September 2017

We are making new friends and trying lots of activities.

   We love the trains, the sand, the home corner, being outside and 5 Little ducks.


October 2017

We are enjoying rhymes and making walls for Humpty Dumpty. We can count some bricks too and make them balance.


We are painting balloon shapes for our birthday display. We looked carefully for how to do it.


When the paint had dried we looked at patterns and put some on our balloons.


November 2017

We have collected lots of Autumn materials to investigate. We are enjoying Autumn stories.

Now we are looking at lots of leaves,sorting out the sizes and describing them.


We made breadstick sparklers at Bonfire Night. They were yummy!


We went outside and looked for signs. We talked about what they were for and what they told us.

December 2017

We chose our favourite Mr Men and counted them. Then we made a graph.





We dressed up and pretended to be in the Christmas story.


We had a party and played pass the parcel. Father Christmas came and gave us a present.


January 2018

We’re learning about Winter and finding out about cold places like the Arctic and the Antarctic.

We pretended that the train track is in the snow.


We showed some toys and talked about the holidays.


We counted actions to match numerals.

We learned about shapes, made snowmen with different sized circles and practised cutting out.


February 2018

We had a Winter clothes shop. We could try on the clothes and we counted pennies.


We used the IWB for a game to dress a snowman. We’re developing good skills!


Now we’re using the computer to find out about different kinds of penguins.


We’re making footprints for our penguin pictures. It tickles having your foot painted!


It’s Story Telling Day. We’re acting the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story.

Who’s that going “trip trap over my bridge?”

We also know how to be in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Older children came to read stories to us.

We found out about the Great Wall of China and built our own with our bricks.

June 2018

We loved the visit of Ranger Rob with his animals. We could hold them and find out all about them. The snake was very big and heavy!


July 2018

We have been making dens and one of them became a castle! We’re getting very good at it now.

     We’re enjoying our water activities, making channels and rivers. 



Look how well our peas are growing!