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Welcome to our Junior Class 4 page!

 We will use this page to keep you up to date with what is going on in our classroom.  Keep checking back for updates.

VID00062  – Junior Class 4 want to welcome you!


Miss Allen and Mrs Smith on Dotty Day





Mrs Smith is our AMAZING TA!



 (this is the overview of all the wonderful things we are going to look at within this Summer term!)


End of term


This week, we made up our own Times tables raps.  Please check them out below:



We have had a great year.  It has been full of fun, laughter and growth.  We are all ready for Year 5!  Thanks for checking out our web page.


Class 4 …over and out!


We had our competitive Sports Day this week.  We are very athletic in Class 4.  Well done to:  Thomas, Stefan, May, Maya, Jake, Daniel, Charlie Connie for coming third and fourth in the relay!   Well done to our Sprinters: Frank, Miles, Nathan , Ben, Zena, Reece, Kayla, Georgia, Olivia, Max, Lois.  Especially well done to Nathan and Georgia who came FIRST in their races!  Last but not least, thanks to the resilient long distance runners:  Billy, Oscar, Stan, Ayaan and Archie!  Well done Billy for winning this race.


Well done Class 4 xo


Wow!  A heatwave in Manchester!  It has been a glorious week in Manchester and a wonderful time to have Sport’s Day.  Well done to ‘Team Resilient’….. we always say that if you work hard it pays off in the end!


Enjoy the sun this weekend and remember to keep safe!


Class 4 xo


This week we have been thinking about Why Manchester is such a cool place to Live.  Check out some pictures from the trip.  Sorry about the quality … it was wobbly on the bus!!



We have been concentrating on the British Values.


On Monday we thought about DEMOCRACY.  We thought about how we have chances in class to vote and have a say.


On Tuesday we thought about RULE OF LAW. At first we thought rules were boring but we soon realised that we need them to have a good town and society.


On Wednesday we thought about how brilliant we all are during out INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY lessons.


On Thursday we celebrated Eid.


On Friday we thought about tolerance and respect for people that are different.  Here are some pictures of our week!





A special mention to our tennis stars – Seb and Ben!  WELL DONE ON WINNING YOUR MATCH!


Class 4 xo


Class 4 want to wish you a happy half term holiday!  Be safe and wear sun cream!


Here are some pictures from Grandparents’ Day:


Class 4 xo


Happy Royal Wedding Weekend and if you are not interested in that – the weather is set to be lovely!  This week the children have started back at swimming – thanks so much for remembering their kits.


The children produced some Vlogs (video logs) about an animation called ‘Replay’. They tried to make it interesting, cool and fun and aimed at children of the same age!  Here are some of them below!



Class 4 xo


A short week for us here in Class 4, but that doesn’t mean we worked any less!  We have had a busy week working on our time again in Maths.  It would be great if all parents could revise this with their children from asking them the ‘to’ times on a clock, converting 12 hour to 24 hour (remember- no am or pm in this) to converting units of time e.g 513 minutes = ____hours____ minutes!  Homework this week will be focusing on the latter.


We have also been thinking about the Romans again and how it was for the Celts when they invaded.  In particular at Boudicca.  Poor Boudicca, she never stood a chance!  Looking at the Roman army’s uniform, it is no wonder how they managed to win!  Check out our photographs!



Class 4 xo


Well done to Olivia for being our pupil of the week last week!  Jake has been making us all happy recently and putting a smile on our faces!  This week, we have been thinking about what the Romans brought to Britain, many things we still use today.  Here is a snapshot of some of our work.


Have a great bank holiday weekend,


Class 4 xo


This week Ayaan was our star of the week for taking responsibility for his actions and making some really good choices!  Well done.  Nathan and Maya were Lexia super stars!


Mrs Smith and Miss Allen were given a wonderful surprise in assembly on Friday thanks to some thoughtful and lovely girls made our weekend …thanks so much May, Lacie and Kayla.  Some of the children enjoyed an assembly with Matt Goodfellow, he was very funny and wrote a lot of good poems in regards to his family and life.


We also enjoyed a Geography quiz this week…please try and remember the capital cities of England,Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland and where they are on the map.    If you fancy a challenge …test yourself using our clicking onto our Geography quiz!


Geography quiz


Enjoy!  Class 4 xo


We have been reading our new book ‘Wonder’ and thinking about how we can make our reading full of expression and make it interesting.


We watched ‘The Gruffalo’ this week and made a cast list, this is all part of our Play scripts topic.  In Maths we became detectives and managed to use our code cracking skills to find the ‘murderer!’  We looked at Roman forts this week and then used our imaginations to turn UPS into a Roman fort!


