Welcome to Class 3!

Hello my name is Miss Pitt and I am the teacher in Class 3 working alongside Mrs Czarnopis. On this page you will find information and photographs giving you an insight on what the children have been doing. I hope that you enjoy seeing how busy your children have been. If you ever have any questions please come and see me.

For our Autumn Term Curriculum Letter please follow the link:

Please view our Newsletter for February to March 2018:

C3 Curriculum news spring 2 2018

Can you please make sure your child brings in the following homework due on each day:

Due Monday – Friday’s homework (Usually English or Maths) and individual reading books.

Due Thursday – Handwriting homework

We currently have PE on Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure the PE kit is in school.

Thanks, Miss Pitt 🙂

WB 19.3.18:

On Monday, we have been carrying on our focus of writing instructions. The children have been highlighting the key features of instructions such as bossy verbs, time conjunctions, bullet points, headings and subheadings. The children had to share their findings and think of ideas for instructions on ‘How to brush your teeth.’ The children then used this to support their independent big write!

In Premier Sports the children have been playing a range of exciting games, practicing different skills and getting ready for Sport Relief on Friday.

WB 12.3.18:

Thanks again to our snow and tell superstars Charlie B, Anna and Lucas! You all showed very different and interesting things. And congratulations to Mr Lucas for winning our Star of the Week for taking such care and print with his artwork. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend all! Thank you to everyone for coming to parents evening.  😁

We concluded Diversity week on Friday with our whole school ‘express yourself day.’ We were all very excited to be expressing ourselves through artwork. The children had a blank canvas with total freedom to express themselves using paint. It was very interesting to see how different the pieces of art were. Excellent effort, it seems we have many artists in Class 3! The children also discussed why they expressed themselves in the clothes that they were wearing. We had many future footballers, dancers, gym enthusiasts, beach lovers and fashionistas!

Friday means maths problem solving. Today the children were looking at tangrams. They had different animals to create and then they had to create their own animals and designs using the pieces.


On Thursday the children had to create their own Royal Crowns from clay as part of our ‘Kings and Queens’ topic.


On Wednesday, the children had to design their own paper doll, expressing their individuality. We spoke about how we all come from different families.


On Tuesday for diversity week, we looked at people with disabilities. The children had different tasks to attempt whilst being challenged in different way shape such a story being unable to see, hear, speak etc. The children noticed that it was really hard and we spoke about the importance of respecting others.

This week is diversity week. Each day we will be discussing a different topic throughout the school day. Today’s is gender, we have been thinking about how boys and girls are similar in some ways and different in others. So far we have had very interesting discussions! We will continue the week celebrating our uniqueness and individuality!

Todays Premier Sports lesson continued looking at different dance themes. This week the children had to create a ‘Circus’ dance. We had some very funny clowns, amazing gymnasts, awesome animals, ring leaders and lots more imaginative characters!

WB 5.3.18:

It’s been a very busy week with so much going on. Well done to Adhvik who got our Star of the Week this week! He has been trying his best to set a good example, be polite and show me that he is ready to learn!

For golden time the children had iPads this week! Some used their time to use the lego instead. Well Done! We had everyone joining in on golden time this week!!!

We had another interesting show and tell today! Great work Sam, Dylan and Fraser! Great work 🙂


In this weeks PE the children had to create their own ball game using a variety of different throws and skills that we have been practicing. Their ideas were very imaginative and impressive! 👍👍🤗🤗👏


World Maths Day was eventful!

The children had a range of tasks to do and problems to solve. They were taught by teachers across the school all day!

Happy Monday everyone!

We have another full week ahead of us with Word Maths Day on Wednesday helping us all get excited about maths in different ways. Please can you make sure that you have sent your parent’s evening reply back. If you have any queries please let me know! 🙂

To start off this weeks Premier Sport dance lesson, the children have been looking at doing creative beats of 8 using different parts of the body.

Then the children had to create a ‘Jungle Dance’ moving in beats of 8 as different jungle animals.

WB 26.2.18:

World Book Day was a huge success. We had great fun looking at each other’s costumes and all joining in on the book swap. In Class 3 we created our own imaginative story with Mrs Czarnopis and Mrs Saint! Everyone helped with ideas. Our story was about the magic tent in our classroom travelling to different places! We hadn’t so much fun creating the story and everyone was involved! Some children wrote the start of the story whilst others wrote part of the middle, end or created the blurb. Everyone helped with the illustrations too!

Definitely a group triumph!

HURRAH SNOW! The children loved it, we had so much fun 🙂

We had a mystery visitor come into our classroom who left some clues…

The children decided that we were visited by the tiger from The Tiger Who Came to Tea! 🐯

Today in singing practice we learnt a new sing about by spring called Sunshine and Showers. We also found time to sing some of our new favourites too.

