Welcome to Class 1!


My name is Mrs Byrom and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the exciting things we do in our class.

Please click on the link below to read more about our topics and routines for this year.

CLASS 1 Y2 SUMMER 1 2018 doc

Class 1 Y1 Summer 1 2018


Can you please make sure your child brings in the following homework due on each day:

Due Monday – Friday’s homework (Usually English or Maths) and individual reading books.

Due Thursday – Handwriting homework

We currently have PE on TUESDAY and Wednesdays. Please ensure the PE kit is in school. Thank you, Mrs Byrom


16th July

Well  we are in our last few days of what has been a wonderful year with a group of amazing children! Thank you so much for sharing your children with us. Children you have been superb! I will miss you all but I know you are ready for some new challenges. Keep being amazing, proud, kind, happy, resilient, responsible and respectful!

Here are some of the best bits of our year!


11th July 2018

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day!! Your children were, if not very mucky!!, absolutely amazing and had a fabulous time!


10th July 2018

Here we are getting ready for the concert!

25th July 2018


Herr are our teams for Sports Day!


 Team Responsible! Team Respectful! Team Resilient! Team Proud! Team Kind!Team Happy!

Haven’t we been so lucky with this fantastic weather? The children’s have been so sensible and a massive thank you for sending in your children with sun cream and hats every day. I also see the idea of frozen water bottles has been of great excitement to the children. We came up with this idea as we had been talking about why we sweat! Yes, it came up naturally in class discussion time!!

Here are some photos of us hard at work over the last few days.


Planting with Mrs Jones, who spent a long time researching for us, to ensure the garden in memory of our wonderful Mrs Wormald is going to look amazing. This is still a work in progress so please watch for additions will be adding. 

We said a fond farewell to Miss Lowe who has been our amazing PGCE teaching student. We wish her well in her first teaching post, we know you’ll be fabulous!!


Our hard work work resulted in us winning Disco time for our Golden Time this week.

Some amazing handwriting from one of our year 1 children who has put amazing effort in to mastering this skill all year! It just proves never giving up works. We can achieve anything!


18th June 2018

Wow what a busy week last week was! All the year one children worked so hard with their Phonic Screening checks. I was amazed with ththe effort they put in.

This week we are busy creating our works of art, Street Art. I am not going to give too much away as I think when you see the finished pieces yo will have tears in your eyes, happy tears! All I can say is there has been lots of tissue, glue and photos!!

With Sports day next week, on Wednesday, we are taking time to go over ththe games so we aren’t all ready! here we are in action! Working as a team, wh Ch can be tricky!

On Sports day please remember to come dressed in your p.e. kit, we’ll send them home the day before ready.


11th June 2018

Here we are in our last 1/2 term of school. We’ve been looking at how far we’ve come this week. The children have been encouraged to look at their first page of writing and compare ot to what they are capable of now! There were some wonderful smiles and giggles when they looked back at their first day. I’m so please to say they were all proud of what they had achieved!


With our sports day coming in a few weeks we have decided to think about how we work as a team ready for our relay races. Here we are having a go!


21st May 2018

Wow what a busy few weeks we’ve had! The year 2’s have worked so hard on their ‘special’ work! The year 1’s have been looking at the wildlife in our surrounding area. They have learnt the names of trees and birds they might’ve in their own gardens too.

Here are some pictures of us hard at work during these very busy weeks!!






3th April

The girls and boys this week have been concentrating on looking at their spellings and comprehension skills. Thank you so m Chi for all the help you give your children to learn their spellings ready for Fridays.

6th April

Wednesday we woke up to blue skies and warmer weather – just right for our first outside p.e. lesson of the year! Team work was the theme. Using hoops we had to look for things around the playground. To help us work as a team we needed to all keep hold of one hoop! Not as easy as it sounds!!


Did you ask your child what happened in class? I’m sure they were full of information! Yes! It was decided in class 1 aliens had landed in our school the night before! This is now going to be the basis for our newspaper report writing!

Have the aliens landed? What’ s going on in class 1?

10th APRIL 2018

Here are our Easter Gardens, the year 2 children made them just before we broke up!

Welcome back to school. I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday time with your children.

