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Dear parents/carers, my name is Mrs Walsh and I would like to invite you to see your children at work and at play across many curriculum areas. If you see an item displayed here that you would like further information about, please feel free to ask. Mrs Walsh

       Monday – Friday’s homework (usually English or Maths) and individual reading books.
       Monday – PE
       Thursday – Handwriting homework
       Thursday – Spelling test (Please ensure blue books are in your child’s book bag)

        Friday – PE

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for the days they are needed.


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Class 2 Y2 Summer letter 2018-doc





Week commencing 16th July 2018

Goodbye to Year 2 2017 – 18

It has been a wonderful year teaching and learning from your children. They have been hard working and fun to be around. I know they will flourish even more next year and beyond. Although I will not be teaching them directly, they will all remain in my heart, as I watch them grow and develop further.



Model Village

During our afternoon activities Matilda had the opportunity to build a model village. This what she made! Isn’t it amassing? Let her tell you about it.


Another BIG thank you to Mrs Jones for taking those children who were interested in gardening, and in particular, collecting crops and understanding how plants and vegetables grow. They had a fun time as they learnt about pollination.


Violin concert at the Royal Northern College of Music

Again I can’t praise your children’s talents. They were once again so professional playing their violins and singing with Trafford Music Service and the other schools. Excellent!

Urmston Got Talent

It was a pleasure seeing your children grow and develop into the confident performers they had become. From compare to comedians, dancers and singers. They all performed as if they had being doing this all their lives. They are all so talented!.

Show & Tell

Thank you Joe for sharing your medal with us. You are also a talented cricket player. I sure you will go on to developing a real love of different sports as you get older.

Final Premier Sports Lesson – Athletics

Children had a great time playing different games. Fruit salad, Troll on the bridge and Packman using the lines and circles in the playground. Ask your little cherub to explain the rules of each game. You will be amazed at what they know. It was also wonderful having some of the Year 1 children joining in with the fun. Can you spot them?

Fruit Salad 1      Fruit Salad 2      Fruit Salad 3      Fruit Salad 4

Packman 1        Packman 2

Troll in the bridge 1 Troll on the bridge 2

Well done Jack for being star of the lesson, showing how well you can get around obsticles (Trolls on the bridge) to win the game. A BIG thank you to Miss Whiteleg for the time you have spent teaching Class 2 different sports. You are fantastic! Good luck in all you do.

Week commencing 9th July 2018

Show & Tell

These two mathematicians (Rowan and Joe) came up with a multiplication game that was excellent. Not only did you have to solve calculations that got progressively harder they thought threw how the board would look. For their hard work they were awarded a bronze. However, the children gave them some pointers on how the game could be improved, so if the take on board some of the comments and improve the game they are both on for a silver award. I have a very good feeling, they will achieve it!


Royals – Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Wow! Lyra wrote to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to tell them that she was happy and excited that they were getting married and to wish them well. To her surprise she received the following card (which she read to the class) telling her that they were also delighted and overwhelmed with the amount of warm wishes they received. Well done Lyra!


Violin Concert

I was blown away by the professional way your children performed at our violin concert this morning. They sang their hearts out and plucked many tunes including adding dance moves. What wonderful children you have!

Round Robin Activities

This week children will be enjoying handwriting practice and sentence building, creating overlapping patterns using 2D shapes, continue with World Cup research and practicing mental calculations playing the multiplication game. What fun and games we will have this week.


Outdoor Athletics – Standing Long jump.

Children had a great time competing against each other in small teams to see who could jump the furthest. After much competing the two children who went up against each other was Solomon and Rowan. The final jump off resulted in a win for Rowan, as he jumped 30cm to Solomon’s 28cm. So close!


Week commencing 2nd July 2018

Open Afternoon

What a busy afternoon we all had! Many of the children’s grown-ups came and enjoyed looking at all the different types of work enjoyed by the children. Equally the children enjoyed sharing each moment they created the work, as they talked about the work displayed around the classroom, corridor and hall where their art work was beautifully displayed. Thank you all for making the children’s afternoon so special.


