Class 7

Hello and welcome to Class 7!

Here you will find information, photographs and useful links that I will upload each week. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of your children enjoying their fun and busy weeks in school. If you ever have any questions please feel free to come and see me.

Miss Hutchings


Friday 20th July

How have we arrived at this day so soon?! I cannot believe I am going to say goodbye already! Although it’s a sad day I know that they are all ready for Year 1 and will continue to flourish! Thank you for all your support over the year and most importantly thank you to the children for their hard work, commitment and fun loving attitude!

“We got certificates” – Abigail

“We are happy because we can keep them” – Niv

“We are very lucky” – Haytham

“We got the certificates because we are at the end of Reception” – Alex


Here are some Pirate Day photos:


Friday 13th July

weekly learning update 13.7.18

This week we have enjoyed Premier Sports who delivered a PE lesson to us on Wednesday. We played lots of team games in the playground. We have made pirate treasure maps using teabags to stain the paper and look old. We used the play garden to organise our adventure. We imagined that the climbing frame was a pirate fort, the bridge was a mountain, the hut was home to some sort of creature who would make our adventure difficult etc. We then went out and acted out our plans!

Don’t forget it’s Pirate Day on Monday, any clothes can be pirate clothes if we use our imagination!!!!


Friday 6th July

Our week has been jam packed full of activities this week. On Thursday we set our butterflies free in the play garden. 2 out of the 5 were very keen to explore, the other 3 needed a little encouragement! We also conducted a science experiment and investigated which objects floated and which sank. We also discussed why some things float and why some sink. We came to the conclusion that the objects which contained air floated. We looked closely at some pieces of sponge to see the air holes. Thank you to all those that came to our Open Day on Thursday, it was a huge success and I’m sure you’ll agree the art work was spectacular!

weekly learning update 6.7.18


Tuesday 3rd July

Our caterpillars have hatched!!! The children were very excited to tell me when I came into school at lunch time. We looked at butterflies on the internet and we will set them free tomorrow!


Monday 2nd July

A few months ago we watched our school chicks hatch. Well, when they were old enough to go back to the farm Mrs Byrne took 2 of them home to join her own chickens. Today Mrs Byrne brought them back into school to show the children how much they had grown! What a difference! They have even started to lay eggs now, although they are much smaller than fully grown adult eggs. Thank you Mrs Byrne.


Friday 29th June



Today we were also very excited about our class post! A few months ago we sent off one of the clay crowns the children and made and decorated to Kensington Palace in celebration of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Today we received a reply! The children were very happy and excited! I have included a photocopy of this in everyone’s bookbag!



Friday 22nd June

Weekly Learning Update 22.06.18 (4)

We’ve had a very busy week this week. we have practiced sports day, made puppet shows, learnt about recycling and planted parsley seeds. We’ve even found a new love for reading this week, particularly non-fiction books.

Sports day is Wednesday at 9:30. Please send your child into school in their PE kits. I have sent them home today.




Friday 15th June

Our first week back into our last half term! I can’t believe it! This week we have celebrated Eid, Talked about Diversity week and enjoyed a PE lesson on the climbing frame.

weekly learning update 15.6.18



Friday 25th May

weekly learning update 25.5.18 (2)



Friday 18th May

weekly learning update 18th may 2018

We had a wonderful week celebrating the Royal Wedding – take a look at the photos below. We also made clay crowns and painted and decorated them. We then chose 1 crown at random to send to Buckingham Palace for Prince Harry and Meghan with an accompanying letter. Serena’s was chosen at random!!!





Friday 11th May

weekly learning update 11.5.18 (1)


This week we have enjoyed planting beans and pulling apart bedding plants to look for roots, stems and leaves. We have also used a computer program to draw a picture and write a sentence about it using the keyboard. On top of all of this we have also been using balance scales to weigh objects. What a busy week!




Friday 4th May

This week we have introduced a new role play – party time!! It has gone very well. The children have party hats to wear, party bags to make up, cake to cut and wrap, invitations to write and much more! We have also worked hard on writing the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Constructing full sentences verbally is a great thing to do before the actual writing.



Friday 27th April

weekly learning update 27.4.18


Thursday 26th April


What an exciting day at the farm! We began our day with a tractor ride to the top of the hill to feed the donkeys bread. We then went to hand feed the goats, llamas and sheep. Well done boys and girls for being so brave and/or enthusiastic! On our way to our next activity we were in the right place at the right time for a cow giving birth! What an experience – the children saw the calf being born and we found out it was a girl!!! After that we went for a donkey ride before lunch!

