Welcome to Class 3!

Hello my name is Miss Pitt and I am the teacher in Class 3 working alongside Mrs Czarnopis. On this page you will find information and photographs giving you an insight on what the children have been doing. I hope that you enjoy seeing how busy your children have been. If you ever have any questions please come and see me.


Please view our Newsletter for the Summer Term 2018:


Can you please make sure your child brings in the following homework due on each day:

Due Monday – Friday’s homework (Usually English or Maths) and individual reading books.

Tuesday – Remember Violins

Due Thursday – Handwriting homework

We currently have PE on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure the PE kit is in school.

Thanks, Miss Pitt 🙂

WB 16.7.18:

So it’s the last week for this class before they head on to the juniors. I know that their futures will be bright and they will go on to have some amazing adventures! This class have been superb! It’s been great to work with a group of children that have such brilliant talents and senses of humour. Mrs Czarnopis and I have loved getting to know your children. We will certainly miss seeing them everyday.

I would like to say a massive thank you for being so welcoming this year. You have all been very supportive, making my first year as a teacher at UPS one I will always cherish. ❤

We are all ready to enjoy the excitement that the last week of school brings. Tonight is Urmstons Got Talent. We are looking forward seeing such a super performance that the children have worked so hard on.

On Wednesday we had another busy day! The children went into the garden to pick some different vegetables.

The children have also been making slime! What messy fun! 😂

Please remember that the children need Violins on Tuesday.

The children blew us away once again on Monday night during their Urmston’s Got Talent performances! It was incredible to see such a range of skills. Well done guys you were AMAZING! The final song just reminded us of the fantastic bright futures tat you have ahead of you. Very emotional!

WB 9.7.18:

I’m sure that’s you have all heard what a fantastic trip on Wednesday to Red House Farm. We had a super time.

The children performed amazingly well in the violin convert on Tuesday. Well done you are all superstars!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I know a lot of you watched the match! What a great result. Fingers crossed for Wednesday!

Today a letter has been send home to say that the children won’t receive any more reading books or homework. Please can you make sure that all books including the shared reading books are sent back. Thank you!

In PE the children were measuring how far they could jump in teams! Well done to Ethan was able to jump 30.5cm to be our class winner and he won a very special sports prize!

WB 2.7.18:

The children were very excited to meet their new teacher ready for year 3! It was great hearing all about their shuffle up afternoon!

Here are class 3 rehearsing for our concert on Tuesday! We are all very excited to see the final performance and the children are excited to show you what they can do!

The children finally could finish their mud huts this week! They decorated their mud hut roof with sticks and straws.

It was lovely getting into the garden this week. The children were able to water the plants and explore, finding the plants that they had planted themselves.

For our ERIC (Everyone Reads In Class) this week we went outside to enjoy the nice weather. Mrs Wormald’s corner was perfect. The children enjoyed sitting in the shade in this new fantastic area. This is one of Class 3’s favourite times of the week. It’s great for them to share books with friends and get an opportunity to just sit and read and enjoy a book.

Happy Monday! What glorious weather we are having!

Today Mrs Byrne brought in her chickens to see us! They were the chicks that we watched hatch a few months ago. It was incredible to see how the chicks had developed. They have now been names ‘Sassy Pants’ and ‘Sleepy Head.’ The children even got to feed them grapes which they thought was really funny as the grapes squirted juice. As well as this, Mrs Byrne brought in the eggs that they have been laying with an egg bought from a shop. It was really interesting to see how different they looked. the children noticed that the shop bought egg was bigger because Mrs Byrne’s chickens weren’t old enough yet to produce larger eggs.

It’s been great to have another PE lesson in the sun today. Just to remind you, please can you make sure that PE kits are in school Mondays and Thursdays. Thank you.

WB 25.6.18:

On Friday we painted our mud hut roofs and paper straws to act as sticks and straw. The children are looking forward to putting together the whole creation next week!

Here are some photos of the children participating in some tricky maths challenges:

In PE on Thursday, the children did yoga. They had lots of different African animal poses to do which was great fun.

We have been practicing an African song that Mrs Saint has taught us. The children are getting really good at the call and response meaning different children can be chosen to lead the class.




Sports Day was a huge success. Even though I wasn’t there, I heard great things about it. Everyone said how sensible and enthusiastic the children were. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support!

