Welcome to Class 4


Welcome to our new class page on our new school website! This page will be regularly updated with pictures and information giving you an insight into our classroom. I will also be updating this page with useful information about events taking place at school. I hope that you find it informative and enjoy seeing what your children are doing at school. Miss Manion


Welcome back. I hope you are all well rested after a very enjoyable Christmas break.

Please find the Newsletter for this half term attached.

curric newsletter jan 2018 C4 Y1

It has been a busy first week back as we have started our new Lowry topic. We have already got some wonderful pieces of artwork being produced in our art workshop role play area. Photos to follow.


I will be sending home some activities with the children on Friday for the Christmas break. It is not compulsory, just some ideas for when they say they are bored and it is raining outside. I hope that at least some of you find it useful. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Apologies that I haven’t posted recently. You can probably imagine it is a very busy time of year! This week not only have we been performing our Christmas play, we have also been learning about 3D shapes. Take a look at some of our work.


This week’s homework is on the Active Learn account so please support your child to log on and have a go. There is a maths game and a reading book. Thank you!

This week we had a surprise delivery in our classroom. We received a shiny wooden box with a beautiful telescope inside. It was delivered with a big balloon attached to it.

We have been thinking a lot about how it could have got here and we think it may have been sent by the man on the moon. We watched the video clip of him and tried to describe how he might be feeling.

Today we will be writing him a letter to find out more about him and try to make him feel happier.


First of all I would like to thank all of those parents who came to the Year 1 information evening. I hope it was informative and that you enjoyed seeing your child’s classroom.

We have been busy as always in class four and would like to share some pictures of what we have been doing.

We used small world equipment to build our very own islands.

We also used play dough to practise our spellings.

We got messy in shaving foam spelling out words too.

We got to use mini white boards so that we could write words sitting them neatly on the line.


If you have misplaced the paper copy of our Autumn newsletter a copy is attached below.

C4 Curriculum news Nov 2017

Homework this week is on ‘Active Learn’ so please look in your child’s book bag for their login details. They are on a slip of paper (a bit like a bookmark).



Wow…. what a wonderful display of vibrant colours in our school today! Class four have been so incredibly busy all over the school. They have made rangoli patterns, diva lamps and even have learned some Indian dance moves. Please take a look at some of the pictures!

Please support your children with their homework over the half term as it is some tricky maths work. They will benefit from having some support with it.

I hope all of Class 4 enjoy their half term, they tell me that they have lots of very exciting plans! Please remember PE kits for the first day back as we will be having PE. Have a great half term! 🙂



This week Miss Manion introduced Class 4 to a new member of the class…. Nancy. She is a little bit older than us, 17 in fact. But she finds things a little bit tricky so we have to teach her. This week we have taught her to sing the alphabet song. We thought it would be easy but then we realised that we were saying “LMNOP” too quickly. We slowed the song down so that she could tell which letters we were saying. Some children have read to Nancy this week and lots of children have given her hugs.


I would just like to thank parents for coming to parents evening this week! It has been lovely to meet you all and to find out even more about your children.


This week we have been exploring symmetry! We used peg boards, we printed with paint, used the symmetry tool on Dazzle and even used Lego to make symmetrical images. It was so much fun!! Some of us even checked our work and corrected mistakes that were making our images unsymmetrical.


This week we have been very busy!!

We used mirrors to draw our own portraits with as much detail as possible. We also gave our friends helpful advice to improve our portraits. 

We have been busy revising our Phase 3 sounds!

Lots of us have been using these useful ladybirds to count and add up. We even managed to make pairs of ladybirds that had dots adding up to ten.

Thankfully we have also been able to find time for choosing… the computer is a very popular choice!

As well as all of that we sang the alphabet song and had a go at writing the alphabet too! What an incredibly busy start to Year 1! I think everyone deserves a restful weekend after all of that work!


Class four could hardly contain their excitement as we played phonics games this morning!! 


Thank you for supporting your children with their homework last week. Shared reading books will sometimes be given as specific homework. However, they are also an activity that you and your child can choose to do as frequently or infrequently as you like. Your child can also write reviews of books that they read at home rather than those available at school. It is simply a way to encourage them to think about what they have read and to have a go at writing.


We have started our new school year and it has already been such a busy week! Class four have settled in so nicely and are already a close knit group who are looking after each other and working hard as a team. I will add some pictures of what we have been doing this week ASAP.

In the mean time please take the time to read our first news letter of the year to find out what we will be doing this half term. C4-Curriculumnewsletter-AUT 2017

This weeks homework is to write a book review in their yellow shared reading book. It can be as brief as a sentence so long as your child tries their best. They have had a go at doing one in class but please support them with this task.


No homework this week! 🙂

We have only been in school for two days this week and yet we already have so much that we want to share with you. First of all we want to share some pictures of our trip to Blackpool Zoo. We got very lucky with the weather in the end and were able to sit see lots of animals. We met the giraffes, meerkats, reptiles and even watched a sea lion show. Have a look at the pictures. 

We were also very excited to have a special visitor arrive in class on Tuesday. Hayden came into school and told us all about how brave he has been for the past few weeks! Class four were thrilled to have their good friend back in school. 



On Friday class four were lucky enough to be able to visit Flixton Girls School for an agility festival. They worked in teams to score points in activities such as striking, throwing and jumping. Here are some pictures. 


Today we have been painting our commemorative plates in preparation for next week. We will give you a sneak peak but you will have to wait until Open Day to see them in their full glory!


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for the final half term of year 1. The children have been telling me all about their holidays and they all seem to have had wonderful experiences over the two week break.

I would first of all like to thank all those parents who were able to help at the Race for Life event. It was a brilliant success that would not have been possible without the support of parents. Your help was very much appreciated!

This half term is going to be an incredibly busy one so be sure to make a note of dates given on the News letter. I have attached the newsletter below in case any are misplaced. The date of Sports Day has not yet been confirmed but I will pass this date on as soon as possible.

C4 -Summer 2 -2017