Welcome to Class 3, Year 4.

Here you will find and follow the learning adventures of Mr. Fisher and his Year 4 students.

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The Final Week!

As we embark on our final week, I thought I’d sign off with a little message before the summer break.

Our class tag line as quoted on the top of our J3 web page is: The adventure of life is to learn. As the year comes to a close, I hope that each pupil (and teacher), not only in J3 but across the school, can say that they have been on a learning adventure this year. By definition, an adventure is an exciting undertaking, one with many peaks and troughs, one where the destination is sometimes unknown but one which is always infinitely worth experiencing. An adventure changes us, we gain valuable knowledge – sometimes through success but usually more so through the failure of reaching for that success; the resilience, resulting in achievement, that exudes from us because of the struggle.

I believe in J3, the children have been on a great adventure, a journey that has hopefully prepared them as they embark on another expedition into year 5. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, J3,  for trying so hard and emanating the school values each day – I’m incredibly proud of you and I hope you have enjoyed (on the whole!) your time in my classroom. I know Miss. Shipley (probably through the medium of song!) will guide you well and make sure you reach year 6 as ready as you can be for your final learning trip of Primary school.

Of course, our adventure together is not exclusively academic – we have grown as individuals and hopefully as a collective. I have witnessed so many of you grow in maturity, responsibility, kindness and selflessness which has pleased me just as much, if not more, than your growth academically – and this is an adventure you continue on constantly as you travel through life. In the words of Mr. Tushman: always try and act just a little kinder than is necessary and you will be excellent human beings and great leaders for others to follow.

I will leave you, just as Mr. Browne did, by ending with a precept that I would like you to take with you on your next adventure:

Do all the good you can,

By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as you ever can.


Thank you J3 – you legends!


Week Beginning 2.7.18

We’ve had slight technical difficulties this week and can’t get the photographs off the Ipad (technology eh?!), so have a read and use your imagination! 🙂

Another busy week in J3 – we started the week watching the dress rehearsal of Year 6’s production which was amazing…and they had only 3 weeks to rehearse!

We also had open afternoon – thank you to everyone who came and visited our art exhibition; I think you’ll agree, there were a number of masterpieces on show.

We also found out who our next teacher will be which was very exciting! The children are really looking forward to beginning Year 5 with Miss. Shipley in September.

And on to the final two weeks…


Week Beginning 25.6.18


What a sweltering week! The weather has been so hot I’ve started to speak Spanish! Muy caliente!!

This week we had sports day, and although I wasn’t around to see the excellent round-robin activities that went on, I heard it was a super success, despite the melting teachers, children and parents! So a massive well done to all…to the next Olympics we go!



Week Beginning 18.6.18



Our guided tour around Manchester on an open top bus this week was fab; it was a great start to our ‘Why is Manchester such a cool place to live?’ topic – thank you to all the children for behaving beautifully and for all the parent helpers – without you, we couldn’t have made the trip possible!


Week Beginning 11.6.18

We’ve had a super week back after the holidays and have been learning all about British values (although I think we all agreed in J3 that these are values we should all be afforded and live by, no matter what country you live in!).

We looked at the national anthems of various countries, including our own, and looked at how Americans pledge allegiance. We then created our own version for Great Britain. Here is an example of one of them…


(Click on the link to view!)


Week Beginning 21.5.18

Assessments, grandparents, talent shows…you name it, we had it this week!

Firstly, a massive thank you for all the grandparents that turned up to play some games and listen to us sing – I know your grandchildren really appreciated it. Thank you also to all the children who behaved beautifully.

Now, i’d like to wish all the children and adults an amazing 2 week holiday – stay safe, have fun and I’ll see you back here for our final 6 weeks! 🙁





Week Beginning 14.5.18

This week saw the close of our review mini topic in literacy – the children worked hard to create their own review of ‘Replay’, an amazing short animation. They did it in the style of a Youtube VLOG. Here is an example:


(Please click on the link below to download and watch – sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to embed it onto the page!)


Week Beginning 7.5.18

We have been learning about a strong female this week – Boudicca!