On Tuesday the children enjoyed another violin lesson. This week Charlie B was given a very important role and was chosen to lead the class. It is amazing to see how well the children are doing. They have improved so much over such a short space of time.

This morning Mrs Czarnopis and I received some delicious cupcakes from Noa, Vivienne and Georgia! Thank you very much ladies! 🙂

We had some super Show and tells this morning. Xavier brought a shark tooth necklace whilst Aadi showed us his fantastic collection of Star Wars ships! As well as this Jack B brought in a Sports trophie which he was extremely proud of! Great job boys!

For Pe the children have been perfecting their egg and spoon race techniques ready for Sports day!

WB 18.6.18:

Today we said goodbye to Miss Woolland. She has been amazing and we will miss her so much! To give her a good send off we had a party!

We made our mud huts based on the children’s designs! They’re ready to put the roofs on next week.

Bit of a jumbled up week this week with violins being on Thursday. We had a different teacher called Mr Harding. The children practiced good posture whilst doing their super singing getting ready for the upcoming concerts. Mr Harding chose some detectives to help him look for super elastic band mouths, great posture and fantastic us of violins.

For maths we have been looking at division again! Even though the children found this super tricky, the didn’t give up! They showed great resilience until they could do some really difficult challenges!

This week is Miss Woolland’s last week! The children have loved being taught by her and she will certainly be missed. We are going to make the most of our last week together with some fun activities!

The children have been practice their sprinting techniques in PE today!

WB 11.6.18

Welcome back everyone for our final half term! This year has gone so quickly I can’t believe the time has flown so fast.

For golden time the children had Outdoor Sports!

Well done Matilda who won our Star of the Week for trying really hard with her writing.

This week the children have been looking closely at the traditional tale Goldilocks and the three bears. They have written a letter of apology from Goldilocks, written character descriptions and written a book review. The children did some hot seating of the characters asking them some important questions that they were eager to know.

On Monday the children had some shape  to sort and discuss. They were describing them to their partners and recalling the shape names and properties.

WB 21.5.18:

Well done to Ethan for doing some super writing this week and becoming our Star of the Week! The children were writing adverts for year 1’s telling them all about year 2! The work was really impressive! Here are some of the children reading out their work:

IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5259 IMG_5260

Thank you to everyone who came for Grandparents Day it was a huge success. The children loved showing you their learning space and it was great to meet you properly! 🙂

Here’s some photos from this weeks challenges:

Congratulations to our amazing football team for making it through to the semi finals tonight! You have made us so proud! You showed amazing sportsmanship and teamwork! ⭐⭐⭐

The children got to enjoy the sun in Premier Sports. Our lesson started with a game of Troll in the Dungeon!

In groups, the children had to explore the playground to find where a selection of pictures were taken. They take a ‘selfie’ using the hoop with each image.

WB 14.5.18:

Friday is here!

Well done to Ethan Twiddy and Matilda Squire for an outstanding show and Tell today! We were blown away by the preparation and knowledge of the presentation!

The children have been playing some phonics games this week!

We all had so much fun celebrating the royal wedding on Thursday! The children danced, had party food and enjoyed the photo booth!

The children have been asking questions to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before their big day!

After they had written their questions the children took on roles of the royal couple and interviewers. We had such a laugh thinking about what the royal couple would say! I must say a special mention to Marisa for her professional take on being a news reporter as well as Charlie B and Ruby’s hilarious versions of the royal couple! 😂


IMG_5051 IMG_5051


The children have loved another Violin lesson today practicing singing ‘I wanna be like you’ and ‘Aint no mountain high enough.’

The children are starting to get really excited about the concert. The songs that they’re learning are really coming along now. We definitely have super musical talent in our midst. 🎼🎤🎤

Another busy week ahead! For the past few weeks the children have had extra little challenges to help them earn stickers for their prize charts. They have had to remember to hand in homework on the correct days and they are now being challenged to take more responsibility for their own things by remembering to empty their own book bags and get their jumpers/cardigans at home time. This is proving to be a lot more difficult than it sounds! 😂

On Monday the children had another amazing Premier Sports lesson using THE PARACUTE! Very exciting stuff!