The children have been showing off their best dance moves creating a ‘Beach Theme’ dance routine! The children have been surfing, digging sand castles, swimming, imitating crabs and other animals and trying out loads more movements. Have a look and see if you can’t spot what actions each child should doing…

WB 19.2.18:

On Friday we had the BEST GOLDEN TIME EVER! We finally got to hold the baby chicks! 🐥We loved it! I was just as excited as the children were (possibly more so!) After watching them hatch over the past few days it was amazing to hold them. I was so impressed with how sensible and careful the children were handling them. Thank you to my super photographers, here are your snapshots…

BEST DAY EVER! ❤️❤️❤️🐥🐥🐥

A huge congratulations to Jack and Maja for starting our show and tells of with a bang! They were so prepared with scripts, a PowerPoint, props, everything! It was fantastic, you should be really proud of yourselves! I a man looking forward to see what our next three children show us next Friday! Thank you for your effort!

Well domt to all of Class 3 for joining in on the sponsored bounce! It was a huge success, thank you to everyone to helped and supported Urmston Primary with this fantastic event, we had such a good time!

On Tuesday the Children were made Kings and Queens in our first History lesson looking at the monarchy. Whilst we did this they had to think of questions for us to research and discover the answer to throughout the topic.


This week children have learning about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed celebrating on Monday afternoon by enjoying some traditional Chinese snacks of Fortune Cookies and Prawn Crackers. As well as this the children wrote their name in Chinese letters, coloured Dragon masks and created lucky fortune cats.

Welcome back everyone to a new half term! It is hard to believe that we are half way through our school year! I hope that you all enjoyed a fun week off. It sounds like you all had a lovely time 🙂

Please see this half terms news letter at the top of the page filling you in on the topics we will be covering.

Today in Premier Sports the children started their ‘dance’ topic where they will learn to use/show different expressions and emotions through movement.

Here the children are trying to improve their reaction time. When they hear ‘ball’ they have to try to get the ball as fast as they can earning individual points as they go.

WB 5.2.18:

Congratulations to Ethan for winning our Star of the Week! He has been working really hard in all areas and showing what a sensible boy he is. Keep it up 🤗 We are now half way through the school year! It has come around so quickly!!! Enjoy your week off everyone and recharge those batteries! 😀

Today we have said goodbye and good luck to Mrs Hughes as she ventures onto new things. We will all miss her and can’t wait her her to come back and visit us! ❤️❤️❤️

In Geography, the children had to work in pairs to create what’s they thought the United Kingdom looked like using play dough. Then we looked at a map of the UK and the children had to edit their model and plot the four countries as well as Manchester. It was really interesting to see what the children originally thought and how this changed!

During maths this week, the children have revisited 3D shapes, looking closely at their properties. The children also creating their own brilliant repeated patterns using the shapes!

On Thursday and Friday we looked at telling the time on an analogue clock. We recapped o’clock and half past as well as quarter to and quarter past. The children’s challenge was to look at telling the time to the nearest 5 which was extremely tricky!

In English this week, the children have been developing their dictionary skills during our Dicitonary Challenge as well as creating their own comic book stories on the computers and exploring different types of words.


Today we have had some visitors from Class 1 joining us today! We have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and what the different traditions represent. The children particularly enjoyed hearing the story of the animal race.

As well as this, in our Premier Sports lesson, the children have been developing a range of skills, using the big apparatus, basket ball hoops and hockey sticks.

WB 29.1.18:

Well done Dylan Davies for winning our Star of the week for trying to hard with writing his own traditional tale! I’m sure the children aren’t as worn out from the school trip as we are, but we hope that you all enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend after such a busy week!

The Lowry trip was a fun, exciting and busy day! Thank you so much to our amazing parent helpers! You were fantastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m sure the children have told you lots about the day! We spent some time sketching in different areas of the Lowry, looking at Lowry’s work and artefacts as well as exploring the ‘Look Out.’

Storytelling Day has been SO MUCH FUN! Today we have done lots of exciting things to promote a love of reading.

The morning started with phonics where we shared a non fiction book about Food Chains called ‘Who Eats Who’:

It is safe to say that’s the children were extremely comfortable in their PJs today and we loved being comfy and cosy all day! ❤️

Children from Class 4J came to share books with us. I was very impressed with their story telling skills and the children all loved spending some time together and sharing stories!

In Class 3 we have been reading ‘The Crayon Box That Talked’ and looking at the important lesson of how we are all unique and how we should together to be the best that we can be. The children hadn’t to design their own crayon that represented themselves as they are the unique crayons that make up our crayon box (our school.)

Today (Monday) is a very special day! It is Mrs Czarnopis’ birthday! I know everyone in class 3 wishes her a very happy birthday. We are very grateful to work with such a helpful, organised and amazing person every day! 😀 🍰🎁🎈

Dispite it being a special day, the children have been working hard as always! Already they have been continuing our Traditional Tales work by answering questions about ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ I am proud of how well each child eorked during comprehension today so well done class 3! 🙂 As well as this, they have been playing Fruit Salad in PE and creating their own games in teams using a ball and four cones! Congratulations Ahvik for getting this weeks Premier Sports star of the week!