Violin Rehearsal Concert 

Preparations are well under way for our violin concert. the strings are being plucked expertly and the singing is excellent. We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mud huts

To complete the study of Africa they used clay and card to make mud huts. Don’t they look fantastic!


Round Robin of Activities.

World Cup Country Research, Writing their own version of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Design and making a World Cup trophy or flag and an Animal Fact sheet and play a Multiplication game.

For the past week children have been researching famous people, animals and places found in the country they chose to follow (apart from England) during the World Cup. They used the Internet to find out and record many interesting facts.  Also they created their own story based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea and an animal fact sheet. Ask your child to show you all the hard work they have done and will continue to do till the end of term.

Design Technology – Animals

It was fantastic to see children reading about animals in our story corner. This led to children wanting to create their favourite animal. So off they went, using the animal books to get the correct dimensions and colours to create their animal out of plasticine. As you can see they were very successful. I hope their animals arrived home in one piece!


Week commencing 25th June 2018

Gardening & Chickens

Children have been excellent gardeners, looking after the fruit and vegetables. They also had the opportunity to look at several of the chicks that grew into chickens. We were all very excited to see how Sassy Pants (darker chicken) and Sleepy Head (lighter chicken) was doing since we last saw them as chicks.


Children always enjoy PE and look forward to the activities they do with Miss Whiteleg. Over the weeks since being back after the half-term they have been developing their athletic skills. As you can see we have many budding athletes in class 2 that may one day go on to representing their country at the Common Wealth Games or even the Olympics. What do you think?

Standing Long Jump          Egg and Spoon Race

Week commencing 18th June 2018

This week I ran a colouring competition for the children, which involved designing their own prayer mat. It was completely optional, and I was really impressed with everybody’s effort who took part! The decision was very difficult for me, but well done to Sophie who won first place, and to Sadie who was a close second. – Miss Vickers.


Week commencing 11th June 2018

We celebrated Eid early this week, so that our children of the Muslim faith would be in school to join us. As part of our celebrations I brought some food and drink in for the children to try. We had mango lassi, puff pastry hearts, mini poppadums and halal jelly sweets. Needless to say, the children really enjoyed this activity, as did I! – Miss Vickers


In Friday’s math lesson we have been working on re-capping fractions, money and time. We enjoyed playing time board games, using the multi-link cubes to help us find amounts of fractions, and using our pretend coins to totals of money – Miss Vickers.


Here are some action shots from the premier sports P.E. session this week. The children had a fantastic time playing lots of different competitive games and team games. Next week (on Monday) the children will be starting athletics – Miss Vickers.


Week commencing 21.05.2018

Grandparents Day

We had a fantastic day, where the children showed their grandparents their work. They looked at work found in and outside the classroom. Their was lots of chatter, laughter and smiles as children and adults enjoyed spending time together, It was truly a wonderful day.



This week the children and I have had lots of fun in my magic tent! The children had to use their imaginations to decide where they would end up if the magic tent transported them somewhere else. As you can imagine, we have had lots of ideas from magical lands full of unicorns, to football stadiums! We are in the process of completing our own creative stories based on these ideas. I cannot wait to read them all during the upcoming holidays. – Miss Vickers.



Here are a few examples of our decorated pebbles. The children enjoyed taking inspiration from a currently popular activity of pebble decorating. They created their own designs and some of them have written secret messages on the underneath of their pebbles. The pebbles will be sent home and the children can enjoy hiding them in local areas, such as parks (or they can keep them if they choose). – Miss Vickers.


Week Beginning 14.5.18

Royal Wrdding Celibrations

We all had a fantastic time celetrating the coming ‘Royal Wedding’ by decorating biscuits, code breaking to discover royal visitors going to the wedding amongst other things.




  Class 2 Playing Their Violins

Show & Tell

Jayden shared lovely photos of his mum, dad, brother Oliver and a baby girl who will soon become part of the family. He is very proud of his family. Then Millie shared a cupcake made from purple and white felt, describing how it was made and who helped her.