We’ve had our first wearers of our very fancy ‘Ask Me’ sashes! If a child finishes their work and has really understood it, then they get to wear the sash and answer questions from their table. Well done your first Fab Four! ⭐⭐⭐

WB 7.5.18:

The children really have been fantastic this week! They have faced their special jobs head on and coped so well! Keep it up! 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel for getting our Star of the Week! I’m so happy to say that he has been trying really hard ALL WEEK! ⭐

This weeks Show and Tell was down to Isaac and Bethany. We had two very well resourced presentations!

The children have made ‘Friendship stones.’ They decorated two stones each, then they kept one and swapped one with someone in the class.

We had something visitors teaching some ball control on Friday! It was great fun. Maja and Brodie won the star of the session! Well done guys 🙂

We have been blown away by the African Tribal masks that’s the children have created!


The children have been using their research about countries in Africa to create an informative poster in partners.

Tuesdays mean Violins in year 2! Please remember to bring them in every Tuesday. The children didn’t some fantastic playing today in the classroom because of Class photos.

Welcome back after a glorious sunny bank holiday weekend!

WB 30.4.18:

We had such a good time during Golden Time on Friday! It was Disco so the children were showing off their best moves!



Our Show and Tell this week was fantastic yet again! Great work Marisa and Isabelle!

The children enjoyed another fun filled violin lesson where they practiced the song ‘A Certain Kind of Imagination’ and had a go at playing differently notes on their violins.


This morning the children have received a letter from a little girl who lives in Africa! They were looking at features of a good letter in order for us to write a reply to our new friend! Some children even read their letter to the rest of the class before we send them to Narla!

During Premier Sports, the children have been working in teams to play cards treasure island!

WB 23.4.18:

It was Fatima and Brodie’s turn for Show and Tell this week! Another amazing job well done!

Here are the children exploring capacity!

We have been on a journey around school collecting treasures and adding them to our journey strings! The children will be using this experience to help them map the school grounds. We had so much fun! It was interesting to see what the children could find!


The children have been researching countries in Africa this week!

We have arrived at school today to find that the EGG HAS GONE! The children have been investigating and found some footprints leading away from the egg. Has it hatched and escaped? What creature was it?

Today we met the violin teacher called Mrs Shepherd. We are all extremely excited and a little nervous to start learning a new instrument. The children did a super job during their first lesson and they took in a lot of new information!

Here are the children after just learning HELLO.

IMG_4757 IMG_4758

In maths the children have been measuring using lots of different equipment! They have been focusing on cm so far!

In PE today we went outside and enjoyed the slightly warm weather! The children had to work in teams to find smiley faces all around the playground. Once there they had to use their hoop as a camera and take a ‘selfie.’ It was brilliant to watch them work as a team to move around and pose!

WB 16.4.18:

Thank you and congratulations to Adhvik and Georgia for another fantastic show and Tell! We had a guitar performance and a talk on dance. We definitely have some outstanding performers in class 3!

The children had a go at making their own ‘Time Themed Board Games.’

We were very lucky to carry on with gardening some vegetables with Mrs Jones and Mrs Smith this week. The children who didn’t have a turn before Christmas were able to go out and do some planting.


Today, the children have become newspaper reporters and they have been planning out their article ready for their report on the strange things that have been happening at our school.


CAUTION! WE HAVE HAD VISITORS IN CLASS 3! We aren’t sure who or what has visited yet but we are determined to find out!

To start our recap on time, the children became a human clock. This helped them to visualise how the hands move and where the numbers are in relation to one another.

During Premier Sports, the children started their OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activites) topic! Hopefully the weather will brighten up for us next week so that we can go outside. The children have been focusing on teamwork today.

This week we will be focusing on looking at Newspaper reports and telling the time as well as continuing our Africa topic and Living Things topic.

WB 9.4.18:

Welcome back everyone! Summer term is here, hopefully the nice sunny weather will join us soon! Please find the new term newsletter attached above.

Our Star of the Week went to Isaac Sales for his passion about our Africa topic and his super maths work with money! ⭐⭐⭐

For Golden Time we had outdoor sports! I was very impressed with how well the children worked as part of a team to organise the equipment to create different games.