WB 22/1/18:

Well done to Anna Gaved for being awarded this weeks star of the week! Super work this week and fantastic effort always being ready to learn!

Fridays English lesson had the children creating their own stories using key elements of a traditional tale. Working in pairs, the children worked together to use elements of the different stories to create their own fairytale.

For our PE lesson the children had to work in a team to pass the ball using a controlled chest pass.

Thursday’s English lesson the children had use the beginning, middle and end of a traditional tale to create their own silly stories. The children created the stories in pairs and then told their stories to the rest of the group. Here are some photos and videos of the children’s imaginative silly stories.

IMG_3202 IMG_3203 IMG_3204 IMG_3205 IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214

On Wednesday, the children use the iPads in their computing lesson. They had to work in pairs to take photos of nature in the playgarden. The photos they found were fantastic, we definitely have some future professional photographers in Class 3!


As part of our theme of Fairytales and Traditional Tales the children had to investigate a number of items from different Fairytales and decide which story they were from.

Then they had the opportunity to share stories together promoting a love for reading. They loved the fact that these stories often had different versions and endings.

On Tuesday we continue doing our Lowry topic by finishing our Lowry inspired artwork! They turned out really well. I’m so proud of how hard the children tried. They had to add silhouettes of buildings onto their pastel backgrounds and use charcoal to draw the matchstick figures.

Well done to our Sports Star of the Week Isaac Sales for working well in his team and being a great sportsman!

In Premier Sports today, the aim was for the children to use and develop their ball skills in small groups and teams. Here are the children playing a warm up game of ‘Crab Tig’:

The first team challenge today was ‘Over and Under’

The second team challenge was ‘Robin Hood.’

The children were very excited to discover that over the next two weeks we are having a Traditional Tales theme in Key Stage 1! We started this with having Little Red Riding Hood as our comprehension. The children had to answer questions and make inferences about the story. We discussed the moral in detail and thought about other stories that we knew that had morals. It was fun to hear what everyone thought were the lessons of the traditional tales.

WB 15/1/18:

Congratulations Miss Georgia for getting our Star of the Week this week!!!

On Wednesday, Mrs Saint did an experiment with Class 3. The children had a range of materials to explore and test. They had to see if the materials could be stretched, bent, change shapes well as describing what each object felt like.

On Tuesday, we continued our topic on Lowry starting our Lowry inspired artwork. First we shared the facts that the children found out as part of their homework! It was amazing to hear all of the interesting information that everyone researched. Great work! 🙂

We discussed the colours and shades that Lowry used in his artwork in order to inspire our backgrounds. We also practiced drawing small stickpeople ready for next weeks lesson.

As part of our Poetry themed English lessons this week, the children worked in groups of 4 or 59 perform the poem ‘The Four Friends.’ Once each group had rehearsed reading the poems and creating their own actions for the poem they performed them to the rest of the class. I was extremely pleased with how well the children worked together in their teams and listened to each other’s ideas.

Today in Premier Sports the children have been developing their ability to control a ball. They have been working in pairs and groups of four, moving around the room with the ball and doing controlled passes. The children loved playing the game ‘hot potato’ where they have to quickly pass the ball in their small groups without dropping it. This proved to be a lot more difficult than the children originally thought!

Congratulations to Maja who won last weeks star of the week for having a positive attitude towards her work and supporting her peers! Great job! 🙂

WB 8/1/18:

Fantastic work this week everyone, it has been a successful (but very tiring) first week back! We had such a busy Friday afternoon we didn’t get to do our Star of the Week. The children will find out who this weeks superstar is on Monday 🙂 Have a lovely weekend everyone! Xxxxx

During our Dance lesson this week, the children continued with our Toy Dance before we put it all together next week. The children learnt the final stages of the dance where they have to work in two parts moving around in circles. We are all very excited to perform it all together. Watch this space for the final photos!

I have uploaded this half terms curriculum letter which explains what we will be doing in class across the curriculum.

Wednesday, we have continued our challenging maths activities working with money and dienes to continue our work on place value, addition and subtraction. Here are photos from our exciting maths morning where the children got well and truly stuck in to a range of activities where not only did they have to solve their own problems, they had to create question she for their partner to solve as well as working in pairs or teams to find answers.

On Tuesday we were looking at what wood can be used for as part of our continuing Science topic on materials. In pairs the children shared lots of ideas about the uses of wood and why trees were so importantly.

We were discussing the importance of recycling and why it is so vital that we don’t waste paper. The children created some super posters explaining to people that we need to recycle and not waste paper.

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! It’s been lovely hearing about all of the exciting things you’ve all been doing. The children wrote some fantastic recounts of their holidays and were challenged to use a variety of conjunctions in their writing.

As well as this we’ve jumped straight into maths challenges and the children have done superbly well! We have revisited place value using bead strings and place value cards, finding different numbers using key language such as more or less than.

We have been ordering numbers and completing number patterns:

And revising out number bonds to 20!

Congratulations Bethany Smith for winning the Premier Sports star of the week this week for working extremely hard in our first ball skills lesson.