As part of learning about Boudicca, we discussed why Nero and the Roman army were successful in the end, defeating Boudicca and her army. We got to experience first hand what it would have been like to wear Roman armour! I would not want to argue with this legionnaire:



Week Beginning 30.4.18

Over the Summer term, we have been reading this amazing book:


Ask your child what it is about and have a discussion about the many themes that we have looked at so far e.g. friendships / being different / confidence etc. It is a wonderful story with many talking points…and maybe…with parents’ permission, we could watch the film at the end of the year??


Week Beginning 23.4.18

This week we were thinking about the world we live in! We had our Geography quiz (the homework was to look at the European countries / capitals and flags) and I’m glad to say, lots of us could identify the main countries and capitals – well done.

We also had a special visitor this week…a real life poet – Matt Goodfellow. The children were so inspired and enthused by Matt that they took some time afterwards to create their own rhyming poems which were great…if not a little odd! 🙂




Week Beginning 16.4.18

Another busy week for J3…but a relatively normal week which was nice!

In Literacy, we have begun to look at play scripts – we are going to be creating our own play script based around the Gruffalo! So, of course we had to watch it first! Now, on to writing our own version!

In Maths, we became detectives! There had been a murder and we had to use all of our maths and deduction skills to figure out who it was…thankfully, we apprehended our suspect and the world is a safer place now 🙂

In Topic, we are looking at the Romans and how they built forts – we even designed our own fort to protect UPS from a potential invasion!

And swimming began again – yey!


Week Beginning 10.4.18

A big welcome back to all children and parents…that week flew by didn’t it!

First, before I forget, here’s what we will be doing over the next (and final) term:


This week, we have been looking at a variety of animations in Literacy to help inspire our work. Probably the most fun session we had was creating our own ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ game after watching ‘Broken’.



I’m not sure who won here…but we had fun!


Week Beginning 12.3.18

We have had a very ‘Diverse’ week this week, looking at a range of very important issues! Over the last 5 days, we have looked at stereo types, in particular, gender stereo types and how these affect us. We have also considered a number of disabilities and how they may have an impact on peoples’ lives. Families are massively important to us all, so we looked at how different families can be but how they are all centred around love. By looking at religions, racism and key values, we understood how we could live our lives in a positive way, helping each other. Finally, we celebrated our uniqueness and our own positive attributes, focusing on our own well being and happiness.


    Class 3 being very unique!


Week Beginning 5.3.18

This week, I had some very special visitors to my classroom on World Maths day – myself and class I6 (reception), played a game of chance by spinning an interactive coin, read a book about 10 dots, rolled a dice to make a number and then created a picture made from that many dots! They were fab, so thank you for being so beautifully behaved and because of that, you get a special mention on Class 3’s web wall this week! (we don’t do this for just anyone you know 😉 )



Week Beginning 26.2.18

What a week! Snow, World Book Day, cancelled swimming lessons, more snow, icicles on our noses, holding chicks, rehearsing the class assembly…

Thank you to the children and parents for adapting to the awful weather conditions and being as flexible as we needed to be when swimming was cancelled, I’m sure you’ll all agree, it was a decision made in the best interests of your children. We had a great World Book day instead, with some fantastic costumes:

Don’t worry though, we also looked at equivalent fractions, making some great fraction ‘fortune tellers’ and created some super Tanka and Cinquain poems! Until next week…




Week Beginning 19.2.18

Another busy week!

Year 4 have been learning to count syllables and write Haiku poems in literacy, revise written methods for addition and subtraction, as well as using RUCSAC  to help us answer 2-step problems in Maths, Learn the circuit symbols for a number of components in Topic and build our own working circuits, exercise in short, sharp bursts in P.E. as we run circuits, design a mathematics game to build in Scratch and create Venetian masks in Italian!

Next week is World Book Day too, so don’t forget your extreme reading entries and bed time story videos!


Week beginning 5.2.18

What a great week it has been at UPS as we have embraced and celebrated our uniqueness, focusing on our well being and mental health.