Thank you to Nathan and Finley for another fact filled Show and Tell. We learnt all about Finley’s home made creations and Nathan did a presentation on the Titanic. Great work boys! ⭐

This week, the children have been writing all about their holidays in the form of a leaflet. They have been using their brand new spelling dicitionaries too! Each child has their own which they can and necessary key words to. I must say, their writing has been outstanding. I have been very impressed!

On Thursday, the children’s carried on exploring money. They had to find amounts using a set number of coins was quite a challenge!

In PE the children’s did the Bean warm up moving around the room!

Then they played team games working together to pass the ball in different ways, including crab football!

Already the children have got stuck in with their learning. In maths the children have been working with money which is something that we have found tricky in the past! The children have been making different amounts using coins up to £2 and finding the total of money jars.


WB 26.3.18:

We saw another fantastic show and tell again on Thursday! Both Ruby and Jack should be extremely proud of themselves. Their presentations were excellent!

We even had an Easter egg hunt in the Play Garden! It was great fun!

The Easter Bonnet Parade was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came, the children looked fantastic! 🙂

The children had loads of fun retelling the Easter story and creating Easter gardens! Excellent teamwork everyone!

In Maths the children were creating arrays!

We have another busy week ahead! We have lots of Easter activities to look forward to such as the Easter Bonnet parade! Very exciting! 🙂

During Premier Sports, the children had to use all of the dance skills that they have learnt this half term to create a themed dance of their choice.

WB 19.3.18:

Our Star of the Week was Sam for being helpful and responsible during our Design and Technology topic lessons this week. Well done.

We hadn’t another round of Show and Tell which was fantastic! Ralphie, Vivienne and Charlie L did a super job! ⭐⭐⭐

On Friday we celebrated Sports  Relief and raised lots of money for a fantastic charity! We had to run half a mile and do half a mile equivalent of circuit training. The children did superbly well!

Congratulations to Fatima who was chosen to run on behalf of Class 3! She did an awesome job 🙂


On Thursday the children had lots of different maths challenges to do! They had to practice a range of skills such as working out change, finding ten more/less, telling the time using play dough, find different questions to the answers, working out fractions and much more! The children have worked so hard, I have been extremely impressed! Keep up the hard work everyone 🙂


This week the children have been painting and decorating their royal crowns with precious jewels. Nathan impressed us by thinking of names for the different coloured jewels such as ‘midnight blue,’ ‘sunshine gold’ and ‘royal red.’

On Wednesday, the children had a taster cricket session. Their main focus was looking a thing how to bowl a ball correctly. The children had a competition to see which half of the class could pass the ball correctly down the line the quickest.

On Tuesday Mrs Woolland taught the children about the royal family tree. Then they had to think about their own families and how their family tree would look.

On Monday, we have been carrying on our focus of writing instructions. The children have been highlighting the key features of instructions such as bossy verbs, time conjunctions, bullet points, headings and subheadings. The children had to share their findings and think of ideas for instructions on ‘How to brush your teeth.’ The children then used this to support their independent big write!

In Premier Sports the children have been playing a range of exciting games, practicing different skills and getting ready for Sport Relief on Friday.

WB 12.3.18:

Thanks again to our snow and tell superstars Charlie B, Anna and Lucas! You all showed very different and interesting things. And congratulations to Mr Lucas for winning our Star of the Week for taking such care and print with his artwork. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend all! Thank you to everyone for coming to parents evening.  😁

We concluded Diversity week on Friday with our whole school ‘express yourself day.’ We were all very excited to be expressing ourselves through artwork. The children had a blank canvas with total freedom to express themselves using paint. It was very interesting to see how different the pieces of art were. Excellent effort, it seems we have many artists in Class 3! The children also discussed why they expressed themselves in the clothes that they were wearing. We had many future footballers, dancers, gym enthusiasts, beach lovers and fashionistas!

Friday means maths problem solving. Today the children were looking at tangrams. They had different animals to create and then they had to create their own animals and designs using the pieces.


On Thursday the children had to create their own Royal Crowns from clay as part of our ‘Kings and Queens’ topic.


On Wednesday, the children had to design their own paper doll, expressing their individuality. We spoke about how we all come from different families.


On Tuesday for diversity week, we looked at people with disabilities. The children had different tasks to attempt whilst being challenged in different way shape such a story being unable to see, hear, speak etc. The children noticed that it was really hard and we spoke about the importance of respecting others.