WB 18/12/17:

Thank you for all of your support this term, you have all been so welcoming. It has been an honour and a pleasure to teach your children and I am very much looking forward to the new year. Have an amazing Christmas and enjoy welcoming in the new year. Class 3 make sure you have a well deserved rest. You have been outstanding this term and I can’t wait to start the new year with such amazing children! xxx

Santa came to visit Urmston Primary School! It was amazing, we couldn’t believe it! He brought each class a very exciting present. Maja and Sam went to meet him and collect our gift!

We finally opened ours this morning to find colouring books and pencil crayons for each child for wet play! Thanks Santa!

Today we did Christmas coding! We looked at the santa tracker and had to code in different ways. This could be something to have a go on and explore further in the holidays! Here is the link: https://santatracker.google.com/village.html

This week the children have been learning about the Christmas story. They have created their own Christmas booklets where they had to retell and illustrate the story.

The children enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner on Tuesday! It was great to sit with the children for lunch and spend some quality time together.   🙂

We really have embraced the Spirit of Christmas in Class 3! Each day the children have had two advent calendars! One is an online advent calendar, thank you so much Mrs Jones for getting it for us! We have loved looking at the festive videos and games each day!

As well as all of this, class 3 have been decorating Christmas tree decorations! They had to layer up patterned tissue paper sticking with PVA glue . It got VERY MESSY!

Thank you for bringing in your favourite Christmas stories and books! We loved sharing them together and talking about why we liked them.

Here we are already the final week before Christmas! It feels like it has come around so quickly. Both staff and children are very excited.

This morning already the children have been working hard! They have been writing letters to Santa using good vocabulary and conjunctions. The class elf ‘Snowflake’ has left the children some reindeer food to make ready for Christmas Eve. We have spoken about how you don’t have to sprinkle it on the garden you can leave it for Santa to take with him or leave it in a bowl for the reindeer.

During PE the children have had a really fun lesson exploring the apparatus. They have been putting into practice all of the techniques that’s they have learnt this half term. It is brilliant to see how far the children have come!

WB 11/12/17:

Well Done Ralphie Gilbert for winning this weeks star of the week! He was very brave singing in the Christmas Play as Joseph and he learnt his lines superbly! This week Isaac Sales won the ‘bee award’ for being so responsible all of the time. He could certainly be nicknamed Mr Responsbile because he is so sensible and helpful around school.

A huge congratulations to all of Key Stage 1 and Early Years for doing so well in the Christmas plays! The children have been working extremely hard all half term to learn songs, instruments and lines. We a incredibly proud of all of you. Thank you so much for all of your support with learning lines and songs and thank you to everyone for coming to watch. Here are photos of our shining stars…

Already this morning the children’s have been working hard. For comprehension the children read all about Reindeer. We are really trying to answer the questions in full sentence which can be tricky to remember.

During our last Premier Sports lesson of 2017, the children started off playing Elephant Football in groups.

Then they were putting all of their balances and shapes together into a routine using mirroring.

WB 4/12/17:

Congratulations to Aadi for winning this weeks star of the week! Keep working hard Aadi!

On Friday morning our Christmas Elf ‘Snowflake’ left us a present! We can’t wait to start reading the Mr Men books ❤️

We had Premier Sports on Wednesday this week! The children started to practice their balances and turn it into a routine.

We finally finished our paper chain to decorate the classroom too! Defiantly the most impressive paper chain we have ever seen!


We had a very exciting Monday! All of the year two children went to the Pantomime to see Aladdin. It was amazing. Everyone had a brilliant time and the children behaved fantastically.

Class 3 were very lucky! We had two of our classmates on stage representing our school! Both Maja and Fraser were fantastic! The made us very proud and showed everyone in the theatre how amazing the children at Urmston Primary School are! <3

Click the link to watch the short video:


WB 27/11/17:

Our star of the week is Bethany! She won for trying so hard to learn her lines in the Christmas Play and practicing her song beautifully! It was lovely to see some of you at the Christmas Fair! Have a lovely weekend everyone! We will see you on Monday for the Panto! 😀

Our Golden Time this week was Board Games! Hurray!


We had a very special visitor in our class today! A magical elf has come to visit us to see what amazing things the children in Class 3 are doing! After a very long discussion and a vote the children have chosen the name ‘Snowflake’ for the elf. I wonder what he will be doing next week…

In Class 3 we had so much fun getting in the festive spirit on Thursday. We did Christmas crafts, practiced our songs for the Christmas play and put up Christmas decorations!


The children have been trying really hard to learn the Christmas songs for the Christmas Play. They have been practicing so well and being very supportive to one another. We are very excited for the upcoming production of Prickly Hay!

We had a letter from the Man on the Moon on Tuesday!

