday. As soon as we get chance to do them we will send them in their book bags… Thank you.

Week beginning 22-1-18

Here are some photos from another action-packed week in Class 5. The Year 1 children did some science activities to assess what they have learnt about materials. The Reception children have been practising their subtracting and using objects, number lines and even counting back using our fingers to help us find the answers. We were all so excited to be finally adding paint to our Lowry style paintings! What a fantastic job all the children did, using very fine brushes to carefully add paint to our buildings.

Also this week we have been learning about traditional stories and the children were amazed to here that even their grandma and grandads used to listen to these stories!! On Tuesday morning the children arrived in class to find a basket of food and a red cloak. This got everybody thinking and lots of children guessed that we were going to be learning about Little Red Riding Hood. To secure our knowledge of the story we have been doing a variety of activities including sequencing activities, role play activities and then writing our first draft of the story.


Week beginning 15-1-18

This week the Year 1 children continued with their Ukulele lessons on Tuesday and they are all doing so well! Their behaviour was impeccable and the Music teacher was very impressed with their listening skills – well done children. They are all enjoying the sessions. Please support your child at home also to practice the skills they have learnt.

All the children continued to create their own Lowry pictures this week and we carefully sketched a variety of buildings, chimneys and other features using a variety of Lowry paintings for ideas. All the children worked hard and took their time to add the different features. The results were fantastic and I was particularly pleased with the Reception who did an amazing job even though they are younger than the Year 1 children, so well done!

On Thursday the children made their own clocks during our maths lesson. We learnt that an analogue clock always has hands and we learnt that there is a long and a short hand (The long hand being the minute hand and the short hand being the hour hand). We started by looking at o clock and half past times and some children even challenged themselves to think about quarter past. We will be continuing to work on telling the time and the children will be taking home their clocks so perhaps you could practice some o clock and half past times. Also on Thursday we continued our science topic of materials and the children worked in small groups to make their own pig stys, choosing from a variety of materials. The children showed some brilliant team work!!

Week beginning 8-12-18

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all your lovely gifts which I opened on Christmas day!! The children seemed happy to be back at school and they have been eager to tell me all about the Christmas break and about all the wonderful presents they received. At the beginning of the week we all wrote a thank you letter to Santa telling him which were our favourite presents and asking him a few questions such as “How many mince pies did you eat on Christmas Eve?” and “Did you have a good rest after delivering all those present?”.

In Maths we have been looking at 100 number squares and finding lots of different patterns that the numbers make in each column and in each row. Then we played lots of games finding the numbers quickly and finding the missing numbers in number squares. We also did some work at looking at the tens and the ones (units) in 2 digit numbers.

We started our new History topic L.S.Lowry this week and began by thinking of lots of questions that we would like to find out about him this half term such as “How many paintings did he paint?”, “How did he learn how to paint?” and “When did he paint his last painting?”. The Year 1 children have some homework this week to research the artist and find out an interesting fact to share with the class next week. Please support your child to do this. In Art we are also studying Lowry’s paintings and we are all going to create our own paintings in a similar style to L.S.Lowry. This week we did the first process which was to sponge paint a grey, wash background onto the paper. Next week when they are dry, we will begin to sketch the buildings and other features and finally we will add some colour. When they are finished we will display them in our classroom.

In PE this week we have been working on our throwing and catching skills. We worked in small groups to  throw and catch objects and the children showed great team building skills, realising the importance of working together and practiced their communication skills.

Finally the children really enjoyed own toys day during Golden time on Friday and they were all keen to show their friends some of the new toys they received for Christmas. Here are a few snapshots from the week,,,,

Week beginning 18-12-17

It’s been a wonderful final week leading up to Christmas! The children have been so excited all week and here are some clips. These clips include Christmas dinner, Christmas Party day, Santa’s visit to our school, sharing our Christmas stories with others and making our Christmas folders.

We haven’t given you any English, Maths or Topic homework over the festive break – we think the children deserve a good rest. However I have put some extra interactive reading books on The Active Learn website, so you can enjoy some reading…

Finally I would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas with all your families and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year, Best wishes, Mrs Perry xx

Week beginning 11-12-17

What a super week this has been. At the start of the week we watched a clip from ‘The Snowman’ where the snowmen have a party and we discussed invitations and what information we need to include when writing an invitation. The children worked in small groups to plan their own party and design their own invitations. In maths the children have been exploring and naming 2D and 3D shapes. We looked at their properties and had a go at making our own 3D shapes using straws and playdough – we will continue to work on these next week.