This week is diversity week. Each day we will be discussing a different topic throughout the school day. Today’s is gender, we have been thinking about how boys and girls are similar in some ways and different in others. So far we have had very interesting discussions! We will continue the week celebrating our uniqueness and individuality!

Todays Premier Sports lesson continued looking at different dance themes. This week the children had to create a ‘Circus’ dance. We had some very funny clowns, amazing gymnasts, awesome animals, ring leaders and lots more imaginative characters!

WB 5.3.18:

It’s been a very busy week with so much going on. Well done to Adhvik who got our Star of the Week this week! He has been trying his best to set a good example, be polite and show me that he is ready to learn!

For golden time the children had iPads this week! Some used their time to use the lego instead. Well Done! We had everyone joining in on golden time this week!!!

We had another interesting show and tell today! Great work Sam, Dylan and Fraser! Great work 🙂


In this weeks PE the children had to create their own ball game using a variety of different throws and skills that we have been practicing. Their ideas were very imaginative and impressive! 👍👍🤗🤗👏


World Maths Day was eventful!

The children had a range of tasks to do and problems to solve. They were taught by teachers across the school all day!

Happy Monday everyone!

We have another full week ahead of us with Word Maths Day on Wednesday helping us all get excited about maths in different ways. Please can you make sure that you have sent your parent’s evening reply back. If you have any queries please let me know! 🙂

To start off this weeks Premier Sport dance lesson, the children have been looking at doing creative beats of 8 using different parts of the body.

Then the children had to create a ‘Jungle Dance’ moving in beats of 8 as different jungle animals.

WB 26.2.18:

World Book Day was a huge success. We had great fun looking at each other’s costumes and all joining in on the book swap. In Class 3 we created our own imaginative story with Mrs Czarnopis and Mrs Saint! Everyone helped with ideas. Our story was about the magic tent in our classroom travelling to different places! We hadn’t so much fun creating the story and everyone was involved! Some children wrote the start of the story whilst others wrote part of the middle, end or created the blurb. Everyone helped with the illustrations too!

Definitely a group triumph!

HURRAH SNOW! The children loved it, we had so much fun 🙂

We had a mystery visitor come into our classroom who left some clues…

The children decided that we were visited by the tiger from The Tiger Who Came to Tea! 🐯

Today in singing practice we learnt a new sing about by spring called Sunshine and Showers. We also found time to sing some of our new favourites too.

The children have been showing off their best dance moves creating a ‘Beach Theme’ dance routine! The children have been surfing, digging sand castles, swimming, imitating crabs and other animals and trying out loads more movements. Have a look and see if you can’t spot what actions each child should doing…

WB 19.2.18:

On Friday we had the BEST GOLDEN TIME EVER! We finally got to hold the baby chicks! 🐥We loved it! I was just as excited as the children were (possibly more so!) After watching them hatch over the past few days it was amazing to hold them. I was so impressed with how sensible and careful the children were handling them. Thank you to my super photographers, here are your snapshots…


A huge congratulations to Jack and Maja for starting our show and tells of with a bang! They were so prepared with scripts, a PowerPoint, props, everything! It was fantastic, you should be really proud of yourselves! I a man looking forward to see what our next three children show us next Friday! Thank you for your effort!

Well domt to all of Class 3 for joining in on the sponsored bounce! It was a huge success, thank you to everyone to helped and supported Urmston Primary with this fantastic event, we had such a good time!

On Tuesday the Children were made Kings and Queens in our first History lesson looking at the monarchy. Whilst we did this they had to think of questions for us to research and discover the answer to throughout the topic.


This week children have learning about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed celebrating on Monday afternoon by enjoying some traditional Chinese snacks of Fortune Cookies and Prawn Crackers. As well as this the children wrote their name in Chinese letters, coloured Dragon masks and created lucky fortune cats.

Welcome back everyone to a new half term! It is hard to believe that we are half way through our school year! I hope that you all enjoyed a fun week off. It sounds like you all had a lovely time 🙂

Please see this half terms news letter at the top of the page filling you in on the topics we will be covering.

Today in Premier Sports the children started their ‘dance’ topic where they will learn to use/show different expressions and emotions through movement.