PE- Indoor and outdoor games

Children started off playing ‘Sharky Sharky’ outside. Then they played ‘Silly Sausage’, ‘Heads Down Thumbs Up’ and ’21’ in the classroom. They had a great time – especially when playing ’21’ which they played twice and thoroughly enjoyed. Jayden and Alfie won ’21’.


Week Beginning 7.5.18

Golden Time – Playgarden

Children had a great time creating imaginative games. The climbing frame was an island they could be safe on whilst the monsters charged about the place trying to eat them. What imaginations your children have. Fantastic to watch and hear.

PE – Games

Fun, fun and more fun. Children played different games exploring individual ball and agility skills, working as a team to see who could place all of their tennis balls in a hoop the quickest. Cora, Millie and George showed how working as a team, making the activity more challenging to challenge themselves, bouncing and catching the tennis ball with one hand as they traveled. They also supported  each other helping them to win.



Children had a great time learning about the ‘Big Five’ animals found in Africa and then went on to choosing their favourite. They went on to use small pieces of paper to colour them in creating a mosaque effect.


Week Beginning 30.4.18

Golden Time – Construction

Fantastic time was had by all building different structures, talking about how to make them better. Creating towns complete with buildings and different type of transport. Other children were exploring movement, creating a helicopter and moving blades.



Maths – Fractions

Children in groups had a great time exploring fractions in different ways. Some children had to match the fraction symbols with illustrations, another group had to work out what the fraction picture symbolized, others worked with Miss Vickers exploring fraction patterns on the carpet and whiteboard. Finally the last group played fraction dominoes (very challenging) but they completed it with very little help. .


Show & Tell

Show and tell was very interesting this week, with Tom talking to us about his bag of special stones that are very old. Then we had Cora who showed and told us about her art. A picture of a dog which was revealed through scratching. She showed a lot of skills and patience. Last but not least was Jack who show a picture of ‘Dog man and the cop party.’ Describing who came up with the theme and how they went about producing it. Well done all of you.


P.E. Collecting Cards

Children in groups were challenged to collect their playing cards in the fastest time. They enjoyed the competition. All groups championed at some point but the overall winner was Solomon. He supported his group to more wins through encouragement and discussion.




Week Beginning 23.4.18

Show & Tell

What talented children I have in my class. First to share were the dancers, talked about the recent ballet exam they took and the fantastic results they both achieved. Here they are showing us first position and their certificates. I’m sure it won’t be long before these two talented beauties are on our TV screens. Next Rowan showed us a colourful abstract action painting that he spent the day doing. He used a leaf, toy train, toy car, potato, cotton bud and straws. Have we got another budding artist in the class? Then Millie shared the bag of gems that she found digging in a local park and Jayden who has a love of sharks and shared his writing and lovely picture. Excellent independent after school interests shared with the class this week.


Children spent the week investigating different types of measures. First they took the temperature outside in the playground each day of the week, recording their findings on thermometers. Next, they investigated the volume of water held in different containers, moving onto measuring objects found in and outside of the playground. A very hands on week exploring different types of measurements.


Learning the violin

Children began to find out how to look after, hold and pluck the violin. As you can see, they are concentrating with every fiber of their being. They sounded good too.

Singing Lesson

Press ‘Singing lesson’ above to see and hear how the children got on in their first singing lesson with Trafford Music Service.


Premier Sports – Outdoor Adventurous Activity.

Children started their activities with a warm up which was called Mr Freeze and Mrs Sunshine where children are tagged to freeze them on the spot. They can only be released by the sunshine when they are free to run around hopefully not getting caught again. They went out into the playground to find smiley faces. Once found they had to pose and take a selfie. This involved cooperation   and moving together in a safe way. The group that did that the best (stars of the session) were Lois, Florence, Alfie, Solomon and Jayden. Well done to all for having such a fantastic time.

Week Beginning 16.4.18

Problem solving!

Today (20.04.18) the children have been working on problem solving, in relation to telling the time. As you can see we had lots of practical activities, including board games, clock jigsaws and time bingo! The children and I had a lot of fun completing the activities, as well as consolidating their learning from this week. – Miss Vickers


Maths – Time

This week we have been looking at telling the time. It was a little bit tricky, but all of the children were resilient and tried their very best. We have been working with analogue clocks, and some of the children have had a go at reading the time digitally. I am very proud of their efforts! – Miss Vickers



Alien Invasion!