Class 3 have had a number of ‘Me minutes’ where we have spent a silent 60 seconds thinking about things that put a smile on our faces and make us happy. We have used mindfulness exercise videos on Go Noodle and also participated in calming Yoga techniques in PE.

In the afternoon sessions, we concentrated on what ‘makes us ‘us’. Below, you will see examples of our half portrait, half word portraits (using words that describe why we are brilliant and who we are) and our fingerprints (made up of reasons why we are so unique!).

Don’t forget, we want our mental health to be a priority, not just for this week, but for every week!







Week beginning 29.1.18

Computer issues prevented our weekly update last week (boo!), thankfully though, this week we are up and running! (Yey!)

This week saw the start of Year 4’s swimming sessions! I have to admit, the first lesson is always a little bit nerve-wracking for all of us – however, Class 3 did me (and Urmston Primary school) proud, behaving beautifully, listening carefully to instructions and trying their best in  the pool – I couldn’t have asked for more!

Some children had very little swimming experience as well; they showed their resilience (a key school value), kept a smile on their faces and got on with learning to swim – amazing!

To next week, where we will be thinking about how we can stay safe online (E-Safety week – create, connect and share respect) and how we can celebrate our uniqueness as part of Children’s Mental Health Week…


Week beginning 15.1.18

Another busy week in class 3!

The children have really enjoyed the start of our music creation topic in computing and have put together some ‘bangin tunes’ in Incredibox and have started to sequence beats in Isle of Tune. Feel free and continue to hone your skills at home, as both are available free on the internet!

In Literacy, we have worked hard on creating descriptive imagery about water. The similes / personification / vocabulary used was fantastic.

In Topic, we looked at the environment and how the production of electricity impacts on this…we will continue to focus on this next week.



Georgia’s rain forest poem!



Week beginning 8.1.18

Happy New Year!

As we begin Spring term, we are looking forward to the many challenges and successes ahead.

We have begun to talk about swimming this week and consent forms have been sent out – please return these as quickly as possible so that I can start to devise a parent helper timetable (thank you in advance!).

In Maths, we have worked on algebra for the first time in year 4 and also consolidated and built upon our place value knowledge. In Literacy, we have looked at a range of poems and started to create our own similes (which we found rather tough!) and have been ‘shocked’ (get it??) in Topic as we learnt about the many electrical dangers we may find inside our homes.



Week beginning 11.12.17

One week until Christmas!

This week we have been doing lots of rehearsing for our trip to St. Clements church where Year 4 talked about resilience; not only the resilience of the donkey that carried Mary, but also the resilience we show in our lives every day. You did an incredible job Year 4…and we even managed to get a rapping part in ‘Little Donkey’ which is no small feat!

We also made moving Christmas cards as part of our D.T. topic, using levers and pivots to make Santa’s arm wave!

Well done!





Week Beginning 27.11.17


The week in which Christmas time becomes official! Despite the festive season creeping up on us, Class 3 remained super busy!

In Maths we have been fraction busting; finding equivalents, simplifying and finding fractions of whole numbers!

We also concluded our topic on water, gathering all of our knowledge in an end of unit book / poster.

In Literacy, we completed our final information texts – I have included some pictures of a particularly impressive one!




Week Beginning 20.11.17

We have been working hard this week on a variety of topics!

In Maths, we have looked at how we work out the area and perimeter of shapes and why this is such an important skill for life.

In Literacy, we have been writing a short information text about children in World War One, preparing for our own information text on a topic of our choice next week (sorry for the early homework, but it will pay off when you have lots to write about from Monday!)

In Topic, we have looked at various countries around the world (with an impromptu Geography test!) and how much water they have, comparing it to our own lives. We created some posters too, about how we could save water in our daily lives – can you put these ideas into practice??


Week Beginning 13.11.17

This week we have been thinking about our own actions and about how we can help others. On World Kindness Day, we celebrated acts of kindness by filling our school post it board with amazing gestures that we had noticed or been a part of ourselves. For Anti-Bullying week, our amazing school councillors took their very own lesson and asked the class to produce a school logo to display our anti-bullying stance here at Urmston Primary School.

