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Dear parents/carers, my name is Mrs Walsh and I would like to invite you to see your children at work and at play across many curriculum areas. If you see an item displayed here that you would like further information about, please feel free to ask. Mrs Walsh

       Monday – Friday’s homework (usually English or Maths) and individual reading books.
       Monday – PE
       Thursday – Handwriting homework

        Friday – PE

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for the days they are needed.


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Welcome to the New Year and term. I hope you all has a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations and are looking forward to seeing the many wonderful things we will be doing and sharing.


Christmas Production








Week beginning  20.11.17

On Monday we were so excited to practise travelling and balancing on the apparatus in the hall. Well done to everyone for their super shapes and sensible behaviour on the equipment!

As part of our English lesson we acted out the story of the enormous turnip. We  then read the story with a partner or in a small group and tried to answer some questions.We are practising writing our answers in full sentences.

On Tuesday something strange and exciting happened in the classroom.We came in after play to find a balloon, some moon rocks and a box on the carpet. After lots of discussion we decided it could have come in through the open window. A note told us to watch the John Lewis “man in the moon” advert to give us some clues. Inside the box we found a small telescope and after collecting everyone’s ideas, we thought that the man on the moon may have sent it.

In maths the children have been practising measuring accurately in decimetres and centimetres. We also enjoyed investigating which car travelled furthest down the ramp.

The children are very proud of their friendship tree. It reminds us of how to be a good friend to everyone in school.

We have been sharing our memories of our special friend Hayden over the last few weeks. Here is the poem we wrote to remember him.

Hayden you were never sad

You always had a happy smile

All of us will miss your fun

We loved your games of Tickle monster and The blob.

You  will always be our superhero

The friend who made us laugh,

Dressed as the Hulk you chased us everywhere

And we loved running to hide.

You liked eating lots of chocolate and

You always wanted more.

We will never forget you

You were our best friend

You will always be in our hearts.


We were very proud to call Hayden our friend.


Week beginning 13.11.17

Children in Need Day.

Thank you to everyone who donated! There were lots of teddies who found a new home!

On Tuesday we wore something blue for Diabetes Awareness Day. A big thank you to Ruby from Class 3 who visited our class to tell us about her diabetes and how she keeps herself healthy. She brought her special teddy Rufus who also has diabetes and showed us her special diabetes book.

In science we have been investigating different materials to see which ones are waterproof and would keep our gingerbread men dry in the rain. We were fascinated at the results especially the soggy ginger bread man who fell in a puddle!

In maths we have been using positional language and moving in different directions using clockwise and anti clockwise turns. We practised giving instructions to each other and the bee bots.

Week Beginning 6.11.17

Mrs Saint has been teaching us this week and we have been doing lots of exciting things.

Mr Pitt came to visit us and talk to us about our bones and how to mend them.

Class 2 joined with the other Year 2s to share a Remembrance Assembly.

On Monday the children’s continued their gymnastics. They practiced making different shapes whilst holding their balance. 



Children had an afternoon talking to a local vet about what animals need to stay healthy and thrive.They also had the opportunity to take a closer look at those animal that most children and some adults are afraid of. What animals scare you?






Children are using dice to make two-digit numbers which they then used to explore less than (<) and greater than (>). As you can see they have understood the concepts.






Premier League sports are in again making sure your children develop skills in cooperation and team work.





Football, football and more football. Great skill and stamina as show what they have learnt this term with Man United coaches. Big thank you to Sophie who was photographer for part of the morning. Don’t you think she did well.






Pizza, pizza everywhere, we had lots of fun making them using cheese, black olives, red and green peppers. Did you get to have a taste? I know they would have tasted just as good as they looked. Well done very one.









Wow! Children got their brains working figuring out how to sort shapes in Venn diagrams. Can you work out what the children were thinking?




Prior to making pizza, children enjoyed blind tasting orange, pineapple and grapefruit juice to see if they could recognise them. Look at the children’s faces, guess which one they did not like? They then went on to recording their likes and dislikes as tallies and then as a bar graph. Ask your child which juice they liked the best and which was the most and least popular in the class. I bet the discussions will be very interesting.









More group work, as children stay linked to pass through hoops of differing sizes. Not only do they have to cooperate and help each other, children have to incorporate balance and determination to succeed in the time given. Many achieved it.





During this PE lesson children had to work as a team, building the smallest or tallest towers and evaluating their performance.



Below the children are learning to balance on one or more body parts. They are very skillful as you can see.



This was an exciting start to our day, when we visited Urmston Bookshop to be entertained by the author Frank English. He kept the children mesmerized with his stories about becoming a writer. Children were very surprised to hear that when chapters were written, he would re-read, edit and annotate his writing up to five times before he was happy. We even got a signed copy of one of his novel to have as a class read. Frank showed children a picture of a smog filled street at night, that had just a faint glimmer of light. Children were asked to guess what might be happening, needless to say they found it challenging as he did at their age. His teacher (at the time) explained to him that it not what you see ‘Which was blackness’ but what could be there. It’s all about using our imaginations to create images in their writing of all the different possibilities. I will certainly be using some of his ideas during the coming year, to stimulate and develop children’s imaginative writing.

Image result        




Learning to program starts here, as children program objects in a virtual world.What out Bill Gates, these superstars are coming for your job.




All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here you can see the children enjoying ‘Small World’ activity sets. You can see they are all having a wonderful time.






As part of our science topic, children were working out the life cycle of an acorn. Their discussions led to recognising many other life cycles including the growth of humans. Then as part of our history topic children were sorting pictures of old and new toys. Do they know what toys you or their grandparents played with? Please let them know so that they can share it with the class, to develop their speaking and listening skills.





Premier Sports taking the children for ball skills, developing hand-eye coordination. Although this is the beginning of the term your children are showing great skill controlling their movements with and without the ball. Well done to all.

















 Wow! Look at the maths work. Children are rolling two dice to create 2-digit numbers, which they are ordering smallest to the largest. They entered into lots of discussion, sharing of ideas and helping each other to succeed. Your children are amazing!





Today, we were measuring our height to compare our shoe size. Would you guess the tallest child has the biggest shoes size? This is an ongoing investigation. Watch this space!



Football coaching with Manchester United. What great ball skills!



This story was the focus for the work we did the first week of term. The activities as you can see were designed to allowed children to get to explore their artistic side, reading and debating skills. What a great way to spend the week getting to know each other. They did work extremely hard as well as have lots of fun.