I’m sure that you are aware that there was an alien invasion in the school on Tuesday. The children were shocked and excited when greeted with all of the spooky evidence. Since the invasion the children have each planned and written a newspaper article about the event, and we will be continuing with our alien-themed learning next week! – Miss Vickers


Premier Sports – Working as a team.

Children had to work as a team to get a hoop round the circle without the circle breaking. It was tense but they did it. They went on to pass a blue or red hoop around separate circles… the blue team won, however the red team was resilient they never gave up.

Week Beginning 10.4.18


Children enjoying golden time, developing their programming using Scratch, planning a street, building and people using Simple City or drawing using Tux paint. As you can see the children are having a great time enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.


Maths – All about money

Children have been revisiting money. Recognising the coins used in the UK and their value. Then using this information to add amounts and work out change given after buying different objects.


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Week Beginning 26.3.18


Children paraded their wonderful Easter bonnets/hats for parents/ carers and the whole school. After parading, we sang Easter songs and one for all mothers. The sun shone and it turned out to be a wonderful morning. I wish you all a happy and safe Easter holiday, and look forward to seeing you all when the new term begins.

Multiplication using Arrays.

Miss Vickers was teaching the children how to use ‘arrays’ to work out multiplication problems. Children were shown how to use multilink to make a block of columns and rows to understand multiplication. E.g. 5 X 3 will be represented using multilink or pasta as  three rows of five columns to make a rectangle or square. Using visual aids allows children to count if they have not yet learnt their tables.


Show & Tell

During our show and tell session Joseph, Daisy and Lyra shared their drawing and writing, whilst Tom shared how he is going about growing crystals that he got for his birthday.


Premier Sports – Dance

Children were exploring movements to show performing in a circus or being a pirate aboard a ship. Children showed how you could balance on a tight-rope in the circus, riding elephants and juggling and moving like clowns. Whilst the children who were pirates, walked the plant, had sword fights and walked the plank.


Week Beginning 19.3.18

Sports Relief

Wow! What a fantastic day we had running to help make the school target of 1000 miles. It was great to see how well the children took up the challenge and when they had completed their run they continue to build up their stamina by doing circuit training.


Keeping Clean

Children talked about what they need to do to keep clean, taking a baths, brushing their teeth and washing their hands. Then they wrote instructions to help other children to wash their hands properly.

Growing and Caring for Ourselves and Others.

Children drew portraits of themselves, annotated around them to show similarities and differences between them. They talked and wrote not just about the physical bodies similarities and differences but they began to explore and compare their inner feelings. Are they caring, helpful, happy and resilient. We examined ourselves to see how many of the school values we recognise in  ourseleves and others.


Premier Sports – Games

Great PE lesson with Premier Sports. Children played different games helping them to develop their ball skills, movement and listen skills. As you can see Florence was star of the week because she was very good at listening and problem solving so they she was the winner of the game.



As part of our topic looking at the kings and queens of England, children had the opportunity to explore what it would be like to live and work as a royal. These are the crowns they created to wear if they were on the throne.


Children were enjoying exploring how to solve different mathematical problems by themselves and with a partner. Although at times they found it challenging they also had lots of fun.


Week Beginning 12.3.18

PE – Games

Before children continue to develop ball skills, throwing and catching in groups of five. They played ‘Sticky Body’ as a warm-up activity. As they moved around they were told how many body parts could touch the ground. Very tricky. Then once in groups, each child took turns to be the captain, throwing the ball or beanbag to other members of the group to catch and throw it back.To make it harder children had to sit on the floor to throw and catch with a beanbag. Those children who found that challenging elected to use a large ball and stand to throw and catch. Fun, fun and more fun as well as developing a valuable skill.


Writing Instructions to make a Paper Crown

Children were encouraged to work out with Miss Vickers, the resources needed to make a paper crown, including the layout and language (bossy verbs) used to create an instructional text to use to make it.