The children had to write a reply to him answering his questions and suggesting ideas about how he got to the Moon. We have been looking at features of a letter

Well done Brodie Reid for winning this weeks Premier Sports star of the week! Great effort 🙂


In PE Finley did a super job being the special helper. The children had to practice control with their different movements and balances. Today the children were making bridges with their bodies. They had to focus on creating 3 different bridges, whilst working in partners, that could…

1. Be big enough for boat

2. Be long enough for lorry

3. Be a very strange and unusual  bridge

It isn’t only Monday morning and the children have already been very busy. So far they have been reading all about Minibeasts and answering questions both verbally and written down. We are encouraging the children to challenge themselves and answer in full, detailed sentences. Ask your child what fun facts they learnt about Minibeasts this morning! I am sure they would love to share them 🙂

WB 20/11/17:

Congratulations Mr Fraser Donaldson for getting this weeks star of the week in class 3. He has shown resilience this week and is trying hard with his work.

Everyone in class 3 have been really enjoying our new challenge area. The children have a range of challenging activities to access in order to extend their learning and develop their independence.


As part of our Man on the Moon topic, we had some children ‘hot seat’ the man on the moon and they took on the character extremely well. We explored further who the man on the moon was and what he was thinking and feeling at various stages of the clip.


In maths this the children have continued to learn about types of measurement. We have been practicing measuring in centimetres and decimetres of classroom items as well as the distance a toy car travels. Here are some photos of our investigations that the children have carried out this week. It has been great fun and the children have worked very hard.


On Tuesday morning we arrived at school to find something very strange in our classroom! A package had landed in class 3! It appears to have fallen from the sky but we don’t know where it has come Fromm yet! Hopefully over the next few days we can discover who sent it and why it has come to our class!

The children watched the man on the moon clip which gave us some ideas as to what might be in the mystery box.

In talk partners we shared ideas about the following questions:

Where had it come from?

What is inside the box?

Who sent the package?

We all had so many more unanswered questions that we are yet to explore!

Ralphie opened the package… it was very exciting! We discovered that inside the wooden box was a small telescope. We couldn’t believe it!

We then went on to ask our own questions about the object…

It is clear that we still have a lot more to find out!

Who knew we had such fantastic gymnasts in Class 3! I have been so impressed with the way the children travelled and balanced on the apparatus in today’s gymnastics lesson. The children behaved extremely sensibly and were very safe on the equipment whilst having a great time!

WB 13/11/17:

Thank you for supporting our school raise money for Children in Need today! The children loved giving a teddy a home in the teddy sale 🙂 Well done Charlie Brickhill for getting our class star of the week ⭐️

During todays Geography lesson the children have been finding and plotting places on a map of the Isle of Strauy linking into our Katie Morag and islands topic.

Here are some photos from today’s dance lesson. The children were pretending to be toys in a toy shop that come alive. The dance matches to a story called The Magic Toys. Today we added a new part where the children had to clean the toy shop in partners.


Today in class 3 we became Scientists! As part of our materials topic we were exploring waterproof materials. The children hadn’t to predict, explain and discover through experimentation what was the best material to keep our gingerbread men dry in the rain.

The children are doing so well with their writing that we spent some time today looking over what they had done and having some green pen time. They had to self edit their work using their green pens and think about how they could make their work EVEN BETTER! They did a great job improving their writing. After this they had to swap work with a partner and find two stars (two things that they did really well) and one wish, meaning one thing that they can improve on even more. It was great to see how supportive the children were towards one another’s work! 🙂

Year two have gone blue for diabetes awareness week!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for showing your support wearing something blue today! The children have loved learning about diabetes and Ruby has done amazingly well telling us all about it with help from Rufus!


A special thank you to Mrs Hughes for coming into class 3 to talk about how she helps Ruby each day and why it is so important! The children loved asking questions and finding out more.


During maths this week, the children have been learning positional language and directions. Mr Parker took the children into the playground and they had to follow his instructions carefully using the new vocabulary.

Don’t forget tomorrow (Tuesday) is our Diabetes awareness day! Please can you all come in wearing a blue accessory. All of year two will be learning about diabetes tomorrow! Thank you for your support.

For National Kindness Day the children have been thinking about how they can be kind to others as well as talking about times when people were kind to them!  They wrote their acts of kindness on post it notes and added it to the school board.

In Premier Sports the children are loving their gymnastics lessons. They had a tricky challenge where they had to work as a team to get from one side of the hall on the mats or ‘boats’ and get the the other side without falling off ‘into the water.’ Congratulations ladies! You worked extremely well and won the challenge. It was fantastic to see the boys being good Sports and congratulating them.

The children then moved onto mirroring. In pairs that had to mirror movements using the balances and shape  that they have learnt!

Today is Kindness day. The children have been thinking about ways to be a good friend and how we can’t be kind to one another in everything that we do.

WB 6/11/17:

Well done Fatima Raza! She won this weeks star of the week for always listening beautifully and being ready to learn Everyone has been so mature and sensible this week, well done all of you for supporting each other through a tough week.

I am so pleased to say that our Remembrance Assembly went really well! All of year two have worked so hard to create such a fantastic service. Every child either read facts, recited a poem or hold up something. They worked together superbly!