This week we’ve introduced the children to the topic of Africa. This has caused great excitement. The children have all written down the things down they would like to find out over the term about Africa. Of course at this stage the animals are the things the majority of children are interested in!

If you could ask your children what they want to find out about and maybe see if they could find out some new information that would be fantastic!

On Wednesday in Premier Sport the children were refining their team building skills. This started with a game of passing the hoop around the circle, trickier than it sounds!


March 2018

I can’t believe we’re on our last week of term. Where has the time gone? Mind you when I look at the learning we have covered I’m sure the children are ready for a break!

Here are what Class 1 think are the best bits of our term!


IMG_1845 IMG_1940

What will we learn next term?!! Well…………Africa…..let’s wait and see!! I hope you all have a wonderful Spring break whatever you are doing. Thank you so much for your ongoing support with all our exciting events. Also thank you for helping your children complete their homework, especially the spellings each week which are really helping your children improving their writing skills. Their little faces light up when their hard work makes it an easy task on a Friday morning.

19th March 2016

Another busy week!

Tuesday and Wednesday this week we were very lucky to have Lancashire Cricket coaches in school. They were introducing the sport to our children in a variety of ways. Year 2’s learnt th skill of bowling and the Year 1 children the skill of batting and running to the post and back again.

In art we have all been painting our crowns linked to our Queens and Kings topic in History. There are some amazing techniques developing in our painting skills.

IMG_1876 IMG_1877

Of course we couldn’t not mention our fabulous concert on Tuesday afternoon. Didn’t the children do themselves proud! It was amazing what they had learnt in just 10 weeks.

12th March 2016

This week is another exciting week – DIVERSITY WEEK.

Each day we will look at a different theme.

Monday we looked at gender – th children were asked the question “Can girls do the same thing as boys, can they have the same jobs…?

It was very interesting listening to their responses. We recorded some of them in our PSHE class book.

TUESDAY – we looked at disabilities and how life is very different to ours for some people. The children gave each other instructions when they were blind folded. This gave them a real insight into how just waking around a classroom could be challenging.  Here are the year two children exploring this concept.


Continuing our History topic we started to make crown out of clay. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and we have some amazing crowns drying on the window sill as we speak!!

Year 1 children are investigating measure this week. We started off using non standard measures to find the length of objects. Then we progressed to using cm rulers. Today they started to compare lengths of things using a metre stick. They were really surprised with things that actually measured over a metre.

Again here we are working really hard investigating!


The pictures from our day celebrating MATHS!!



1ST MARCH, TOMORROW, IS WORLD BOOK DAY. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN YOUR COSTUMES! A big thank you to all the children that have already brought in their books for the book swop, the children are extremely excited about swopping tomorrow.There will be lots of exciting activities including the creating of a whole school story book!!

Book swop time!

Here are the first of the photos!! 

W/B 26th February 2018

The snow arrived and we decided to try and see if we could all work together to make a snowman! We certainly did try and a tiny snowman stood by our front gate until lunchtime.

IMG_174  IMG_1744

The year 1 children had a fabulous time, Tuesday afternoon, playing their instruments. You’ll be very proud of them, I’m sure, when you come to our concert!


This week we are learning about fractions. A lot of us initially found this very tricky. I am so pleased to say over these three days the children have showed amazing resilience. Through looking at their mistakes the majority of children are now feeling more confident when problem solving. Please help your children to think about 1/2’s, 1/4’s (year1) and 1/2, 1/4, 2/4 and 1/3’s ( year 2). Any reinforcement of fractions with both pizzas!!, cakes!! but also objects and actual numbers would be fantastic.

In p.e. we are learning all about dance – creating individual movements as well as group sequences. It is quite a skill to compromise our individual ideas to include everyone in the group!


19th February 2018

TOMORROW, Thursday, SPONSERED BOUNCE DAY!! We hope there are lots of “TIGGERS” arriving at school tomorrow!

It was lovely to see all the children coming back in on Monday, full of stories of how they had spent their holidays!



This week we have been changing the format of our maths lessons a little. We are now incorporating a problem solving day each week. The benefit of this is to see how well the children have understood each topic by applying their knowledge. Already children are becoming more confident at explaining their thinking and sharing methods with each other. All very important mathematical skills. Well done boys and girls with your continuing effort to master this skill.