The children were learning about The Good Samaritan with Miss Vickers. The focus was who cares and who should care. Having read the story and discussed the characters and each persons behaviour, children roll played needing help with a job or making something, who would help them and who would leave them to do it themselves. They explored how it would feel not to have help when you needed it. Fantastic lesson.


Family Tree

Children had a lesson taught by Miss Vickers who focused on The Royal Family line of succession.Which one of Queen Elizabeth’s children is missing? Each child talked about their family and what their family tree might look like. The children then went on to record themselves, their parents and their parent’s parents. Hope that makes sense. Can you identify which family trees belonging to the children are display?

Show and tell

It was lovely to hear Cora show and tell about her visit to London, share the pop-ups in her books and describe which one is her favourite. The pop-up of London bridge where you could raise it to let the ships go through and the traffic across the bridge was demonstrated and explained to the class. Then you had Lois who shared with us her trophy and medal for being a hard working and talented ballet dancer (we know because she showed us some of her movements) and budding actress. Last but not least Jayden who shared his love of dinosaurs, just not the ones that show a lot of blood. He was very eloquent describing the ones which he liked the best as they lived in the sea. Well done.



Week beginning 5.3.18


World Maths Day Activity – 12 Dots

Children ended their day back in class after exploring shapes, making 3D shapes as examples of the activities they enjoyed. Back in class they had the opportunity to explore making patterns by joining 12 dots around a circle using a ruler. I think they began to develop ruler skills keeping it in the right place to join the dots. The patterns children made were detailed and complex like spider webs. Well done


Mother’s Day Cards

All of the children poured love and care into the cards they made for each mum. They chose the verse inside that best suited how they felt about their mum. Charming!


Premier Sports Dance – Jungle & Circus

Children are creating and performing a dance being animals in a jungle. There were monkeys swinging from the trees, elephants lumbering around and all sorts of other animals moving through bushes and trees. Followed by developing movements to circus themed music. Well done to the stars of the session Rowan who produced excellent movements as an animal and Tom who showed great circus skills juggling and tight-rope walking.




Week beginning 26.2.18

Being unique and valuable.

Children took the time to think about and share what was unique and valuable about themselves. Not only did they say they were happy, resilient, proud they said they were caring, helpful and loving. What great kids you have and I get to spend time with. Not only am I teaching them they are teaching me.


World Book Day 

We had a great day enjoying books and stories. Dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing why we like them. Thank you to of you who brought in a book to swap, your blurb was very entertaining and informative. Oh, I nearly forgot, we got the chance to parade for the juniors through their hall and building and they did the same for us. It was great to see what the younger and older children wore.


Doubling and halving 2 digit numbers.

Children were using games to learn to double and halve 2 digit numbers with a partner or with Mrs Ward. They rolled the dice and moved that number of places on the board. Once stopped they had to double or halved the number they landed on. Sometimes they found it tricky, but they all persevered and helped each other.

Show & Tell

Joseph gave us some interesting facts about the Titanic and answered many questions the children in the class asked about what it was like to sail on her, people saved and things found. Well done!


Week beginning 19.2.18

Identifying male and female animals.

Children had a great time investigating the differences between different types of animals that were male and female. In pairs, children research their chosen animal (tigers, peacocks, rabbits, dogs, ducks, cows, cats) to find what each gender is called, how they behave, where they live etc. All children are beginning to realise that you have to look at different sources to ensure that the information they have collected is accurate. Children are on their way to developing their research skills. Patients!




Petting the chicks

Children loved the chicks, observing them, holding them and petting them.








Estimating in Mathematics

Apart from the weekly spelling test, children explored estimating the number of objects held in different sized containers during our mathematics lesson. Once they made their estimations the children took turns to count the objects to find the actual amount. Well done everyone you did brilliantly!









Sponsored Bounce

Children enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castles. What fun they all had, and thank you for all your donations and support.












Dance with Premier Sports

Children were having a fantastic time in PE developing movements in dance to different types and pace of music. Star of the session was Luke, who showed great skill and control of his body movements when dancing to the music.








