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12th January 2018

Weekly Learning Update 12.01.18

Happy New Year to you all!

It was so lovely to see the boys and girls in school again this week, who were absolutely bursting to share all of their Christmas news with us. Each child got the chance to talk about their Christmas activities whilst the rest of the children quickly got stick back into our continuous provision.

Our classroom has been transformed into a mini winter wonderland over the break, with a focus on the North and South Poles. This week we had a recorded message e-mailed to us from a North Pole explorer, explaining that a polar bear had gone missing. After finding out some facts about polar bears, we then made some missing posters to warn people. The children were amazed to discover that polar bears actually have clear fur that just looks white because of the reflection of the snow, and that under their thick coat, their skin is actually black! We later received a photograph of a polar bear in the South Pole with some penguins. The children immediately realised it was the missing bear as polar bears do not live in the South Pole!  There was only one thing for it- a polar bear hunt! So that’s exactly what we did! The children added their own descriptive vocabulary to the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ to give it more of a polar theme which they then acted out in the play garden today.

As well as this, we have been subtracting with numbers up to 5,10 and 20 and have been making our very own paper snowflakes. Our new ‘Super Spellers’ area has also proved very popular.

Here are a few snaps of the children getting busy with our new continuous provision.


19th December 2017

Christmas Dinner Day!!

We always love Christmas Dinner Day and today was no exception. The teachers all donned their festive head wear and joined the children in the hall to eat lunch together.



15th December 2017


Weekly Learning Update 15.12.17


The children were absolutely amazing in their Nativity play this week! We hope you managed to come and watch, and are sure that if you did you must have been very proud of your little ones. Here they are, all dressed up…



I also managed to get a few shots during the performance too, although most were quite blurry so I’ve had to leave these out.

8th December 2017

We’ve begun to carry out lots of Christmas activities this week! The children have made Christmas cards for their grown ups at home which look fab! They have also started to make their own Christmas decoration which involved some sewing with Mrs Haslam. In continuous provision the boys and girls have been able to cut and stick to make their own cards, they have been decorating mini trees, wrapping presents and writing out gift tags and have also been building a model village for Santa and his elves. Our small world has changed into the Nativity scene too. Here are a few snaps taken during the week…

1st December 2017

Weekly Learning Update 01.12.17

The children could not contain their excitement today as we finally got to open the first pocket of our advent calendar and put up all of our Christmas decorations, not to mention the Christmas fair!! I was so pleased to be able to share such an exciting day with the boys and girls.

Everybody put at least one decoration on our tree. What a masterpiece it turned out to be!




In the second week of our Meg and Mog topic, Meg asked for some help with her spells as they kept going wrong. The children learned all about the language of capacity as they carefully measured out different ingredients for the potion- a full cup, half cup, almost full, almost empty, more than half full and less than half full. Perhaps your child could practise making their own potions at bath time.

Our potion lab has proved very popular over the past few weeks!

24th November 2017

Weekly Learning Update 24.11.17


Meg and Mog have been to visit this week and brought lots of spooky surprises with them! Our room has been filled with potions, spells, cobwebs, spiders and much more!

We began the week by consolidating some of our addition skills in our continuous provision. The children enjoyed playing a game called roll and cover where they take turns in pairs to roll 2 dice, add the score together and colour in the superhero with that number on their game sheet. The winner is the person with the most superheroes coloured in. The children used Numicon again to help them with their addition. They also added together the number of ingredients they put into the cauldron using some of Meg’s spell books.



In Outdoor learning, one of Meg’s spiders had made a giant web on the floor. We had to be so careful climbing through it, making sure we didn’t get stuck on any of the white threads. Once through the web, we had to read a list of ingredients Meg had left us and find them hidden in the play garden. The children were then encouraged to use positional language to describe where the objects had been found, e.g. between the logs, under the table, on top of the windowsill, beside the tree, behind the pot.


17th November 2017

Weekly Learning Update 17.11.17

We have had a lot of fun making our Super Veggies this week- each one unique!



We have also been comparing and measuring the length of vegetables using multi-link cubes.



Thank you for all of your kind donations today for Children in Need. The children spent the morning decorating Pudsey themed biscuits and then headed over to the Junior building this afternoon to buy a teddy with their pound coins. I popped into school in the afternoon and the children couldn’t wait to show me what they had bought!