We had lunch in the barn and were then full of energy for our afternoon! We visited the milking shed first and watched the farmers as they milked the cows. It was then time for our final activity of the day – the petting shed! We stroked and held all sorts of animals; alpacas, rabbits, chicks, owls and owlets, baby guinea pigs and fed the lambs with milk bottles. As I’m sure you can imagine there were lots of very sleepy children on the coach ride home – it was rather quiet compared to the journey there!


Friday 20th April

Weekly Learning Update 20.04.18 (1)

Today we have explored magnets, what they do, which materials are magnetic or non-magnetic and enjoyed our investigation. Do you have magnets at home that the children could experiment with?





Friday 13th April

weekly learning update 13.4.18

What a busy 4 day week! We have begun our farm topic this week and the children have been introduced to all the new exciting activities in the classroom and outside. In the classroom we have a farm shop in the role, we are cleaning pigs in the water, have a small world farm yard with wheat and oats, and just for fun we have chocolate playdough!!! Outside we are riding the bikes around obstacles and cones, have a car garage, a florist and are collecting data for our graphs about our favourite farm animals.




Thursday 29th March

weekly learning update 29.3. 18


Wednesday 28th March

We have enjoyed a variety of Easter activities this week. We have made egg hunt maps, practised our scissor skills, made chocolate nest cakes and enjoyed an Easter assembly with Reverend Smith.



Tuesday 20th March

We have continued our work on sharing and finding half this week. The children have been solving it practically and we have even introduced odd numbers – what do we do???


Friday 16th March

Weekly Learning Update 16.3.18 class 7



Friday 9th March


This week we have really enjoyed World Maths Day, doing our Chinese Dragon Dance in PE and making some very special cards!!!



Friday 2nd March

What a busy week! We’ve had our Chinese Banquet and World Book Day!



Friday 23rd February

Welcome back! I can’t believe we’ve been back a week already – we have done so much! We have started our topic on Chinese New Year – thank you for any resources or information you have sent in. The children enjoyed their sponsored bounce on Thursday and all took part. Most excitingly we saw one of our chicks hatch!!! We saw the egg rolling and moving at about half 1 on Wednesday, then we saw the beak pecking out of the shell. After playtime at 3pm we saw the chick emerge out of the shell. What a fantastic experience! On Friday we even got to hold them and stroke them. The photos are below – I struggled to upload 2 of the photos, so if you don’t see your child’s photo please open the word document below and I have put them into this!!!!!

chick photos children x2

Weekly Learning Update 23.2.18




Friday 2nd February

Weekly Learning Update 2.02.17 class 7

We’ve had a busy week this week – measuring, pajama day, and the school nurse visited us to talk about hand washing.






Friday 19th January

Weekly Learning Update 19.1.18

This week we have had dreadful weather and were stuck inside for most of the week. So yesterday, the children were suited up in puddle suits and we went out regardless of the rain (and hail stones!!!!). We had a wonderful time looking at slugs, sweeping the leaves and investigating the moss that had fallen.


Friday 12th January

Weekly Learning Update 12.01.18

We’ve had a really good first week back. Since Tuesday (see below), we have had our PE lesson where we are beginning to get out the equipment. The children are encouraged to do this themselves and are taught how to do this safely. We have also found Bobby on our bear hunt and had colouring for our Golden Time. I look forward to another exciting week next week!



Tuesday 9th January

Happy New Year! Welcome back to everyone. Our topic for the start of this half term is winter. We are Polar Explorers in our role play and investigators in our small world. We have ice and penguins in our water and glittery blue play dough. Below are some photographs of the children in our different areas.



Thursday 21st December

Party Day!!!!! We had a wonderful day with games, dancing, party food and a visit from Father Christmas, whoop!




Monday 18th December

We made paper chains today for The Greenfield Church Christmas party . We talked about giving gifts as well as receiving.



Thursday 14th December

I have been so amazed this week! All of the children’s hard work and dedication to the Nativity paid off with 2 fantastic performances of ‘A Wriggly Nativity’. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and as much as the children enjoyed performing for you! Below are some lovely pictures of the children before they went on stage!


Friday 8th December

Weekly+Learning+Update 8.12.17

This week we have been adding and subtracting by using baubles on a Christmas tree. We have also done a little bit of symmetry work by choosing the correct picture to make a symmetrical image.




Friday December 1st

Weekly Learning Update 01.12.17


Today we decorated our Christmas tree!



This week the children took the class bear to different places around the school. They took photographs of him and then we shared them with the class so the other boys and girls could describe where he was using language such as; behind, underneath, next to, in between etc.

I’ve uploaded the photographs, I wonder if your child can explain the position of the bear to you?


Friday 24th November


Please find below this weeks Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Learning Update 24.11.17



Tuesday 21st November

This week we started our new topic – Meg and Mog. The children have been enjoying the potion room in our role play where they have dressed up as witches, written spells and made spells. This week we have been using positional language to describe where Mog (the cat) is. We have also been writing sentences, or filling in missing words, to describe where Mog is. The children have been enjoying the game Tell a T-Rex on the whiteboard. Click on the link to play at home.