We have really excelled in all our Christmas performances of ‘The Wriggly Nativity’ this week and we hope you enjoyed watching us. The children were so disappointed when it was all over on Thursday – they wanted to perform it again!! The children did an amazing job and I’m sure you are as proud of them as we are.

We have also enjoyed playing in our Christmas role play area, decorating the tree, having Christmas dinner and playing with Mrs Perry’s knitted Nativity set, acting out the Christmas Story.

Finally on Friday we enjoyed designing and decorating some gift bags for the OAP’s (from Greenfield Church) Christmas party which is taking place in school next week. Each class in the school is making or providing something for them and our gift bags will be used to put all the gifts in. The children were thrilled to be helping some of the elderly within our community.

Week beginning 4-12-17

The children came into the classroom on Monday to find that Santa’s elves had been in our classroom and the role play area is now a Christmas house complete with Christmas fireplace, Christmas tree and Christmas table. The children are enjoying playing in the area – wrapping presents, decorating the tree and making Christmas dinner! This week we have been doing some more hot seating in preparation for writing our Santa letters later in the week. Some children were chosen to be Santa and the other children came up with some fantastic questions to ask him e.g. How do you manage to deliver all your presents in one night? Why do you have such a big tummy? The children then did a Santa wish list and then at the end of the week they all wrote their letters to Santa. We are going to put them all into a large envelope and send them off to The North Pole ASAP. We are all hoping to get a reply from Santa and hopefully we might get some answers to some of our questions!

Our Christmas Nativity rehearsals have been going well and the children are now much more confident in all their roles. We are really looking forward to performing it for you next week. We have a dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon which we are doing for the rest of the Infant classes. We hope you enjoy our performances for you later in the week…..

Week beginning 27-11-17

This week in maths the children have been looking at money and the different coins. We have compared them, sorted them and ordered them from the least to the most. The reception children went on a coin hunt in the outdoor learning area and enjoyed seeing how many 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p’s etc they could find. The year one children have been looking at making amounts of money and looking at the different ways we can make these with a variety of coins. The children have also been working on their handwriting and practising the letter formation using playdough, shaving foam, whiteboards and handwriting sheets.

We needed to use our best handwriting this week to write letters and cards to  ‘the man on the moon’. The children were so excited to write to him and tell him all about themselves and to ask him lots of questions. We are hoping to send them to him next week and we will be eagerly awaiting a reply, hopefully before Christmas!!

The children are working so hard in their Christmas nativity rehearsals. They are all singing beautifully now and I’m sure if you ask them they could sing a few songs to you and give you a sneak preview!! All the children have got various roles to play in the concert and some children have a few lines to learn, which I have put in their book bags this week. Please could you practice these with them so they know them off by heart. thank you.

Mrs Jones has also been in this week and some small groups of children have been working in the play garden with her. They have been looking at the seasonal changes to all the plants and trees and generally tidying things up in the garden. We have all noticed a real change in the weather and the temperatures this week and we have all felt the cold chill in the air!

The children enjoyed decorating our class Christmas tree on Friday and we will be putting it in our role play area which is a ‘Christmas’ house. The children will be able to decorate the tree in there and change the decorations whenever they like. They are all super excited now and the festive feel is well and truly under way now in Class 5!! Hopefully we will be able to contain ourselves till the 25th December…..

Week beginning 20-11-17

This week in Geography the children have been looking at simple maps of Struay Island and have been finding various buildings, lochs and other landmarks. We have been looking at different symbols and what they mean on a map and then trying to locate and draw our own symbols on a map.

In English we started the week by finding a balloon in our classroom with a present attached to the bottom of it and a letter. The children were so excited to find out what this was all about. When we opened the present we found a small telescope inside and this fuelled the children’s curiosity even more!! We then watched the clip of the John Lewis advert from last year ‘The man on the moon’. Then read out the letter that was written by the little girl in the advert to the man on the moon. The next day we had to think of questions that we would like to ask the man on the moon. Then finally on Friday we wrote our own letters to the man on the moon (Year 1 children). The Reception children wrote a sentence to say what they could see through the telescope ‘I see a _______.’ They have also been busy learning in many of the different continuous provision areas around the classroom and loving their learning.

In Science we continued to think about different materials and their properties. The children worked in groups to build their own house for our three little pig puppets. One group used wooden sticks, one used plastic lego bricks and another used bundles of straws. The children worked so well in their groups and worked well together to build their houses – great team work everyone!!. Next week we are going to test out our houses by using a hairdryer (as the Big Bad Wolf) to see which house/material is the strongest.

All in all its been another fun week of learning, here are some snap shots from the week….