10th November 2017

Weekly Learning Update 10.11.17 (Please click on the link)

The children got a huge surprise when they came into school on Tuesday morning this week to find peas everywhere-on the cloakroom floor and all over the tables in the classroom! What’s more, there were vegetables trapped all over the classroom! What a mystery! The children soon discovered it was the work of the Evil Pea from the story ‘Supertato’. This really brought the children’s imaginations alive and were keen to squish the evil peas and rescue the veg that had been kidnapped. Some of the children decided they would hide the veg from the Evil Pea. Unfortunately we still haven’t found the leek which someone has hidden very well- I’m sure we’ll start to smell it soon!


This exciting introduction to the story ‘Supertato’ was in readiness for writing speech bubbles this week. The children had lots of great ideas for what the vegetables could say whether it be one that was trapped or one that was doing the rescuing. Some children are at the point where they can hear and record the initial sound in each word and some are at the point of hearing and recording  medial and final sounds. I was very impressed by how many children remembered how they could use an exclamation mark too (which we refer to as a ‘shouting stick’)













In Outdoor Learning, the children have been building their own superhero muscles by mashing up the peas and also went on a hunt to find the hidden evil peas in the Play Garden. Every time the children found a pea, they had to read the speech bubble and perform carry out his instructions for 20 seconds each time. Some children enjoyed it so much they did the hunt 3 times over!!

3rd November 2017

Weekly Learning Update 3.11.17 (Please click on the link)

We have had a fun week with a focus on Bonfire Night and the introduction of our new Space role play and small world areas.

The children have also been learning all about 2d and 3d shapes, and have been using these to make pictures and build models.









Look at this bonfire some of the children made- what a great idea!


We have been learning about the properties of shapes such as whether they can roll or stack, how many faces/corners they have and whether their faces are curved or flat. Here we are playing the mystery bag game where we pass the bag around, singing a song, and then the person who the bag lands on has to feel and describe the shape for the rest of us to guess. The children then show which shape they think it is on their shape fans.


The children have also been talking about 2d and 3d shapes whilst designing and making rocket models. .


We have come to the end of Phase 2 in Phonics this week. Now lots of us can read little words and short captions.

We have been writing some firework words too.


Here we are performing a firework dance too.

Fun on Diwali day!


20th October 2017

Weekly Learning Update 20.10.17 (Please click on the link)

We made our own gingerbread men this week and after lots of practising, we finally got to perform our Harvest assembly for the rest of the infant boys and girls.


(Annoyingly, the battery ran out on my ipad just as the Bright Sparks made their gingerbread!)



Here is a little clip of the children practising one of their songs for Harvest (there was not enough memory on my ipad for the full song-sorry!)

IMG_3113[1]  (click to open)



We had lots of fun decorating our hats for the Harvest assembly.

The children were brilliant at resisting the temptation to have a nibble!


We have been busy in the Harvest shop too, comparing the weight of the different vegetables.

As well as all of this, we have also been busy learning how to add 2 numbers together.

13th October 2017

Weekly learning update 13.10.17 (Please click on the link)

This week we began our Harvest topic which is centered around the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have been making gingerbread men in the play dough and in the making area, we have been counting out buttons for the gingerbread men and then finding the total number of buttons if we had one more or one less button. The ‘Harvest Shop’ has also been a huge success!














6th October 2017

Weekly learning update 6.10.17 (Please click on the link)

Autumn has arrived in Class 6 and we’ve been going bonkers for conkers!


Thank you so much to all of you who have been collecting Autumn leaves for us. We have loved making leaf necklaces this week. Using the hole punches and threading the string through the holes is great fine motor control practice!


We performed leaf dances too…


The extra adults you can see in the pictures are Miss Bird and Mr Smith, two PGCE students who spent the week with us this week.

We read a lovely story this week called ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’. This was all about a hedgehog called Isaac who had no friends and liked to be alone. When an apple gets stuck to his back, a donkey comes to his rescue and he soon realises it’s better to have a friend.

We then stuck apples (on stickers) to the backs of all of the boys and girls. Some children managed to get them off by themselves but we all agreed it was much easier when we had a friend to help. We talked about the way it makes us feel when we help others and how we feel when someone helps us and all agreed that we should try to help others more often!