Here we are hard at work!


We all paid a visit to Nursery this week to see the eggs in the incubator – and guess what?! today one chicken had hatched! In assembly the children were able to follow its progress on our web camera. It caused great excitement. We shall be visiting them again later in the week.

Our History topic this half term is Kings and Queens. We started the lesson off with a short clip from the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Then the children took on the role of royal photographer as each child had their own Coronation! Here are pictures of your royal children!!



5th February 2018.

Some photographs from this week!

I hope you enjoy them and happy holidays!

The Lowry!

IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1598

Making a map of the British Isles.

29th January 2018.

Of course this week the children are talking a lot about our trip to The Lowry. ‘What will we see…….What is the special thing Mrs Byrom is excited about us discovering?!……Can we see the water when we are there?……..and of course a most important question ….Where will we eat lunch?”

Thank you for all your kind offers of help. Unfortunately we can’t take everyone so we’ve drawn names out of the hat to decide.

This week in class we have been continuing our work on Traditional Tales. The year 1 children are building up to writing a recount of the story of Little Red Riding Hood – but remembering to always use the non-negioables, capital letters and full stops. We are also challenging them to use adjectives to add interest. Year 2 children are developing ideas throughout the week with the aim of creating their own Traditional Tale. They are concentrating on using exciting punctuation, adjectives and a variety of conjunctions e.g. So, even though & because.

Please continue  supporting your child to check their homework and self assess for the above criteria.

Next week there is an Internet Safety Day and it is also Diversity week. The children will be involved in different activities to highlight these topics. Letters will be coming out soon to give you more details.

TOMORROW 1st February. IT IS PYJAMA DAY to celebrate story telling. Please remember to make sure the children have shoes and coats as normal for playtime. It will be an exciting day with our Junior children coming over to read to the Infants. As you can imagine this causes great excitement and in some cases anticipation to see if their brother/sister will be the one to come and read to them!!


Another exciting lesson in Premier Sports!

Again working as a team and fine tuning our control skills.

Here we are in action!!

22nd January 2018

The children have all settled back into school really well over the last couple of weeks. Lots of happy smiling faces greet me every day which is wonderful! All eager to get learning! The children have been particularly excited by our art lessons, making their own Lowry pictures. I will take pictures of the finished masterpieces when they are done, so we’ll keep you in suspense a little longer!!

In maths this week year 1 have been looking at number bonds to eight and nine! “this is hard as we usually do them up to ten or twenty….” but the children are beginning to master the skill.

Both year 2 and 1 have been using bead strings to help with their addition. These are used to encourage the children to countin tens and actually visualise it. I am beginning to see a greater understanding of the concept now and some of the children are actually applying this knowledge in problem solving  situations.

We always have a discussion before starting our p.e. lessons. The children are asked to recap what they learnt last week and what our challenges are this week.


Team work to collect balls before the ‘ball catchers’ come and get them!!


NOTE TO YEAR 1 -Please remember to being in  your instruments every Tuesday or Monday if you prefer.

15th January 2018

This week we are looking at poetry, year 2 and instructions, year 1. The year ones found it amazing when they drew snowmen! Why? because they realised they had all put their own interpretation on the instructions! It was an excellent way of demonstrating the importance of listening carefully when both writing and reading instructions. Year 2 enjoyed reading an Enid Blyton poem – some children were very surprised to realise she wrote poems and books!

Here are the year 2 children performing poetry to the class. Lots of hard work was put into the final performance. It was quite a tricky poem for the children to interpret. Well done everyone you puts lots of effort in and showed fabulous resilience.



Telling the our friends the best thing about our holidays! As you can imagine there was lots of recounts of opening presents!!

Problem solving in maths – how can we sort these numbers to 100? The discussion was very interesting. It was decided we could sort by odd/even, multiples of ten, numbers with common digits in them – were just a few of the ideas.

As you know we have been looking at materials in Science. Here we are building a strong house for the The Three Little Pigs. I was very excited to see the children adapting their ideas to strengthen the walls. Lots of discussion was going on between the children even though many chose to build individually. Some of the children are now at the stage were they are sharing ideas without being propmpted to! Well done boys and girls!

