17th July 2017

So our last week has arrived, it’s a happy and sad week too! Happy because we have lots of exciting events like the Extraffordganza and Sports Day. Sad because I will be saying bye to my class but I know they are all ready for year 3 and the exciting challenges they’ll find there.

Monday morning and we are going through our paces in preparation for Thursday.

10th July 2017

This week started with our trip to Blackpool Zoo! I was greeted by a class full of very excited children on Monday morning. The children were absolutely amazing as they walked to the bus on Flixton Road. Class 2 were really pleased to find out they were going on the top deck. After lots of singing and ‘I spy’ games we finally arrived at the zoo! First stop was the meerkats and the monkeys. We made our way to the sea lion show just before lunch! Finley liked it when the sea lion clapped when we did! Alex found it hilarious when the sea lion did a side ways swim with his flipper up to look like a shark!!! Here are some pictures of our day.



Later on in the week Mrs Jones came to take us out into the garden to do some pruning. We pruned back the dead flowers and looked closely at the enormous rhubarb leaves. Some of the children even found some fungus, much to their delight!



I am sure you all enjoyed the wonderful violin concert on Tuesday afternoon. I know you will be so proud of all the hard work they put into their learning. The violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. Here they are performing like professionals!


Thursday was a very spotty day! Our dear friend Mrs Wormald would have absolutely loved seeing so many spots around school! Thank you so much for all your help getting your children ready for this special day and your generous donations. We had lots of fun designing dalmatian masks and  making spotty biscuits, although trying not to lick your hand when you have chocolate fudge on it proved very tricky!!! We hope you enjoyed seeing all your children coming home disguised as dalmatians!!!

I am looking forward to seeing the Urmston’s got Talent show tomorrow as the children have not told me anything about their acts, by my request. I am sure I will be blown away with their acts!!!

There will not be any formal homework this week. Please enjoy yourselves reading, having fun and playing outside!

We look forward to a very exciting last week with Sports Day and our trip to the Northern College of Music for our Extraffordganza!


3rd July 2017

We can’t believe we are into our last three weeks. Looking at your children I realise how grown up they suddenly seem. They have worked so hard over the year and put a tremendous amount of effort into their learning.

Here they are enjoying some p.e. games at the start if the week.

We had great fun trying to do the ‘three legged’ race, it took real team work.


In maths our ‘chilli’ challenge was to work as a team, to estimate whether objects were larger or smaller than a decimetre strip! Easy you may think, but they weren’t allowed the decimetre strip when estimating!! Here we are deep in thought!