Week beginning 13-11-17

In Science this week the children have been exploring materials and finding out which materials can bend, stretch, squash and twist. They had a tray of objects made of different materials and they has to try to change them and then record their results on a chart. Then they had to analyse their results and compare the materials to see which materials were the most bendy, stretch, twisty and squashy.

On World Kindness day the children were wonderful and we were all trying to be extra kind to each other. Then at the end of the day the children wrote on post it notes to say when they had been kind or when someone had been kind to them. The these were stuck on a board in the playground, we hope you got chance to read a few.

Finally on Friday the children came dressed in their own clothes for Children in Need Day – they looked brilliant. We had lots of discussions about Children in Need and thought about all the many children who benefit from the charity. Many of our activities were based around Pudsey bear and the children especially enjoyed making their Pudsey biscuits!! Some children even drew some amazing pictures of Pudsey on whiteboards. They all got the chance to buy a teddy bear from the juniors so many thanks for all your generous donations.

Week beginning 6-11-17

Here are some photos from our hectic week. The year 1 children have been writing their own algorithms and then putting them into a program to instruct the beebot how to find the treasure.

For our Geography topic the children listened to the story of Katie Morag and watched a video clip about the island of Struay. We discussed all the features of an island (both natural and man-made) and then the children worked in small groups and used their team work skills to build their own islands using paper, Lego, toy animals and people figures. The children were amazing and worked so well together to produce some wonderful models.

In Science we have been investigating a variety of materials to see which ones were waterproof. We used some Three Little Pig finger puppets and wrapped them in different materials and then put them in a bowl of water to find out if they were waterproof or not. The children had to predict what might happen and then find out – as you can see, there was some very surprised faces!!!

We have been practising our spelling of key words by using playdough to form each letter and also whiteboards and key word cards. In PE we practised our throwing and catching skills and the children showed some great skills. We concentrated on keeping our hands closed together when waiting to catch the ball and watching the ball all the way when we were trying to catch the ball. Well done everyone.

In maths the year 1 have been revising their number bonds to 10 and 20 and finding number bonds for bigger numbers. Then we used these addition facts to find some subtraction facts. The Reception children have been using objects to find different ways of making numbers up to 10 using counters.

Finally on Fridaywe had a 2 minute silence with the whole school in the playground to think about all the people who lost their lives in the wars. The children joined hands with their junior friends and listened to a recording of ‘The Last Post’. All the children were so respectful and it was a very special moment! Then we were invited to watch the Year 2 children perform a Remembrance Assembly, which was a lovely way to finish our week.


Week beginning 30-10-17

The children have had a good week back after the half term holiday and they were all extremely eager to talk about their holiday news to their talking partners. Then the Year 1 children wrote a recount of what they did in the holiday using time connectives to make their writing flow e.g. First, Next, Later, After that, Finally.

The children also learnt about Bonfire Safety and designed their own safety posters. They were able to use lots of ‘bossy’ verbs in their safety instructions e.g Don’t, Never, Keep, Beware etc….. The children also made their own bonfire paintings and used a variety of objects to make splatter patterns in bright colours and glitter. The children also made their own chocolate finger sparklers and were able to take these home.

Later in the week the children did a ‘hot seating’ activity to encourage the children to think of questions that they might like to ask a fireman. Fireman Ethan and Fireman Harvey did a super job of answering all the children’s questions.

During PE the children completed their dance about some toys who come back to life. They worked together in groups to go through all the different stages of the dance and they did a wonderful job, well done everyone.

Finally on Friday the children all stayed on the sunshine in Class 5 and they all enjoyed a variety of construction toys during Golden time at the end of the day.

Here are a few snapshots from the week.


Week beginning 16-10-17

Wow what a week this has been, I cannot believe how much we have managed to fit in!! We started the week on Monday with the Year 1 children having a visit form a local dentist Mr Crawford who talked to the children about how to take care of their teeth. The Reception children were invited into class 6 and 7 to make gingerbread men, which linked to our learning this week.

Then later in the week we performed our Harvest Assembly to the rest of the Infants. We sang some songs and acted out the story of the Gingerbread Man. The children did a fantastic job and they all did themselves proud, well done everyone!! See the photos and the link to one of our Harvest songs below.




Also this week we have been playing a variety of phonic games and activities to consolidate all our phonics learning over this half term. The children worked well together in pairs and small groups using all their phonic knowledge.


Finally on Friday the children celebrated Diwali day and the whole school moved around to take part in a variety of activities including making Mendhi hand designs, decorating Rangoli patterns, making Rama and Sita stick puppets and taking part in some Bollywood style dancing. Here are some very colourful photos of the day!!