Our year 2 children were testing different materials to see if they could bend, stretch, twist, and squash. There were some quite tricky decisions to be made as we were testing towels, drink cans, sponges, play dough, elastic bands to name a few. The children are all beginning to use lots of scientific language in their discussions, which is fabulous to see.




Monday 8th January 2018!!

Welcome to you all and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday time. The children have come back very happily with lots of stories about their holidays! Sounds like you all had a very exhausting time!

We have started our ukulele lessons this week, on Tuesdays. The children will be bringing them home when we have all the permission slips back in. Please can you check you have returned your child’s please. If you prefer to send the instruments in on a Monday morning that is absolutely fine.

We have made a fabulous start to our maths this week. We have been looking at multiplication, year 2, odds and evens with our year 1 children. Here we are in action.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS RETURNED BOTH SLIPS OF PAPER GIVING THEM PERMISSION TO GO TO Oakfield Court TO SING ON TUESDAY 5th November and that they are able to have a drink of juice and a biscuit. Unfortunately unless they are returned we won’t be able to take them. Thank you for your ongoing support.

YEAR 2 choir will be singing at 3.45pm at the start of the Christmas Fair this Friday, 1st December. There is a letter in their bags asking permission for them to stay with me after school until we sing. Parents/careers will need to be there for 3.45pm, stay for the singing and then collect them immediately afterwards.

AS ALWAYS THANKYOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AT THIS VERY BUSY TIME OF YEAR -It is greatly appreciated both by us and your children. They can’t wait to sing again, hopefully not in the rain!!

We had a lovely email from the Urmston Partnership saying they had had lots of positive feedback about the singing at the Light Switch On.

As promised party photos!



18th December 2017

Excited doesn’t really do justice to the way the children are feeling this week!! I’m sure you all know this at home too!!

This week the children have been learning how to follow instructions.

Year 2’s are creating a moving Santa picture and have to work as a group to decipher th instructions and create a picture with Santa flying through the air. Year 1’s are making snowmen footprint pictures, again following instructions. The results so far have been amazing, as you will see when their creations come home.


We have seen some amazing imagination and resilience as they have come across tricky challenges. Using questioning of their friends and peer discussion they have overcome the challenges.

OF course Tuesday was a very exciting time at lunch time. Christmas music, Christmas decorations and Christmas lunch! The dinner ladies really enjoyed serving up the lunches to the children and staff dressed in Christmas jumpers and head dresses!!


Our Christmas party for ladies and gentlemen from Greenfield church was a huge success, many comments were heard of what a memorable time it had been with quizzes, food and the choir singing to them. All  children from the whole of the school had a role to play. Some made invites, decorations, hung coats up, served food, introduced the food to name a few!

A big thank you must go to Mrs Strickland for the idea and organising the event!

Below are some pictures of us working hard at our activities this week. Party pictures will follow later in the week!

Here we are in Premier Sports showing what we have learnt this term and demonstrating how to exercise safely.

At the end of the session we always have a discussion why we exercise, what we challenged ourselves with, what we found tricky, sharing ideas and for the next lesson.



What a rainy start to our week – but for us it was just what we needed to test our buildings against the elements. Would our three little pigs survive in their stick, bricks and straw houses? Would the year 2 school building survive the rain shower?

The weather was so terrible it was left for Mrs Byrom to zip up and go outside as the children watched safe and warm in the classroom. As the children eagerly watched through the window th anticipation was clear! The children had  all tried to get the houses to blow down and due to their creative building they survived! Unfortunately when the buildings were in a rain storm (otherwise known as a bucket of water thrown over them!!) they were not so lucky! Even the brick house which they were all convinced would survive didn’t due to the fact they had omitted to build a roof!!

Here are the testing photos, apologise for the quality of them, they were through a rainy window!


On Fridays year 2 children have story time altogether. This week the year six children came over to read to us in small groups. It was very exciting to see familiar faces who did a wonderful job.

Another exciting week in p.e. Working by ourselves to make  variety of bridges in a limited time.



THURSDAY 23rd November -year 2 meeting for parents.


20th November 2017

Monday started off with handwriting for year 1 and comprehension for year 2. Wow I was so impressed with how the year 1 children are beginning to use much neater and accurately formed letters. Please help them to reinforce these skills with their handwriting homework.