Finally for this week, I thought you might like to see our birthday balloon display. The children have done a fabulous job of decorating each balloon with repeating patterns. I think it makes our classroom look lovely and is a great talking point for the children.


29th September 2017

Weekly learning update 29.09.17 (Please click on the link)

Yesterday we celebrated National Poetry Day in school by learning and performing a poem with Class 7. It was a poem all about a tiger. Our verse read:

Tiger has fur and stripes that are black

With sharp, pointy claws and orange fur on his back.

Click on the link below to watch us perform it.

our poetry performance


In our outdoor learning this week, we opened the Maths shed and our brand new Writing shed for the first time. These proved extremely popular! (We had so much fun getting busy, I didn’t get chance to take many photos- I will take some more next week!)


We all used whiteboards on the carpet for the first time this week. The children learned how to use the pens sensibly so that they don’t draw on themselves or other children by mistake. Accidents do happen though and unfortunately, as hard as the children try, they do get pen on their jumpers from time to time.


 I think I may have been replaced! 🙂 

22nd September 2017

Weekly learning update 22.09.17 (Please click on the link)

This week the boys and girls experienced their first P.E. lesson. The children tried so hard in changing into their kits and after 30 minutes, everyone was ready! Next week we will be aiming for 20 minutes so that we have more time in the hall. Please keep practising those tricky buttons and socks at home, as well as turning clothes the correct way when they are inside out.

In outdoor learning, we have been having fun cleaning the windows and washing the clothes. The gross motor actions needed to carry out these activities are all pre-handwriting skills which need to be developed before neat letter formation can happen- reaching up and down, large arm movements from side to side and round and round, squeezing hands together to wring out water and pinching fingers together to use the pegs. The children have also been using large chalks to draw the new letters they have been learning on the ground and on the walls.



15th September 2017

Weekly Learning Update 15.9.17 (Please click on the link)

What a busy week it has been! The children have had so many first experiences- meeting their whole class, staying for lunch, staying for a whole day and having playtime with the rest of the school. The children now have their own carpet space and have learnt how to line up in alphabetical order all by themselves. Our challenge in continuous provision this week was to make repeating patterns using the coloured beads, which the children were brilliant at! They have also been decorating some hot air balloons with repeating patterns too ready to put on the wall for our birthday display.

Here’s a little peek into the children’s time at school so far…

(I am hoping I have managed to include at least one photo of each child!)



Each week we will attach the latest weekly updates. Please click on the link below.

Weekly Learning Update 08.09.17

September 2017


Hello and welcome as we begin a brand new year in Class 6. Mrs Spinks and I have already met most of our new children and we are very much looking forward to seeing the new faces arrive in class tomorrow.

We have been busy over the holidays making a few changes around the room, which we thought you might like to see…


















September 2016




June 2017


Look how much our boys and girls have grown! They definitely look ready for Year 1!



Today we performed our very own ‘Class 6’s Got Talent’ after practising all week. It was brilliant! The acts were entertaining and the judges were just like the real thing! We even had some standing ovations! Hula-hooping proved to be very popular!


Yesterday we had a special visitor in Class 6. His name was was Toby and he is Mrs Byrne’s tortoise!

He was very friendly! The children enjoyed stroking him and were surprised to see how fast he could actually move.




14.07.17 weekly learning update 14.7.17 (Please click on this link)


13.07.17 Spotty Day

Thank you so much to all of the boys and girl’s and their parents for making such a huge effort today to dress in spots and for your extremely kind donations. What a fantastic and fun way to remember our lovely teacher and friend, Mrs Wormald. She would have been thrilled to see so many spotty dogs around school!

Here are a few highlights of our day…








07.07.17 Weekly Learning Update 07.07.17 (Please click on this link)

Thank you to all of the grown ups who visited us this week on Open Day. The children were so excited about showing you around and were very eager to show off their fantastic little mugs.




This week we said goodbye to our Pirate role play as it was replaced with a beach shop, where the children can practise handling money, make totals and count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Next week, we will be having a half price sale so that the children can apply their halving skills.



Today we decorated our commemorative mugs to mark the first year of Urmston Primary School. The ladies from Purple Buttercup came into school to help the children paint little ladybirds or bumblebees onto their own little cup. They have now been taken away to be put in the kiln and will be returned in time for Open Day next week when you will be able to see them all on display. I am sure they are going to look fantastic!