Thank you for all your support this half term and I hope you all have a lovely half term break, the children certainly deserve a rest after all their hard work.

Week beginning 9-10-17

This week we have been practising writing our numbers and number words on whiteboards in our maths work. In English we have continued to work on the story of Red Ted at the Beach and the children did a fantastic job of acting out the story in small groups. This then helped the Year 1 children to write a recount of the story in our Big Write at the end of the week. The children loved using our sparkly pencils and listening to calm music whilst they concentrated on their stories!! We have also finished our history wall ‘Guess the Baby….’ on which we have mounted pictures of the children when they were babies and underneath is a picture of them now. The children have really enjoyed trying to guess which baby was which. We also displayed some work that the children did on what toys they played with when they were a baby and the toys they play with now.

We also welcomed Mrs Nayyar to our class this week and last week, who is a PGCE student teacher, who will be working with us till February next year. The children have been very welcoming to her and she has been amazed at how hard working and friendly all the children have been towards her. She helped us this week to paint our clay hoglets and hopefully we will get the chance to finish them next week so we can take them home before the half term.

It was a pleasure to meet many parents properly this week during our parent conference meetings. I hope you found them useful and we are all looking forward to working together throughout the year to ensure all the children are happy and progressing well throughout the year. Here are just a few snap shots from the week…..


Week beginning 2-10-17

This week the children enjoyed their ICT lesson where the Year 1 children learnt what an algorithm is and how important it is to give an accurate set of instructions to program something to do what you want it to do. The children worked on the laptops to make their own simple computer program to instruct the angry bird to catch the naughty pig. The children found it tricky to begin with but got better as they practised. The Reception children enjoyed the opportunity to use the ipads and explore some of the apps and educational games we have in school.

In Art we have been learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who used fruit to make pictures of peoples faces. The children then designed their own fruit face and then later in the week we used a variety of sliced fruit to create their own master pieces!! I think we may have some Giuseppe’s in the making….

Finally later in the week in science we continued to learn about our 5 senses and this week we focused on our hearing. The children played a sound lotto game and they had to listen really carefully to a variety of household sounds and mark them off on their lotto cards.

Week beginning 25-9-17

This week the children have been learning lots of facts about hedgehogs and then putting together some sentences about them. We found out that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets and we used clay to make our own baby hoglets – they look so cute!! Later in the week on Thursday it was ‘National Poetry Day’ so we looked at a variety of Hedgehog and Autumn poems and compared them. We discussed which poems we liked best and then learnt some actions to one of them and learnt it off by heart – the children were fantastic!! We also leant about acrostic poems and we wrote our own acrostic poems about hoglets and read some of them out to the rest of the class. Thank you also to the children who brought in some poems or poetry books, they really added to our learning. Here are just a few photos from the week.


Link to our whole class poem IMG_1537




Week beginning 18-9-17

This week in Class 5 the children have been listening to the ‘Funny bones’ story, making skeleton pictures and making stick puppets. We looked at adjectives and verbs and how we can make our sentences more interesting. We looked at old and new toys and compared them. Some children even brought in some old toys from their relatives. If you have any old toys at home that we can look at we would be very grateful if you could send them in for us to look at (we will be very carful with them!! ). In maths we have been looking at the different ways of making 5, 6 and 10 using our fingers, cubes and counters. It would be great if you could practice this at home. The Reception children have enjoyed their first experience of using our Play garden and they had great fun climbing on the various equipment. In science we have been thinking about our 5 senses and how important they are to us. This week we focused on touch and used a feely box to explore different fruits and tried to guess what they were without seeing them! Here are the photos from the week to show you how busy we have been!!


Week beginning 11-9-17

The children have had another hectic week in class 5. Well done to all the Reception children for doing so well at settling in and they are now full time! They have all enjoyed their first experience of staying for dinner and eating with all their friends. We enjoyed Roald Dahl day on Wednesday during which we designed our own Wonka bars and drew pictures of the BFG and thought of lots of adjectives to describe him! Here are a few snapshots from the week. We have also been doing lots of number work – counting, ordering and finding missing numbers.

Week beginning 5-9-17

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year in Class 5. This has been a lovely first week of the new school year and it has been wonderful meeting all of the new children. We are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead and this week we have been busy getting used to all the new routines in Class 5. Here are some snapshots from the week – Making our own bodies using a body templates, making some classroom buntin about ourselves to decorate the classroom and the reception have also enjoyed their outdoor learning……