Year 2 children are really beginning to understand the importance of reading texts carefully to ensure they fully understand what is said. All the time we encourage the children to pause at commas and full stops to show their awareness of punctuation. Reinforcing this supports their writing too.

Please ask your children inferential questions and perhaps they could ask you questions about the book too

In science we all had an experiment to carry out. Year 2 had to build a school that  would withstand rain, wind and snow. It required teamwork and lots of discussion to come up with one building.


Year 1 children were testing which material would be best for the Three Little Pigs. Most children predicted bricks. Next week we will be putting the buildings to the test with a hair dryer otherwise known as the Big Bad Wolf!!

Chief builders were chosen for their teamwork and concentration!


On Tuesday we entered the classroom to find moon dust, lights, a balloon and a wooden box left on the carpet! Where did it come from? Suggestions included Santa Claus, a carrot in a box or even magic!! After a great detailed discussion where the children fine tuned their speaking and listening skills, we watched the John Lewis, Man on the Moon advert. We split into groups where the adult read prompt cards and the children considered different thoughts. The detail the children gave to their answers were amazing, such imagination!

Problem solving has been a big focus in our maths lessons this week. We’ve been looking at the importance of sharing ideas and seeing if we can use many different skills. We have also been seeing if we can see patterns in numbers especially with addition and subtraction.

In Geography we have been developing map reading skills in both year groups, year two children to find how to get to Struay and year one to locate buildings.

Here we are sharing our different methods of problem solving. 



13th  November 2017

We knew this week was going to be a very busy one –  Monday World Kindness day, Tuesday Diabetes Awareness day, Anti Bullying week and Friday Children in Need day!!

The children started the week thinking about how we could be kind to each other, which is one of our school values. This involved discussion and then adding our thoughts to post it notes outside with the rest of our school community.

Tuesday we  all wore something blue for Diabetes Awareness Day. A very special little girl came to talk to us about diabetes. It was very interesting and the children had lots of questions they wanted to ask. She told us what diabetes was and how she needed to look after her self. We were introduced to a very special friend of hers called Rufus. He is her teddy and he knows all about how to look after himself and his diabetes. 


In Assembly on Wednesday some of the junior school children came to talk to us about bullying and how to be kind to others in the playground and in other areas of school. This helped the children to think about their actions and how we could make sure we always include people in our play.


This is week in maths both year one and two children have been involved in investigating shape. Year 1’s are looking at recalling shapes by name and knowing how many  corners and sides they have. Year 2’s have been making their own shapes and investigating their properties. There was great excitement when they found shapes that had more sides than pentagons, hexagons and octagons! They went on google this find out their names without help!

During our Premier sport lesson this week we got out some equipment which as you can imagine caused great excitement. Here we are using the equipment!


10th November

We took part in a Remembrance Day assembly. We had prepared poems, letters, songs and prayers to share with the rest of the children as  remembered those who had died in war.


For two minutes, we had silence as we remembered the soldiers who had protected our country



6th November 2017

This week the children have been very busy both inside and outside the classroom. On Wednesday Mrs Jones came in to continue with work in the garden, both planting and harvesting. We even pulled an enormous turnip out of the ground – and we didn’t need help from a cat, mouse and dog!!

On Wednesday Mr Irakoze, from Premier Sports, came in for our P.E. lesson. This week we were making pizzas using different movements, as you can imagine this was very exciting for th children! They were improving their physical skills by using controlled movements which proved quite tricky!

Here we are making them!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have a special visitor into school. His name was Mr Pitt. He works at a hospital in the X-ray department. The children were amazed with the facts he gave us in a very lively and exciting talk. The children learnt how X-rays had changed over the years and how there are now machines to do more of the work in developing X-rays. We saw lots of X-rays of different parts of the body. One of the most exciting part for lots of children were learning how to bandage your arm and put a sling on your arm to support it. 

30th October 2017

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic and restful week.

We are ready now for a very busy half term. There will be a letter in the book bags for our year 2 children in the next few days, inviting them to join the Christmas choir. The choir will meet every Friday lunch time. Each year I take the choir to perform at several different local places, some are in school time and some at other times. Each year we get invited to more places which is very exciting.