Well done to Stefan and Zena for being star of the week and playground hero.  Well done to Leo for being a star also by showing resilience.


Class 4 xo


Welcome back everybody!  We hope you all had a great break.  We have started the week off by looking at the Romans!  We can’t believe what an amazing army they had and how resilient they were!  We have been taking a close look at the soldiers, we have decided that if we had the choice we would be a legionary!  Not that we would want to be any at all…it was hard work!  We took a look at the uniforms they wore also.
We have been taking a look at a lot of brilliant animations this week, thinking about how the director has developed the characters and settings.  We have been thinking about how we could convey this into our writing.

A great week had by all,

Class 4 x


(here is a quick guide to all the wonderful things we will be doing during the Spring term).


We’ve had a brilliant last week this week.  We started thinking about Norman castles and where they were built.  We even pretended we were in the Battle of Hastings!  We’ve learnt a lot!  We hope you all have a brilliant holiday and a well earned rest.  Please keep reading and learning your spellings over the holiday!


Class 4 x


We are so tired this week..we’ve just ran a mile(some a lot more than that) and we completed some circuits!  Thanks for all your support in raising money this week for some very worthy causes!


Well done to Ayaan and Ben for being stars and Oscar for being pupil pf the week!!

Thanks so much for the turnout for our class assembly this week.  We worked very hard and the results were great!  Miss Allen thinks we are all the best!


This week we have been celebrating DIVERSITY WEEK!!  We have enjoyed thinking about what makes everyone different and what makes us all unique.  The world would be boring if we were all the same!  Here 19.3.18is a snapshot of what we have been up to…



We can’t wait to see you all next week at our assembly!


This week we have a brilliant pupil of the week…..REECE!  Well done!  Also well done to Frank for showing resilience!  Our star of the week was Super Seb and our playground hero was Lovely Lois.


Thanks for all the assembly props already…we are nearly ready for showtime!


This week we had an amazing fun ‘World Maths Day’, where we visited other classes.  Well done to Jake and Lois that won the ‘chair making’ competition made out of multi links!  Check out the pictures on our Twitter page!


Thank you,


Class 4.


This week we have made a start on our assembly.  The children are all very excited.  For homework this weekend, the children are to learnt their words and song words.  Next week. we would like to go script- less! Thank you for all your support with this.


Year 4 were given the opportunity to be part of a creative writing workshop and will do for the next two weeks.  They have all been given a  journal to get the creative juices flowing, look out for these books coming home soon!

We enjoyed World Book Day, the children looked amazing and we had so much fun re-writing a section of the famous children’s story ‘The Three Little Pigs’, we also made some bookmarks to encourage us to read more.  Thank you to all the children that took part in the ‘Book Swap’ it was like Christmas morning all over again!


Class 4 got the opportunity to hold some new members of UPS this week…some cute little chicks!


Have a great week, in the meantime, here are a small selection of pictures from World Book Day and chick holding.  


Welcome back everyone after half term!  This week we have been thinking about conductors and insulators.  We really enjoyed that!  We then managed to have a play around with circuits using a light bulb and a battery.  We saw how conductors helped the light to glow.  We were also able to make other electrical components work like a motor!
This week, we have been looking at Haiku poems. There are 3 lines long and use syllables 5-7-5.  We have loved making them about animals and Spring.


A special shout out to Billy and Grace this week for being star of the week and playground hero!   Well done, you made us very proud.


Thank you,


Class 4


p.s. Next week, on Thursday, it is World Book Day.  This co-insides with our swimming lessons.  This is no problem, we will enjoy World Book Day in the morning and then swimming in the afternoon.  Can I just please ask you and remind the children that there are to be no face paints on this day please and no complicated costumes. As long as the children can get out of the costume and back into it themselves, that will be fine.  Any extra details to the costume, belts, wigs and other props can be left in the classroom before we go.  Thank you!


This week we have been concentrating on our great we all are!  We all find things tough from time to time whether you are a child or an adult.  So we have been discussing that no matter how rubbish we feel, we should think about at least one good thing about our day!  We have also put a worry box in our classroom as well so the children can write down their worries instead, if they want.  We also welcomed BERT to our classroom this week, he is a bear that we hand around to people who make us happy!  A very welcome addition.


We combined art with our work this week and created self portraits that are now all hung up on our classroom wall.   One half is our lovely faces and the other is created out of positive words to describe ourselves.  Here are some examples below.

We have also made ‘resilient people’ where we wrote down all the things we found challenging.  Then underneath some flaps, we wrote some advice to ourselves on how to handle these challenges.  Some examples are below:


We are all great!


