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Welcome to Class 8 with Mrs Billingsley

We have now started our history topic on Ancient Maya.  In groups we attempted to play the ancient ballgame, Pok-ta-pok but using a bouncy ball as our resource budget doesn’t stretch to a handmade latex ball filled with the juice from the morning glory vine.  It’s a challenging game which only allows the use of your knees, elbows and hips. I also thought it best not to follow the rule involving sacrificing the losing team’s captain!

Many of the children know what secondary school they will be going to in September now, so we have made a start on transition- preparing the children for that move to Key Stage 3.  They created a venn diagram out of 2 hoops and sorted events and activities into primary, secondary or both.  This gave the children a good idea of what they need to do to be prepared for the ‘next step’, recognise that somethings are actually quite similar and that they are going to have an exciting world of opportunities open up to them.

Thank you again for another wonderful half-term J8.  Have a fantastic Easter break!





Here’s another glimpse in to what Class 8 have been getting up to since returning after half term.  We’ve watched chicks hatching (and then given them a little cuddle), continued to explore techniques in art (the children are not sleeping, but seeing how it feels trying to draw when the paper is really close- honest!), honed our hockey skills and  had a great day moving around the school for World Maths Day.



Apologies for the delay in updating our page- I am still getting used to it!  The children have continued to work incredibly hard, but we have managed to balance this with lots of learning fun…







Wow! What a long and busy half term it has been!  The children have worked incredibly hard and achieved so much- they have certainly made me very proud.  I have added as many pictures as I could showing snippets of the work they have done this half term.  The children have written and performed some incredibly emotive poetry (click on the link next to the photos for Connor’s winning Poetry Slam poem), created excellent gymnastic routines, investigated micro-organisms and had a ball playing some Christmas maths games in this last week.

I want to wish each and every one of our wonderful pupils, and their families, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing you all in 2018!



It’s been a busy first week back after the half term break.  We have looked at the features of newspaper reports as we prepare to write our own articles about the Opening Ceremony of the Hunger Games.  In maths, we have continued to master long multiplication with some competitive games of ‘3 in a row’.  In PSHE, we have explored the qualities we look for in a friend and we are beginning to recognise how exploring friendships can help us to develop strategies for resisting peer pressure and promote positive relationships with others.  We also had a visit from Dave and Mark, our local friendly fire fighters.  They came to deliver a safety message to our Year 6 pupils in preparation for Bonfire Night.  They gave us lots of practical tips to keep safe on what is the emergency services busiest weekend of the year, but also some very important advice should we find ourselves in a situation where someone is on fire or injured.  They demonstrated how to Stop, Drop and Roll before getting some of the children to practice it too.

Well done and thank you to all of Year 6 for their exceptional half term homework.  Their costume designs are excellent and of such high quality that all of them are on display on the wall, or in a book, outside our classroom.  Don’t just take my word for it- pop in and take a look for yourselves.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone- stay safe and enjoy the Bonfire Night celebrations.




‘May the odds be ever in your favour!’

Our class book. ‘The Hunger Games’, has got us hooked.  We are getting to know the main characters and themes of the book and can’t wait to find out what awaits Katniss and Peeta in the arena.  We have used the first 5 chapters as a stimulus for our writing- the flashbacks the children have written are fantastic!

This week we have also completed our abstract self- portraits using collage materials.  If you have a spare couple of minutes, come and play Guess Who? with the several portraits on display outside of our classroom.




I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to J8 for a brilliant first half- term.  Have a wonderful break, stay safe and I will see you in a week!

** Proud Teacher Alert**


The work which class 8 has completed this week has been of the highest standards!  They have shown great resilience during a range of maths investigations and displayed maturity and empathy during our study of ‘Little Freak’, a short film about a young boy with physical difficulties and deformities who makes a living as part of a circus ‘side- show’.  Through this film study, we addressed how the term ‘little freak’ is an unacceptable way of describing someone now and used it as a stimulus for some powerfully descriptive and empathetic writing.  The children explored the ‘show don’t tell technique’, relying on imagery to engage the reader.  Following on from this, we then explored effective dramatic monologues.  Working in pairs or small groups, the children wrote and performed their own dramatic monologue for Little Freak and the results were fantastic! (Take a minute to watch Eva performing the monologue she co-wrote with Izzy).

As part of our topic, Journey Through The Body,  Class 8 have designed and carried out an investigation to see how different exercises effect our heart rate. Thank you to Keaton for documenting the investigation with some brilliant actions shots!

I can’t wait to see what these wonderful young people achieve next week! 





Roald Dahl Day was great fun this week.  As a class, we focused on the book Esio Trot.  We looked at tortoise shell tessellations then had a go at creating our own tessellation patterns in the style of mathematician, Roger Penrose.  We had a go at creating our own ‘magic spells’ which had to be read out backwards, just like Roald Dahl does in the book.  In the afternoon, we had a go at following some origami instructions and made our own tortoises.



Mrs Ball (our wonderful Teaching Assistant) and I have LOVED getting to know our new class this week!  They have got some great ideas about what learning journey they want to go on this year.  We have adopted a quote by Israelmore Ayivor, an inspirational writer, which has inspired us to leave our mark on UPS and the world in a really positive way:

‘Show the world you are not here to just pass through.  Leave great footprints wherever you pass and be remembered for the change you initiated.’

Keep popping back for updates and pictures of our Year 6 journey.


Reminder: ‘Primary Day’ at Flixton Girls’ and Wellacre Academy is on Friday 22nd September.  The children are invited to dress up as any historical character as the theme is ‘Horrible Histories’.  All children are required to wear trainers and bring a snack for break time and a disposable packed lunch.  If any adults reading this are available to assist with the trip, please let me know. Thank you!