All the children will be investigating materials this term in Science. Please help your children to spot (Year 2’s) materials to build a school from, (year 1’s) materials that you would use to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. Getting your children to think about which materials are waterproof and why are all excellent starting points.

Below are some pictures of us working on doubles and halves using different maths resources.

Last week of the first half term…..

We ended our week with a celebration of the Festival of Lights. It was an amazing day and the children loved visiting different classes throughout the school for different activities! Here we are enjoying the day and learning so much!


Week beginning 16 th October 2017

In dance this week we completed our dance sequences that we had been improving on each week. It was time to perform them in front of our friends. We were trying to depict the story of old toys being left in a dusty workshop for 100 years – they then woke up and cleaned the shop, had a party and quickly returned to their shelves as someone came into the old shop! The children were so involved they believed the shop actually exists in Urmston, if you look hard enough! Here we are performing.


The girls and boys having been  using different was of reinforcing skills they have learnt during this term in the sand and writing areas. In the writing area we were thinking about how many adjectives we could write about ourselves. In the sand we were reading words on ping pong balls and then constructing sentences.


This week it was the turn of year 1’s to have a visitor. Again it was connected to our Science topic…..Mr Crawford, a dentist. Talking to us about how to look after teeth, including eating foods that don’t have a lot of sugar in and brushing our teeth carefully.


The year 2’s had a visit from Mrs Varga this week when she came to tell us about looking after pets, what they need to survive and how it compares to human needs.

9th October 2017

Another busy start to our week. The children are all learning about adjectives and how to use them to improve sentences. The children are beginning to use the word adjective rather than ‘a describing word’. Please help your children to find adjectives in their reading books this week as it will help embed their learning.

Year 2 children are writing Harvest acrostic poems in preparation for their Harvest Festival performance, next Thursday (19th) at 2.45pm. We hope all the Year 2 parents will be able to attend. Please bringing your singing voices!!

Here are some photographs of our week so far.


Measuring objects with non standard and standard measures.

Giving each other instructions.

We realised how important it was to give precise instructions otherwise things don’t work out quite right. As you can see instructing someone to put their coat on isn’t as easy as it seems. The children realised through trial and error the importance of using time connectives and bossy verbs to ensure accuracy. 

Some more measuring, this time with a selection of  measures. Using adjectives in our writing.

Penguins in P.E!!!! Can you control the ball and work as a team?

25th September

What an exciting start to the week!! Fruit tasting and then labelling our skeletons and still we have making face pictures out of real fruit to look forward to! Here are some photographs of our lessons: 


 Each week in Premier sports one child gets the

great effort award. The children  eagerly anticipate the honour!! We are always thinking about Miss Bee so this week we decided to send her a picture of us sending her a hug! And wishing her a speedy recovery.

 This is a picture of us designing our own computer programmes to direct a character around a maze. Your girls and boys were amazing!   Year 2 children are working on improving their comprehension skills this week. We started by looking at pictures and predicting what might be happening in them. We are teaching the skill of answering inferential questions which many find really tricky at this stage. It would be wonderful if you could ask them some inferential questions when you are hearing  them  read the book we send home.  Y Year one children are improving their handwriting skills each week. Letter formation is quite a tricky thing so please carry on helping your child with this each week when it comes home. The sheet that comes home is a reinforcement of the lesson we have had in class.  Year one children have been working hard on making skeletons and then labelling different bones around the body. You’ll be amazed to know they now even know where the pelvis and ribs are!

Here are our year 2 children trying different fruit juices which they knew can help us to keep healthy, if we have a small glass each day. I was very proud of all of them as they tried juices that they didn’t normally like! They then discussed how the experiment went and would thy change anything!! Yes they would!…. have more juice to drink!

18th September

Each week we will be looking at our school values in our class assemblies.

The school value we are looking at this week is HAPPY.


As another exciting week begins just a quick reminder to please label all of your child’s clothing especially p.e. kits please.

On Tuesday afternoon we had an excellent art lesson! The year 2 children were sketching different parts of the acorn life cycle and year one children were making skeletons, to tie in with their science topic. They all put so much effort into producing their best work.

On our reading wall bubble gum appeared, really balloons, to demonstrate the chewing gum recipes we invented last week. The children were so thrilled to see them!