Have a brilliant half term!

Class 4 x


We’ve had another exciting week in Year 4.  We started swimming this week!  Everyone had fun and got their new group!  Exercise and great fun!  Thank you for reminding children to being their kits.  It is quite cold as we battle the elements to get to the pool, so please remember to send in warm coats, jackets, gloves ear muffs and hats for the walk, especially if any hair gets wet in the pool, we want to ensure the children can stay as warm as possible, especially in the next few months.


It has been story telling week.  We got all dressed up in our ‘comfy’ clothes and shared some stories with each other.  Some from books, some we knew by heart and some we used our imagination for.  Some children wrote a very tense story in 50 words….here are some examples.



Well done to Leo for showing resilience and building a 1993 piece lego!  Well done to Grace for making Miss Allen proud whilst reading to the infants.


Love, Class 4.


The children worked really hard on translating shapes this week in Maths and we stared work on writing up an explanation text all about a deadly animal!  The writing has been fantastic!  Well done class 4.  Special mention to Kaitlyn and Kayla for being star of the week and a playground hero!  Winning the ‘Bee award’ this week was Yusuf for work that made us so proud!  Lois was our pupil of the week and enjoyed her special prize!  Well done.


What a creative week we have had this week in Year 4.  We started off the week by looking at the rain and deciding that since it was so relentless….we might as well make some good out of it and use it as our inspiration.  We wrote down some ideas like….’it falls from the sky’ …these sentences were Ok, however …check out our poems below to show you just how much our writing improved.  The language and descriptions used are fantastic and we were all very proud of ourselves!



The swimming rota is now up and on our window.  Thanks to everyone who offered to help.  If anyone cancels or can’t make it for some reason…you might sill get a call!


Well done to Connie and Billy for being our star of the week and playground hero!  Anya also showed great resilience this week and won a ‘Bee award’   We are very proud.


See you all next week,


Class 4



Welcome back everybody! We hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday.  Class 4 have come back enthusiastic and ready to work!  We have enjoyed learning about similes this week and have been describing different things in this way.  We have also stared to produce our own music in Computing, we are very musical!  We have stared our topic on electricity and have thought about how to keep ourselves safe in the home.  In fact we liked this so much that we are doing our homework on this too!


Thanks for all the swimming letters that we have received back, please get them in as soon as you can please so that all the permission slips are up to date!  Thanks to the any volunteers we have had for swimming, once all the slips are back, Miss Allen will look over these and put together a rota, we only need 2 parents a week so not everyone will be needed.  Miss Allen will speak to you if you are on the rota.  Thanks again, without your support it would not be possible!

Special mention to Olivia, who has made us all proud this week by being a great friend out on the playground!  Also to Archie for being our pupil of the week!  Special mention to Thomas for being out star of the week also Connie for being a playground hero.

Please check out our new Spring term planner too that shows all the exciting things we will be learning this term!


Lots of love,


Class 4 x

Year 4 Newsletter- Autumn 2017

Here is a quick guide to all the wonderful things we will be learning this term! (just click on the link to download)


This week we have started rehearsing for our Carol Concert in St Clement’s church.  We have been thinking about resilience, how the donkey showed resilience and how we can too.  We all hope you can join us next Friday.  We have also started a D.T. project all about levers….the end results are on their way to you soon!
Have a lovely week,
Class 4.


It’s CHRISTMAS in Class 4 and we are so excited!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you have sent into class to make us all look very festive!  This week, we have been working on our information texts.  We did some research for our homework and we have been using this all week.  In the end, we had all written up some impressive information texts.  To end this topic, we decided to present them all in different ways.  Some groups presented as an advert, some as a TV show, some as a news report.  Check out the videos below to see how we did!



We also finished our topic on water now, I hope the children have been teaching you all the different ways to save water, they know a lot!

A special well done to our Billy this week!  He has made us all so proud with his hard work and dedication this week.  You deserved your ‘Bee’ award . Keep up the good work.


Love, Class 4.


P.S. Thank you for all the Mission Christmas presents so far.  If you could bring one extra gift, we would be so grateful.


This week we have been working on area and perimeter…some of us even tackled compound shapes!  We have decided to mix up our friendships next week.  Some of us have chosen some people to buddy up with next week, we hope to make lots of new friends!  Well done to Archie, who was our star of the week for helping Ayaan in Maths, what a kind boy!  Thomas was our playground hero because he was kind to Jake and played lots of nice things.  Seb won start of the week in assembly this week so constantly making us all proud.  Well done to Oscar for doing a sponsored walk.  He made his family and Class 4 so proud!  Class 4 really are the best!