During computing this week the children were using google maps to find different places around the world. Their first task was to find the Isle of Coll as we are learning all about islands in our topic work. Then the children had to compare it to the size of the United Kingdom! This was quite tricky but the children worked really well and even went on to find other countries.

Here are are some photos from this weeks maths activities. The children have been adding and subtracting different numbers up to 100 and beyond. We started off adding and subtracting multiples of ten and then more challenging 2 digit numbers.

On Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from my Dad! He is a radiographer and Christies Hospital and Hevesy came to talk to the children about bones linking in with last half terms topic about animals including humans! The children loved looking at the X-rays and learning about the different bones that we have in the body. Ask your child what they saw at the end!

The children learnt about broken bones and even had a go at putting on bandages correctly.


This morning the children started learning about Katie Morag and the Isle of Struay. We watched a clip of Katie showing us around the island. The children then had to discuss in partners what the island was like and compare it to where we live.

As well as that the children have been doing gymnastics! To warm up they played a listening game where you could only clap when the ball hit the floor. Well done Isabelle and Daniel for concentrating so well and winning the game!

Here the children are trying to master a controlled jump as well as practicing their balancing positions:

WB 30/10/17:

Congratulations Vivienne for getting this weeks star of the week! You have listened so well all week. Keep up the good work!  You have all worked so hard this week! Have  brilliant weekend everyone. Make sure that you keep safe especially if youre celebrating bonfire night!

Today the children were looking at different newspaper articles. They had to work in pairs to read the article and find features that were specific  type of text. The children are getting really good and working together and sharing ideas!



In class three we had to do different problem solving challenges! The children had to read clues to discover character names and find their numerical order or find the correct order for the different coloured cubes.

The children loved their first gymnastics lesson! Here they are warming up by moving in different ways:

Here the children are pretending that they are moving around a haunted house. We have some fantastic actors and actresses in our class!

The children practiced their balancing skills and learnt how to stretch different parts of the body.

On Monday the children have been thinking about Rememberance Sunday and why it is so important in preparation for our Rememberance assembly next week.

WB 16/10/17: 

On Friday we celebrated Diwali day as a whole school! It was fantastic! Class 3 created Rangoli patterns, discovered all about Diva Lamps and even learnt an amazing Diwali dance! It was definitely a day to remember! Super effort everyone 🙂 Have an amazing half term break you all deserve it. Thank you for your hard work this half term, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your break on Monday  Lots of love, Miss Pitt xxx

Here are the children enjoying some phonics games:

The Harvest festival was a huge success! Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to support us and a massive congratulations to all of the children who did so well! Your hard work paid off! You are all superstars


The children really enjoyed their last Premier Sports lesson of the half term! They continued to develop movement through working in pairs to warm up, playing cops and robbers and during team races! It was great fun!

Here are the children during the warm ups as well as playing cops and robbers!!


Here are the children during the races:

Watch our our team Races here! The children had to move across the hall in different ways, click on a link to see…





WB 9/10/17:

This week we have been very excited to welcome a new member to our class! The children have all been very welcoming to Adhvik and he is settling in really well!

We had a Vet visit year 2 this week as part of our Animals including humans topic! The children loved it! She even brought in two visitors to show us which were a Bearded Dragon and a Spider’s Skin! Everyone learnt so much, it was really exciting. Ask us what we found out!

A little early for Christmas I know! However the children made some fantastic Christmas cards which you’ll have to wait to see finished! For now here are some sneak peaks:


Charlie Locker performed Happy Birthday on his new guitar both to the class and to the whole of the infants during birthday assembly! It was fantastic! Keep up the hard work Charlie, you’re doing a great job! 🙂

Here are some snapshots from Monday’s Premier Sports lesson! The children had to work in teams to do different challenges like supporting each other to stand up whilst back to back!

Here the children are practicing long jump. They found out that it’s harder to stay balanced once they’ve landed than we thought.

Congratulations to Maja! Well done for winning this weeks Premier Sports Star of the Week! You worked really hard for it! 😀

WB 2/10/17:

As part of our ‘Are Grandad’s toys better than an ipad?’ topic, the children had to design and create their own peg dolls. They really took their time and thought about the materials that they were going to use. After next weeks evaluations they will be displayed in our classroom for everyone to see!


During English the children had to edit a set of instructions that weren’t very good. They had to make them super instructions which they did very well!


So far this week the children have worked really hard already!

On Wednesday the children were learning about tessellating shapes. They did an amazing job investigating which shapes tessellate.

In Science we have been looking at different food groups. We linked this with our English theme of telling instructions! The children had to carefully follow instructions to create their pizza. We looked at the importance of healthy eating and being hygienic. The pizzas looked delicious!



In English we are looking at Instructions this week. Here are photographs of the children giving verbal instructions on how to brush your teeth.


Well done to Sam Craighill-Brown for winning this weeks Premier Sports Star of the Week! 🙂

WB 25/9/17:

Thursday was National Poetry Day! This week as part of our Highway Rat work the children had to change part of the story to create their own poems. They were really amazing! We focused on using good expression when reading out loud and really projecting our voices.