Week beginning 5.2.18


Show & Tell

Joseph showing his detailed drawing that shows buildings which was inspired  by his visit to the Lowry and from looking at Lowry’s paintings. Matilda took a photo of me reading her story book to the class that describes what it is like to live with a disability. Last but not least Harriet sharing several drawings of characters she loves. Well done to you all for describing very clearly to the class how you draw your pictures and what it is like to feel different.


Talking emotions.

In small groups children played a game. Promoting healthy minds children were exploring their emotions, sharing how and when they felt happy, sad, proud, cross or excited etc. If they threw that dice and landed on a word they did not know, they were encouraged to use a dictionary to find and share its meaning, before sharing how they felt. As a class we believe that every child should be able to share their feelings without fear of being judged. In class I2 we help each other to have fun, enjoy learning and grow healthy minds. Have a go at home.






Story writing using computing.

Children enjoyed working together to finish a story. They had to read a variety of texts, discuss what was happening then decide how the story would end. Using their computing skills, combined vocabulary, grammar and punctuation they completed the story with great results. Well done everyone.




Making 3D shapes

In this session children looked at 3D shapes, counting sides, faces and vertices. Then they were challenged to build cubes, cuboids, prisms, cylinders and pyramids. Can you name the ones they have made and tell your child three of their properties?



Games with Premier Sports

Children started off listening to safety instructions about the activities they would be doing. They rotated round the three stations (climbing frame, putting and basket ball) to show off their ball and balancing skills. Each group of six children worked well together using great communication and helping each other with skill needed to succeed. The stars of the session were George, Rowan and Chester.






Week beginning 29.1.18.

Lowry visit

The morning began with the sound room where we saw giant bubbles being made using different sounds. We were all mesmerized. This was then followed by observational drawing in the creative corner, looking at and drawing what they could see around them. Next we went for lunch and looked for pixel  characters hiding among objects on display. Later we went into the gallery where we watched a film about Lowry’s life which as very enlightening. The gallery was the last stop were we looked at and discussed the paintings we liked and why we liked them. All in all it was a fantastic visit. Well worth a second look.














Story Telling

It was great being in our pajamas all day, talking about and reading lots of books both fiction and non-fiction. Year 6 children read to the younger children and drew them pictures from the book. From the buzz around the room everyone seemed to be having a great time. Look at the pictures. What do you think?








Writing Traditional Tales

Children has the opportunity to write their won Traditional Tale using activity cards. They read each others and shared them with the class. I thought they did a fantastic job.






Premier Sports Games

Then the children played fruit salad. A game where they needed to listen carefully and run fast to get back to their place. The fruit they were assigned were apples, coconuts, bananas and grapes. Star of the session was Amelia who show resilience and a determination to win, and she did.






Children started with developing their own game in small teams which was very successful.










Week beginning 22.1.18

Lowry Inspired Art.

Having looked at and discussed the types of images Lowry painted, they decided to have a go creating their own. First they sketched out their ideas to make sure they captured buildings and people. When painting children began to capture the atmosphere of Lowry’s paintings by using the restricted pallet of white, red, black, yellow and blue.






Traditional Tales

Can you guess which Traditional Tale each of these objects are from? Your children could! Ask them to choose an object and tell you the story it is associated with.




Show & Tell

Wow! I have lots of talented children in my class. They surprise me everyday with their eloquence. Fluently describing all the wonderful things they they have done, are doing and can do. We have Awa who is a budding writer, her poem was fun and beautifully written. Then Rowan stunned us with his fabulous Lowry inspired painting he worked on with his parents, very talented family. Lyra shared her visit to the Lowry gallery, her favourite post cards and a beautiful spiral decoration she completed at her after school club.


Now in the spotlight, we have Sophie who very proudly shared that she has moved from yellow hat to green. Now an even bigger challenge begins, swimming further and for longer. I think she can do it. Jayden is also turning into a budding artist, drawing animals and fantasy machines. Love the attention to detail. Matilda shared her enthusiasm for her families up and coming trip in the half term. What this space to find out where they go and what they do. Millie, who is a wonderful artist is showing us a new artistic technique she was exploring with her mum. Foiling on black card! The colours and detail were amazing, I wonder what she will share with us next.  Last but not least, Jack told us in great detail about his drawing and colouring of a house, gate and garden, why he had chosen the images and why he had placed them where he had. Lovely!




