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Welcome to our Junior Class 4 page!

 We will use this page to keep you up to date with what is going on in our classroom.  Keep checking back for updates.

VID00062  – Junior Class 4 want to welcome you!


Miss Allen and Mrs Smith on Dotty Day





Mrs Smith is our AMAZING TA!





(here is a quick guide to all the wonderful things we will be doing during the Spring term).



Welcome back everybody! We hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday.  Class 4 have come back enthusiastic and ready to work!  We have enjoyed learning about similes this week and have been describing different things in this way.  We have also stared to produce our own music in Computing, we are very musical!  We have stared our topic on electricity and have thought about how to keep ourselves safe in the home.  In fact we liked this so much that we are doing our homework on this too!


Thanks for all the swimming letters that we have received back, please get them in as soon as you can please so that all the permission slips are up to date!  Thanks to the any volunteers we have had for swimming, once all the slips are back, Miss Allen will look over these and put together a rota, we only need 2 parents a week so not everyone will be needed.  Miss Allen will speak to you if you are on the rota.  Thanks again, without your support it would not be possible!


Please check out our new Spring term planner too that shows all the exciting things we will be learning this term!


Lots of love,


Class 4 x

Year 4 Newsletter- Autumn 2017

Here is a quick guide to all the wonderful things we will be learning this term! (just click on the link to download)


This week we have started rehearsing for our Carol Concert in St Clement’s church.  We have been thinking about resilience, how the donkey showed resilience and how we can too.  We all hope you can join us next Friday.  We have also started a D.T. project all about levers….the end results are on their way to you soon!
Have a lovely week,
Class 4.


It’s CHRISTMAS in Class 4 and we are so excited!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have sent into class to make us all look very festive!  This week, we have been working on our information texts.  We did some research for our homework and we have been using this all week.  In the end, we had all written up some impressive information texts.  To end this topic, we decided to present them all in different ways.  Some groups presented as an advert, some as a TV show, some as a news report.  Check out the videos below to see how we did!



We also finished our topic on water now, I hope the children have been teaching you all the different ways to save water, they know a lot!

A special well done to our Billy this week!  He has made us all so proud with his hard work and dedication this week.  You deserved your ‘Bee’ award . Keep up the good work.


Love, Class 4.


P.S. Thank you for all the Mission Christmas presents so far.  If you could bring one extra gift, we would be so grateful.


This week we have been working on area and perimeter…some of us even tackled compound shapes!  We have decided to mix up our friendships next week.  Some of us have chosen some people to buddy up with next week, we hope to make lots of new friends!  Well done to Archie, who was our star of the week for helping Ayaan in Maths, what a kind boy!  Thomas was our playground hero because he was kind to Jake and played lots of nice things.  Seb won start of the week in assembly this week so constantly making us all proud.  Well done to Oscar for doing a sponsored walk.  He made his family and Class 4 so proud!  Class 4 really are the best!



Class 4 x


This week we have been focusing on other people’s feelings.  We have concentrated on ‘Anti bullying Week’ and have thought about how we can help other people.  The School Council became teachers for a lesson and they did a great job!  The class produced some anti-bullying logos thinking about our school values and then we wrote some inspirational messages to stick up around the room to help anyone who might be feeling a little rubbish!  Good work Class 4!  Have a great weekend, spend time with loved ones and be kind to everyone you meet!


And these were our wonderful teachers!!


This week we have started doing yoga in P.E. It sounded easy to begin with. …we thought it would be a lot lying around and stretching, however it was a lot more complicated and it really made us concentrate as well as relax our mind and body.   We have been learning about factors in our Maths this week, this is why it is part of our homework.  We have been thinking about  story called ‘The Dragon Slayer’.  We have written our own ending for the story and tried to include a twist, something the reader would not expect!
This week we learnt all about the Water Cycle and how the water that falls on us as rain may have visited thousands of times before!  We also thought about how solids can turn to liquids and how they turn to gases and vice versa, using heat and cold.  We picked some songs that we thought best described their journey.  Thinking about how solids have quite slow music, the liquids flow easy and the gases go really fast and bump around everywhere!  Check out our performances below.

Thanks for visiting!



We are back after a lovely week off.  All the children seemed to have fun!  We started off the week with some pet ice cubes!  The children were very excited to name them.  They were told they were running out of time and their ‘friend’ was going t eventually disappear and they had to save them.  The children tried very hard, wrapping their ‘friend’ up in lots of materials.  Of course, the ice cube melted and eventually evaporated!  However, a good time was had by all!  It was a great way to introduce our new topic: Water.  The children understand that heat and ice = a liquid and more heat =gas!  All our ice cube friends are still with us….just in the air in Class 4!


We have also been thinking about how all our actions have consequences.  The children read a story all about Peter.  They then made a choice for Peter.  Here are some pictures from our story ending below!  It turns out that telling the truth usually makes life easier for everyone!


Bea was an absolute star this week showing how kind and caring she can be by consoling someone who was upset!  Well done Bea!  We have all had a chat about staying safe on bonfire night so make sure you all have a lot of fun, just please keep safe!


This week we have been learning all about Venn diagrams, some of us even worked on a Venn diagram with 3 parts!  Archie was a star this week, he showed great resilience.  Well done!We have carried on learning about our recounts, we have even started to plan our own out, Miss Allen can’t wait to read them.  We all enjoyed being artistic with apples this week, check out the classroom wall for some of our pieces!  We got in the Christmas spirit this week but it’s a secret …news coming soon!!



This week we have been trying to be great debaters.  We have been learning the difference between a debate and an argument.  We realise that it is very important to think about what someone else might say to ensure we are ready for the debate and have both sides considered.  The children liked the idea of having no school rules, however when we really thought about it, we realised that the classroom would be too chaotic so rules are a good thing really!  Here are some pictures of our Class 4 debaters!!



Well done Zena for being a star this week, keep being positive!



This week we have been working very hard on our column addition and subtraction.  If fact we are very excited to be teachers this weekend for our homework!  We have been learning all about how the Internet gets into our home.  Check out one of our videos below.  Well done Kayla for being a star this week, you make us all happy!


Class 4 xo


This week we have been working very hard in our Maths lessons and working with our negative numbers.  We have also created some wonderful descriptions for our adventure story.  This week we transformed into Pop Stars, thinking about how the pitch, rhythm, beat and tempo can affect the performance of a song!  Good work Pop stars!!  As well as auditioning for the X Factor, we could also go for Britain’s Got Talent with some of our amazing gymnast moves in P.E this week! Wow!  Well done Emily for being a responsible member of our class this week!


Class 4 xo


p.s. just a reminder about pumps.  If possible, all children should have pumps for use inside the hall.  This is for the children’s safety whilst we are being dancers and gymnasts! Thank you so much.


This week the wonderful Year 4 have been looking at a video called ‘Eye of the Storm’.  We decided to re-enact some of the scenes via Freeze frame.  The children had to think about their body and facial expressions.  (Check out the video below).  Then the rest of the class had to guess what scene they were thinking of.



We also got to listen to some of our favourite music and talk about how those sounds travel to our brain!  Thanks to all of Class 4 for trying to be respectful this week, in particular: Ben, Max and Connie.  They were so respectful they even managed to win an award!  Well done.


All our love, Class 4 x

p.s. Please can all children have some pumps and trainers.  This is for use inside and outside the hall.  Thank you!