Georgia’s Poem: IMG_1848

Jack’s Poem: IMG_1828

Marisa’ Poem: IMG_1829

Finley’s Poem: IMG_1832

Ethan’s Poem: IMG_1834

Bethany’s Poem: IMG_1835

Anna’s Poem: IMG_1838

Ruby’s Poem: IMG_1839

Ralphie’s Poem: IMG_1844

Thank you Noa for bringing in her butterflies this week! We all loved looking at them and setting them free. Xavier took some superb photographs…

Everyone really enjoyed it! It was very exciting to see both of the butterflies be set free.

Congratulations Ethan! Ethan won this weeks Premier sports star of the week for being a good team player. Well done 🙂

Our focus in English this week is ‘The Highway Rat’ which is proving to be an extremely popular book. Here are the children predicting what might happen in the story using the pictures to help them:

In maths the children have been trying the challenge themselves this week. Here the children were trying to find more complicated number bonds to 100 using the bead strings.


As part of our Science work, the children had to guess what food belonged in different food groups. It was lovely to see some good discussions going on in their groups.

In art we have looked at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created some unique portraits using fruit and vegetables. The children tried modelling using real fruits and then had the opportunity to draw their own. Class 3 are certainly very talented! Their drawings have been outstanding!

WB 18/9/17:

In United Sports the children played football in teams. Not only were they fantastic players, they were super supportive to one another! So well done class 3 😀


This week in PE the children had a great time continuing to develop their movement and practice their ball skills.

Here Class 3 are playing shuffle tig:

The children had to practice throwing underarm and doing a chest pass both in partners and in small groups. It was great to see how well the children work together and help each other.

Congratulations to Charlie who won this weeks Premier Sports Star of the Week! He is extremely proud of his trophy. Well done!

Monday was our turn in the play garden. It was so much fun 🙂

In Science this week we learnt all about the life cycle of an oak tree. The children had to order the different parts of an acorns life. Then they sketched the stages. I was amazed and how much time they took to carefully sketch the images. The artwork produced is fantastic. Keep up the hard work class 3!


WB 11/9/17:

The children loved their first Premier Sports PE lesson of the year! They played the dishes and domes game which is very popular in class 3!

During our maths lessons we have been looking at number and place value. The children did some fantastic estimating and counting different objects. Here one group used a brilliant method and organised the marbles into tens so that they were easier to count. Great job!

In Science class 3 looked at comparing heights and shoe sizes. We investigated whether the tallest children always had the biggest feet. Ask one of the children from class 3 what we found out!

It has been great getting to know the children a little better. Everyone has been very kind helping me learn the school routines. The children keep reminding me of different things which has been very useful! Miss Pitt xx

Our First Week: 

This week the children have been settling into their new classroom and getting to know each other. Mrs Czarnopis and I have loved working with the children and getting to know them better. The children have been very busy this week. They really enjoyed sketching the other half of their faces yesterday. I was very impressed at high standard of artists that we have in class 3.

The children got stuck in to a range of maths challenges this week including addition and subtraction tower building, finding alien number bonds to 20 and challenge cards. Each child did amazingly well with each challenge and it was lovely to see the children working well in teams and in pairs.

I hope the children have loved their first week in class 3 as much as I have! 🙂

Email for Show and Tell: showandtell.class3@gmail.com

20.07.17 Okay – I am signing off now. Thank you everybody for everything. Here is my leaving article which you can also read in Small Talk. I will miss you all 🙂 Good luck in KS2 to my wonderful class and the rest of Year 2.

Click the link to read the article: Mr Lobodzinski Leaving Article


Dear children, parents, carers, colleagues and…everybody!

It is with excitement and happiness, but also sadness, that I write this article to tell you that I am leaving Urmston Primary School. I have loved my four years here – there have been lots of challenges, lots of rewards, lots of laughter (and lots of tears, both of sadness and joy), lots of friendships and of course – lots of fabulous, super children. It honestly seems like it was only yesterday that I wrote my very first Small Talk article, back in 2013, entitled ‘Mr Who?’ I remember having a baptism of fire when I was lucky enough to start a month early as a cover teacher in Year 1. Since then I have taught in all year groups of the then-infant school and loved every minute! The infant school has a very special place in my heart and I will never forget you all. It feels like I am leaving my home, leaving a main part of my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every single class that I have been lucky enough to teach. The children have always inspired me to become a better teacher with each day and I have been so lucky to have been part of their early education. Every single child I have taught has also taught me something. That’s what is so great about children – they are individual, little people. Unique and rare, miracles in their own right. They have surprised me by how much progress they can make, how kind and caring they can be, and also how unpredictable they can be!

I have also been so lucky to have been part of a close-knit team in the school. You have been there for me, supported me, inspired me, challenged me. You have been my colleagues, but also my friends. I know that if I ever need you, I can count on you. And I hope you know that the same applies “cos’ that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah!” I have made some very special friendships, and while I am leaving, I know that we will stay in touch because you’ve made such an impact on my life.