Children were making 2-digit addition and subtraction number sentences to solve with a partner. Working this way gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves, find out what they know and what they need to work on. Most importantly, they were having lots of fun learning together, sharing ideas and helping each other work out each problem. Developing their independence and resilience.









PE – Ball Skills & Games

As you can see the children were having a great time, developing their ball skills and playing games which called for team work and resilience. Star of the session was Sophie, who proved that you should never give up even though it can sometimes be hard. Well done.














Children are really getting to grips with computer programming using Scratch. They can use activity cards to animate ‘Sprites’ making them walk, spin and glide. Some children even began designing their own backgrounds. They are all stars!








Week beginning 15.1.18

Investigating materials.

Here the class (in groups) are investigating which materials can be squashed, stretched, twisted and bent. Lots of fun was had including detailed discussions before recording their results.







Show and Tell

George was very eloquent when describing his family outing enjoying coffee and crafts. Guess who made the stegosaurus? It was beautifully decorated in green, red and glitter. Whilst Florence talked us through some of the activities she has completed in her Lowry booklet. Look at the her drawing of one of the people.Great! Then you have Daisy who is running a mini competition to award this unusual cuddly toy.



Wow! Awa loved poetry week so much that she went home and wrote a poem to share with the class. We were all very impressed. Read it for yourself I’m sure you will agree. Following a reading of the poem was Jack who talked in detailed about his new puppy Libby. I hope I get to meet her one day, she sounds very mischievous. Last but not least we have Harriet who has shown how well she can use a number line to work out addition and subtraction number sentences. Well done.


Week beginning 8.1.18

Premier Sport – Games

Children are enjoying developing and enhancing their ball skills by passing, stopping and catching in pairs and small groups. Jack and Rowan sporting the trophy as they were stars of the session. Congratulations you both deserved it, for your hard work in the session and for the skills you showed.




Welcome to the New Year and term. I hope you all has a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations and are looking forward to seeing the many wonderful things we will be doing and sharing.


Class 2 enjoying their Christmas party.






Christmas Production 2017








Week beginning  20.11.17

On Monday we were so excited to practise travelling and balancing on the apparatus in the hall. Well done to everyone for their super shapes and sensible behaviour on the equipment!

As part of our English lesson we acted out the story of the enormous turnip. We  then read the story with a partner or in a small group and tried to answer some questions.We are practising writing our answers in full sentences.

On Tuesday something strange and exciting happened in the classroom.We came in after play to find a balloon, some moon rocks and a box on the carpet. After lots of discussion we decided it could have come in through the open window. A note told us to watch the John Lewis “man in the moon” advert to give us some clues. Inside the box we found a small telescope and after collecting everyone’s ideas, we thought that the man on the moon may have sent it.

In maths the children have been practising measuring accurately in decimetres and centimetres. We also enjoyed investigating which car travelled furthest down the ramp.

The children are very proud of their friendship tree. It reminds us of how to be a good friend to everyone in school.

We have been sharing our memories of our special friend Hayden over the last few weeks. Here is the poem we wrote to remember him.

Hayden you were never sad

You always had a happy smile

All of us will miss your fun

We loved your games of Tickle monster and The blob.

You  will always be our superhero

The friend who made us laugh,

Dressed as the Hulk you chased us everywhere

And we loved running to hide.

You liked eating lots of chocolate and

You always wanted more.

We will never forget you

You were our best friend

You will always be in our hearts.


We were very proud to call Hayden our friend.


Week beginning 13.11.17

Children in Need Day.

Thank you to everyone who donated! There were lots of teddies who found a new home!

On Tuesday we wore something blue for Diabetes Awareness Day. A big thank you to Ruby from Class 3 who visited our class to tell us about her diabetes and how she keeps herself healthy. She brought her special teddy Rufus who also has diabetes and showed us her special diabetes book.