Here the children are trying to improve their reaction time. When they hear ‘ball’ they have to try to get the ball as fast as they can earning individual points as they go.

WB 5.2.18:

Congratulations to Ethan for winning our Star of the Week! He has been working really hard in all areas and showing what a sensible boy he is. Keep it up 🤗 We are now half way through the school year! It has come around so quickly!!! Enjoy your week off everyone and recharge those batteries! 😀

Today we have said goodbye and good luck to Mrs Hughes as she ventures onto new things. We will all miss her and can’t wait her her to come back and visit us! ❤❤❤

In Geography, the children had to work in pairs to create what’s they thought the United Kingdom looked like using play dough. Then we looked at a map of the UK and the children had to edit their model and plot the four countries as well as Manchester. It was really interesting to see what the children originally thought and how this changed!

During maths this week, the children have revisited 3D shapes, looking closely at their properties. The children also creating their own brilliant repeated patterns using the shapes!

On Thursday and Friday we looked at telling the time on an analogue clock. We recapped o’clock and half past as well as quarter to and quarter past. The children’s challenge was to look at telling the time to the nearest 5 which was extremely tricky!

In English this week, the children have been developing their dictionary skills during our Dicitonary Challenge as well as creating their own comic book stories on the computers and exploring different types of words.


Today we have had some visitors from Class 1 joining us today! We have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and what the different traditions represent. The children particularly enjoyed hearing the story of the animal race.

As well as this, in our Premier Sports lesson, the children have been developing a range of skills, using the big apparatus, basket ball hoops and hockey sticks.

WB 29.1.18:

Well done Dylan Davies for winning our Star of the week for trying to hard with writing his own traditional tale! I’m sure the children aren’t as worn out from the school trip as we are, but we hope that you all enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend after such a busy week!

The Lowry trip was a fun, exciting and busy day! Thank you so much to our amazing parent helpers! You were fantastic ⭐⭐⭐

I’m sure the children have told you lots about the day! We spent some time sketching in different areas of the Lowry, looking at Lowry’s work and artefacts as well as exploring the ‘Look Out.’

Storytelling Day has been SO MUCH FUN! Today we have done lots of exciting things to promote a love of reading.

The morning started with phonics where we shared a non fiction book about Food Chains called ‘Who Eats Who’:

It is safe to say that’s the children were extremely comfortable in their PJs today and we loved being comfy and cosy all day! ❤

Children from Class 4J came to share books with us. I was very impressed with their story telling skills and the children all loved spending some time together and sharing stories!

In Class 3 we have been reading ‘The Crayon Box That Talked’ and looking at the important lesson of how we are all unique and how we should together to be the best that we can be. The children hadn’t to design their own crayon that represented themselves as they are the unique crayons that make up our crayon box (our school.)

Today (Monday) is a very special day! It is Mrs Czarnopis’ birthday! I know everyone in class 3 wishes her a very happy birthday. We are very grateful to work with such a helpful, organised and amazing person every day! 😀 🍰🎁🎈

Dispite it being a special day, the children have been working hard as always! Already they have been continuing our Traditional Tales work by answering questions about ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ I am proud of how well each child eorked during comprehension today so well done class 3! 🙂 As well as this, they have been playing Fruit Salad in PE and creating their own games in teams using a ball and four cones! Congratulations Ahvik for getting this weeks Premier Sports star of the week!

WB 22/1/18:

Well done to Anna Gaved for being awarded this weeks star of the week! Super work this week and fantastic effort always being ready to learn!

Fridays English lesson had the children creating their own stories using key elements of a traditional tale. Working in pairs, the children worked together to use elements of the different stories to create their own fairytale.

For our PE lesson the children had to work in a team to pass the ball using a controlled chest pass.

Thursday’s English lesson the children had use the beginning, middle and end of a traditional tale to create their own silly stories. The children created the stories in pairs and then told their stories to the rest of the group. Here are some photos and videos of the children’s imaginative silly stories.

IMG_3202 IMG_3203 IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214

On Wednesday, the children use the iPads in their computing lesson. They had to work in pairs to take photos of nature in the playgarden. The photos they found were fantastic, we definitely have some future professional photographers in Class 3!


As part of our theme of Fairytales and Traditional Tales the children had to investigate a number of items from different Fairytales and decide which story they were from.