Thank you to all the parents and carers  of the children I have taught. Thank you for being supportive in your children’s education. Thank you for taking an interest, for listening, for attending meetings and also simply for all the laughs! I have been so lucky to have worked with some incredible parents and carers – you know who you are! If you see me about in Urmston, make sure you say hello and let me know how you are all doing.

They say everything happens for a reason. My amazing teaching assistant Mrs Czarnopis made me cry recently with her gift of a mug with this quote on it: WHAT IS MEANT TO BE WILL ALWAYS FIND ITS WAY. I truly believe this. So, whilst it is with a tear  in my eye that I write this article about leaving, it is also with a smile on my face, because I am excited to be progressing my career. Because it is meant to be. I know that many parents will know how passionate  I am about Early Years, which is why I am venturing out into the big wide world as an Assistant Headteacher and head of Early Years. It will be a challenge, but one which I will face with energy and determination, so that I can be as successful there as I have been here. So that I can make a difference to the lives and education of as many children as I have done here, and more.

When I first started I heard lots of “Mr Who?!” and now I hope that you will remember me with fondness, and maybe even a little craziness! J Or a lot. That’s true too! J

Thank you again. It’s been an absolute pleasure. I miss you already.

With love,
Mr Lobodzinski x

20.07.17 The children and I have been enjoying a great last week in Class 3. Yesterday we had an amazing time at Trafford’s Extraffordganza at the Royal Northern College of Music. If you didn’t come then you certainly missed out – but you can watch the performances on the website: www.traffordmusicservice.co.uk.

18.07.17 Well…the last week is finally here. I am so lucky to end my time at our school with such a great class. This was, again, proven last night with the amazing Urmston’s Got Talent performances. I am sure you feel the same way as I do! Well done children! Here are some photos of the performances. Have a lovely week!

13.07.17 Happy Spotty Day! We are having a great day, completing spotty activities and raising money in memory of our special friend, teacher and colleague Mrs Wormald. The children love the fact that Mrs Wormald’s middle name was joy – we’ve agreed that she was always so happy and joyful, and brought everyone around her lots of joy! So today we are having lots of joy and giggles in our spots to remember a very special lady xxx

10.07.17 We had a great time today at Blackpool Zoo! Check out the pictures below. We were so lucky that, after a very wet start to the day, the weather was dry at the zoo. Password is: gorilla!

29.06.17 Today we had our plate painting workshop. Here are some pictures of the morning – as you can see the children have worked very hard and produced brilliant artwork on their plates! I am sure that you will agree when you get chance to see them all on the Open Day event next week.

27.06.17 The children are busy this week. We have made ginger beer in our history lesson after being inspired by Mary Seacole’s use of ginger. Pictured below is us enjoying the ginger beer in the sun! We have also been making Stars of David using lollipop sticks which we will decorate tomorrow. We are all looking forward to the plate decorating workshop on Thursday – thank you to all the children and parents who have completed their designs in preparation. Pictures will follow on Thursday. Please remember that the infant side of school is closed on Friday as a mark of respect for our special friend Mrs Wormald on the day of her funeral.

23.06.17 We have had a busy week in Class 3, including tasting different salad fruit and vegetables; and consolidating our money knowledge through addition and making different amounts of money. The children have enjoyed PE outside in the hot weather and we’ve also had a very special talk with a GB swimmer, Benjamin Kerry! He wowed us today with his story and we even watched him win his very first national swimming race! This week I have also let the children know that this is my last term at Urmston Primary! Keep your eyes peeled for a leaving article before the summer holiday 🙂

I have already told the children but also wanted to let you know in advance as the parents and carers of the children of my class: that I am leaving the school at the end of this academic year. I have absolutely loved working at the school and being part of your children’s lives, but now is the right time for me to move on to a different challenge, even if it is with mixed emotions! My new role is Assistant Headteacher at a Multi-Academy Trust School. I will miss you all very much – thank you for being such great children and parents/carers and taking an interest in your child’s education. I will, of course, stay in post right until the very end of this academic year. Let’s enjoy the rest of this term and the exciting activities! Mr L xxx

Class 3 Summer 2 newsletter

 This week we have decided as a class not to update our page with pictures because we’ve had some very sad news. We have been supportive of one another so well done everybody and thank you to the parents for your support. On a positive note, we are looking forward to a restful weekend, and in anticipation of Father’s Day on Sunday, the class have made a collaborative poem to thank all the wonderful fathers, dads, daddies, papas, grandfathers, friends like fathers, and any special people in our lives. Have a restful weekend and thank you for all you do.

For all the things you do,
A very special treat for you!
Thank-you for always caring for me,
Here, there and home in time for tea!
Everyday you are always here,
Remember, you are oh so dear!

Happy half term! I have sent a slip out today detailing reading and mathematics homework for the holiday – please log into Active Learn. Today we had our Race for Life…and it was hot! Thank you to all the adult helpers – your help was invaluable and very much appreciated! Well done children on fabulous running! See you all very soon! Enjoy the sun! Mr Lobodzinski x