Finally, Maisie had her own bake sale in class 3 to raise money for Children In Need – what an amazing thing to do! Thank you!!




Week Beginning 6.11.17

We have been working really hard using RUCSAC (Read, Understand, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check) to help us work out word problems in maths, multiplying single and double digit numbers and finding lots of factor pairs too (this is also part of your homework this week!). Talking about homework… your literacy homework is all about alternative endings, as this week you have written an alternative ending about ‘The Dragon Slayer’. Some of you did an amazing job writing your story with a Dilemma last week and we all enjoyed reading them as we did a spot of peer assessing.

Class 3 (just like the rest of the school) put on their best smiles and straightened their ties for our individual photos this week – we can’t wait to see the results! I promise that I will try really hard not to draw moustaches and glasses on them all before they go home!



Class 3 working on their multiplications!


Week Beginning 30.10.17

Welcome back Class 3…the countdown to Christmas has begun! Too early??

I hope you all (parents included!) had a fab half term – we have lots to cover over the next 8 weeks and we started off with a busy week.

In Maths, we have learnt how to order decimals (we line up the decimal points first!) by using our place value knowledge and have discussed a range of dilemmas (and consequences) in Literacy…as well as how to use commas to separate items in a list, subordinate clauses from main clauses and making sure we use them after fronted adverbial phrases.

We said ‘Hello’ and (in most cases) ‘Goodbye’ to our ice cube buddies as we started our ‘Water’ topic looking at solids, liquids and gases and successfully dodged any major Hockey related injuries in PE.

Onward we go!


Our conscience alley in Literacy!



Week beginning 16.10.17

What a week! I’m going to focus on our artiness (Is this even a word??) this week. Class 3 have been honing their shading skills by looking at the houses of parliament as part of our ‘Laws’ topic. We have also learnt all about how people vote in the UK, democracy since the Magna Carta and the role of the Monarch.

When celebrating Diwali, reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 collaborated on group Rangoli patterns which were amazingly bright and colourful – thank you for behaving beautifully and working so hard!


Year 4 working hard drawing the Houses of Parliament.




Rangoli pattern designs!



Week beginning 9.10.17

Class 3 have had another very busy week!

In Literacy we have continued writing our recounts and worked together to produce some punchy headlines, introductions that include ‘the 5 Ws’ and a retelling of the key events of Julianne’s story. We also looked at main and subordinate clauses, embedded clauses and the correct punctuation that links these. Class 3 and Mr. Fisher would also like to thank all the adults who attended the reading workshop on Wednesday afternoon and helped us to use Olly Murs to inspire our inference and deduction skills!

In Maths we have been throwing some shapes…not literally! We have looked at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, had a go at making our own using nets and straws and sorted them using Venn diagrams.

Christmas spirit has also crept into the classroom early this year (I know, it’s only October!) as we designed our own cards that will be printed, ready to buy and hand out before Christmas. Our sketching and shading skills were also put to the test as we used pencils to create a 3D apple!

It was lovely to meet so many parents / carers this week at parent’s evening too – the last few weeks have been full of changes for us all, but I think you’ll agree, the children have shown great resilience in coping with them!

On to the next week!

Shape making!


Preparing for the Flu with vaccinations!


Week beginning 2.10.17


Class 3 have had a very busy week indeed! From ordering historical events, using evidence to support our ideas in class debates about what the world would be like without rules and whether Bradley Chalkers is really a horrible child (ask your child who this is!). To looking at recounts and comparing our lives to Julianne’s story (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLsotCNZCVs), eating Owen’s cakes (thank you!), learning how to pass and move in skittleball, knocking next door when subtracting (I’m sure your child taught you all about this for their homework!), playing Roman numerals bingo and talking pasta and pizza in our Italian class…Phew! I think we’re all ready for the weekend now!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new class 3 school council representatives:

Hugh and Maisie!

I have no doubt that they will do a brilliant job!