In science we have been investigating different materials to see which ones are waterproof and would keep our gingerbread men dry in the rain. We were fascinated at the results especially the soggy ginger bread man who fell in a puddle!

In maths we have been using positional language and moving in different directions using clockwise and anti clockwise turns. We practised giving instructions to each other and the bee bots.

Week Beginning 6.11.17

Mrs Saint has been teaching us this week and we have been doing lots of exciting things.

Mr Pitt came to visit us and talk to us about our bones and how to mend them.

Class 2 joined with the other Year 2s to share a Remembrance Assembly.

On Monday the children’s continued their gymnastics. They practiced making different shapes whilst holding their balance. 



Children had an afternoon talking to a local vet about what animals need to stay healthy and thrive.They also had the opportunity to take a closer look at those animal that most children and some adults are afraid of. What animals scare you?






Children are using dice to make two-digit numbers which they then used to explore less than (<) and greater than (>). As you can see they have understood the concepts.






Premier League sports are in again making sure your children develop skills in cooperation and team work.





Football, football and more football. Great skill and stamina as show what they have learnt this term with Man United coaches. Big thank you to Sophie who was photographer for part of the morning. Don’t you think she did well.






Pizza, pizza everywhere, we had lots of fun making them using cheese, black olives, red and green peppers. Did you get to have a taste? I know they would have tasted just as good as they looked. Well done very one.









Wow! Children got their brains working figuring out how to sort shapes in Venn diagrams. Can you work out what the children were thinking?




Prior to making pizza, children enjoyed blind tasting orange, pineapple and grapefruit juice to see if they could recognise them. Look at the children’s faces, guess which one they did not like? They then went on to recording their likes and dislikes as tallies and then as a bar graph. Ask your child which juice they liked the best and which was the most and least popular in the class. I bet the discussions will be very interesting.









More group work, as children stay linked to pass through hoops of differing sizes. Not only do they have to cooperate and help each other, children have to incorporate balance and determination to succeed in the time given. Many achieved it.





During this PE lesson children had to work as a team, building the smallest or tallest towers and evaluating their performance.



Below the children are learning to balance on one or more body parts. They are very skillful as you can see.



This was an exciting start to our day, when we visited Urmston Bookshop to be entertained by the author Frank English. He kept the children mesmerized with his stories about becoming a writer. Children were very surprised to hear that when chapters were written, he would re-read, edit and annotate his writing up to five times before he was happy. We even got a signed copy of one of his novel to have as a class read. Frank showed children a picture of a smog filled street at night, that had just a faint glimmer of light. Children were asked to guess what might be happening, needless to say they found it challenging as he did at their age. His teacher (at the time) explained to him that it not what you see ‘Which was blackness’ but what could be there. It’s all about using our imaginations to create images in their writing of all the different possibilities. I will certainly be using some of his ideas during the coming year, to stimulate and develop children’s imaginative writing.

Image result        




Learning to program starts here, as children program objects in a virtual world.What out Bill Gates, these superstars are coming for your job.




All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here you can see the children enjoying ‘Small World’ activity sets. You can see they are all having a wonderful time.






As part of our science topic, children were working out the life cycle of an acorn. Their discussions led to recognising many other life cycles including the growth of humans. Then as part of our history topic children were sorting pictures of old and new toys. Do they know what toys you or their grandparents played with? Please let them know so that they can share it with the class, to develop their speaking and listening skills.





Premier Sports taking the children for ball skills, developing hand-eye coordination. Although this is the beginning of the term your children are showing great skill controlling their movements with and without the ball. Well done to all.

















 Wow! Look at the maths work. Children are rolling two dice to create 2-digit numbers, which they are ordering smallest to the largest. They entered into lots of discussion, sharing of ideas and helping each other to succeed. Your children are amazing!





Today, we were measuring our height to compare our shoe size. Would you guess the tallest child has the biggest shoes size? This is an ongoing investigation. Watch this space!



Football coaching with Manchester United. What great ball skills!



This story was the focus for the work we did the first week of term. The activities as you can see were designed to allowed children to get to explore their artistic side, reading and debating skills. What a great way to spend the week getting to know each other. They did work extremely hard as well as have lots of fun.