Friday 17th November

Weekly Learning Update 17.11.17

Thank you for all your donations to Children in Need today! Keep an eye out for posters around the school to say how much money we have raised. The boys and girls decorated biscuits today to look like Pudsey Bear. I hope they taste as good as they look.




Friday 10th November

Weekly Learning Update 10.11.17

This week we have been reading Supertato and the children arrived in school Tuesday to find peas on the floor and vegetables around the room! This week we have been writing speech bubbles for the trapped vegetables.





Friday 3rd November

Weekly Learning Update 3.11.17



Well done to the children for a brilliant, and busy, first week back in school! We have lots of new activities in the classroom and have been thinking about bonfire night and the sounds and sights of fireworks. Below are some photos of the children busy with our new activities and making our fruit rocket kebabs.


Friday 20th October


Weekly Learning Update 3.11.17

Today has been Diwali Day! What a wonderful celebration! The class moved around the school with Mrs Byrne to visit different teachers for different activities. They started the morning with Mrs Perry doing Mendhi hand patterns, then with Mrs Byrom they decorated Rangoli patterns. In the afternoon they came to me in the hall for some Bollywood dancing!





Thursday 19th October


Today the boys and girls did us all proud in their Harvest assembly for the rest of the school. They sang their hearts out and even did some acting. Thank you!




Friday 13th October

Weekly learning update 13.10.17




Thursday 12th October


As part of our Autumn topic, in PE today we practiced leaf dances! We talked about we could move gently and gracefully to imitate a leaf falling from the tree. We then put it to a song. Please click the link below, then click on the link that appears underneath to see the video!! Please excuse my singing! I tried to be as quiet as possible but the microphone on the ipad is obviously too good!






Friday 6th October

Please find this week’s newsletter below.


Weekly learning update 6.10.17


Wednesday 4th October

What a busy week we have had already. We have started to look at Autumn and all the changing, falling leaves and have started a collection in school. We have used these leaves to do leaf rubbings and make leaf bracelets and necklaces. We have also been playing rhyming bingo, this was great fun!

Tomorrow we will start our hedgehog art work made of leaves and we will also be leaf printing! If you see any leaves, conkers, acorns etc on your walk to school please feel free to collect them and add to our Autumn table for exploration.






Friday 29th September

please use the link below to see this week’s newsletter.

Weekly learning update 29.09.17



Thursday 28th September

Today was National Poetry Day. We enjoyed listening to poems and even learned one of own with class 6. Please enjoy the video below by clicking on the link and then waiting for it to download.


poetry day


Weekly learning update 22.09.17


Thursday 21st September

Today the children looked in a ‘special box’ – they saw a mirror and a reflection of themselves. The children were then asked ‘What makes you special?’ Some of the responses were lovely, heart-warming and some rather funny!

I am special because……….

“My Mummy says I’m beautiful.”

“When I was 2 I got first ever curl”

“I’ve got a little brother called Archie”

“I’m getting a new house”



Tuesday 12th September

Today we enjoyed our first visit to the playgarden. The children used the climbing frame, climbing equipment, outdoor books, cars and the magnetic blocks to build.


Weekly learning update 08.09.17 c7



All the children have settled in really well. Please see the photographs of them below enjoying the activities on offer. I have split it into morning and afternoon sessions to make it a little easier. Thank you.

































































ARCHIVE 2016-17

I am now no longer uploading photographs to the infant website, please use this page to see updates!


Tuesday 18th July

Mrs Byrne kindly brought in her pet tortoise – Toby! We had a lovely afternoon asking questions, watching him walk (he’s faster than we think) and stroking his head.


Thursday13th July

Spotty Day! We really enjoyed spotty day in school today. We made Dalmatian masks and spotty biscuits.


Friday 7th July

Today we enjoyed small world for Golden Time!





Wednesday 5th July

Thank you to all who attended a wonderful Open Day. The children loved showing you their classroom and taking you down to the hall to show off their mugs they worked so hard on.






Monday 26th June

I’m sorry for the delay in photos from the trip to the farm – I left the ipad at school over the weekend! We had a wonderful day which consisted of; feeding goats and llamas, donkey rides, tractor rides and feeding the donkeys, seeing the cows in the milking shed and petting the animals. Wow!!!!

Here they are……….




Friday 16th June

What a first week back! It has been so busy and jam packed with fun activities. I have uploaded photographs of our outdoor learning this week!Don’t forget our trip to the farm next Thursday 22nd June! A reminder letter with all the details you need will be sent home next week.