This week in maths we are working on number bonds. Please help your children by saying a number and asking them which number they need to add to it to make 10, 20 etc.

In English we are extending our knowledge on adjectives – can your child tell you what one is or find some in their reading book?

Here we some of our activities so far this week…..



11th September

Wednesday morning the playground was full of different characters! Willy Wonka, Matilda and Mr Fox!! I wonder what day we are celebrating! Ask your children I am sure they will be able to tell you lots about the author and his books!

Here we are waiting for assembly – can you name 5 different characters?


Then we had our Premier Sport lesson. We were trying to clap our hands only when the ball was bounced. It was very tricky as we anticipated each bounce, especially when the bounces got faster!! Here we are in action.


5th September.

The children have made an amazing start to the term and  settled in really well. It seems as they have been in my class forever!

Here are some pictures of  activities from last week and today! Including painting our own portraits, wondering why Mrs Byrom just wrote the answer for a maths sum but didn’t write the question!! until we realized she wanted us to challenge ourselves to write a question that fitted her answer! One of us was so excited that we rushed over to Mrs Byrom to ask could we do a chilli challenge and make the answer an even larger number!! Fabulous to see such enthusiasm on the third day at school! I just know it is going to be a great year with these children!!

Here we are working out problems in maths again! The year two children were making a number, throwing the dice twice twice to make a two digit number, then using a bead string working out which two tens numbers it was in between. Year one children estimating and comparing numbers using the unifix cubes.













Welcome to Class 1’s page. My name is Mrs Wormald and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the exciting things we do in our class.


In Mrs Wormald’s absence, Class I1 will be taught by Mr Doherty and Mrs Dunne. Miss Sidyot, a PGCE student from Manchester Metropolitan University will also be teaching in Class I1 until Friday 23 June.

Mr Doherty will be teaching on Monday mornings and all day Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Mrs Dunne will teach on Monday afternoons and Tuesdays.

This will be the arrangement until the end of the year. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the changes we have had to make. Please feel free to speak to Mr Doherty or Mrs Dunne before or after school or alternatively, contact Mr Doherty by email at m.doherty@urmstonprimaryschool.com.



14th July

What a busy week we have had with our trip to Blackpool Zoo, preparations for Sports Day and Spotty Day in memory of Mrs Wormald. We have had such a busy week and we look forward to our last week of the term.

No formal homework this week. Please enjoy reading, playing and having fun outside this weekend.

23rd June

We have been having a really fun week in Class 1 and have loved making our Herbal remedies just like Mary Seacole did. We made our own Ginger beer which is supposed to help with diarrohea!! In school, we also have met a top British swimmer called Ben Kerry, who has been helping out in Class 6. He told us all about how he had competed all over the world and how when he first went to swimming lessons, he was afraid of the water. He told us, with practice, we could be great swimmers too or anything we wanted to be.







16th June

As you will all be aware, we have had some very sad news this week with the death of Mrs Wormald. She was a very special teacher and person who we all loved. The children have been sharing their memories of Mrs Wormald this week and have been so grown-up in their discussions. They have so many fond memories of her and we have enjoyed sharing these this week. She loved all the children she taught and I know that she would have been touched to hear their memories of her.

‘She was always happy.’   ‘She was so pretty.’   ‘She was so kind.’

‘She taught us good stuff.’   ‘She helped me support myself.’

She was the best.’

We will let you know as soon as we have any details of when her funeral will be, as the Infant side of the school will be closed on that day.

24th May

Please click on the link for a letter sent home in book bags today.

Dear Class 1 Parents

All children should now have been allocated Maths activities and Reading books on Active Learn which they can do alongside any other homework given out in their book bags. Active Learn homework is an additional resource that they can do as extra work over the holidays if they wish. Please let me know if your child needs a reminder of their username and password.

23rd May

Please check your Active Learn accounts for two Maths homework activities that the children can complete over the holidays.

Books will be allocated soon.


22nd May 

We had a wonderful time singing in the Grammar School field as part of our Singing in the Park. What a beautiful day and what wonderful singing. Thank you Mrs Byrom!


19th May

Our Year 1s  had a wonderful time learning about plants and growing when we visited Golden Hill Park and the allotments in Urmston. Thank you Mr Sales for showing us around!