Class 4 x


This week we have been focusing on other people’s feelings.  We have concentrated on ‘Anti bullying Week’ and have thought about how we can help other people.  The School Council became teachers for a lesson and they did a great job!  The class produced some anti-bullying logos thinking about our school values and then we wrote some inspirational messages to stick up around the room to help anyone who might be feeling a little rubbish!  Good work Class 4!  Have a great weekend, spend time with loved ones and be kind to everyone you meet!


And these were our wonderful teachers!!


This week we have started doing yoga in P.E. It sounded easy to begin with. …we thought it would be a lot lying around and stretching, however it was a lot more complicated and it really made us concentrate as well as relax our mind and body.   We have been learning about factors in our Maths this week, this is why it is part of our homework.  We have been thinking about  story called ‘The Dragon Slayer’.  We have written our own ending for the story and tried to include a twist, something the reader would not expect!
This week we learnt all about the Water Cycle and how the water that falls on us as rain may have visited thousands of times before!  We also thought about how solids can turn to liquids and how they turn to gases and vice versa, using heat and cold.  We picked some songs that we thought best described their journey.  Thinking about how solids have quite slow music, the liquids flow easy and the gases go really fast and bump around everywhere!  Check out our performances below.

Thanks for visiting!



We are back after a lovely week off.  All the children seemed to have fun!  We started off the week with some pet ice cubes!  The children were very excited to name them.  They were told they were running out of time and their ‘friend’ was going t eventually disappear and they had to save them.  The children tried very hard, wrapping their ‘friend’ up in lots of materials.  Of course, the ice cube melted and eventually evaporated!  However, a good time was had by all!  It was a great way to introduce our new topic: Water.  The children understand that heat and ice = a liquid and more heat =gas!  All our ice cube friends are still with us….just in the air in Class 4!


We have also been thinking about how all our actions have consequences.  The children read a story all about Peter.  They then made a choice for Peter.  Here are some pictures from our story ending below!  It turns out that telling the truth usually makes life easier for everyone!


Bea was an absolute star this week showing how kind and caring she can be by consoling someone who was upset!  Well done Bea!  We have all had a chat about staying safe on bonfire night so make sure you all have a lot of fun, just please keep safe!


This week we have been learning all about Venn diagrams, some of us even worked on a Venn diagram with 3 parts!  Archie was a star this week, he showed great resilience.  Well done!We have carried on learning about our recounts, we have even started to plan our own out, Miss Allen can’t wait to read them.  We all enjoyed being artistic with apples this week, check out the classroom wall for some of our pieces!  We got in the Christmas spirit this week but it’s a secret …news coming soon!!



This week we have been trying to be great debaters.  We have been learning the difference between a debate and an argument.  We realise that it is very important to think about what someone else might say to ensure we are ready for the debate and have both sides considered.  The children liked the idea of having no school rules, however when we really thought about it, we realised that the classroom would be too chaotic so rules are a good thing really!  Here are some pictures of our Class 4 debaters!!



Well done Zena for being a star this week, keep being positive!



This week we have been working very hard on our column addition and subtraction.  If fact we are very excited to be teachers this weekend for our homework!  We have been learning all about how the Internet gets into our home.  Check out one of our videos below.  Well done Kayla for being a star this week, you make us all happy!


Class 4 xo


This week we have been working very hard in our Maths lessons and working with our negative numbers.  We have also created some wonderful descriptions for our adventure story.  This week we transformed into Pop Stars, thinking about how the pitch, rhythm, beat and tempo can affect the performance of a song!  Good work Pop stars!!  As well as auditioning for the X Factor, we could also go for Britain’s Got Talent with some of our amazing gymnast moves in P.E this week! Wow!  Well done Emily for being a responsible member of our class this week!


Class 4 xo


p.s. just a reminder about pumps.  If possible, all children should have pumps for use inside the hall.  This is for the children’s safety whilst we are being dancers and gymnasts! Thank you so much.


This week the wonderful Year 4 have been looking at a video called ‘Eye of the Storm’.  We decided to re-enact some of the scenes via Freeze frame.  The children had to think about their body and facial expressions.  (Check out the video below).  Then the rest of the class had to guess what scene they were thinking of.



We also got to listen to some of our favourite music and talk about how those sounds travel to our brain!  Thanks to all of Class 4 for trying to be respectful this week, in particular: Ben, Max and Connie.  They were so respectful they even managed to win an award!  Well done.


All our love, Class 4 x

p.s. Please can all children have some pumps and trainers.  This is for use inside and outside the hall.  Thank you!