Welcome to Class 1!



My name is Mrs Byrom and I hope you enjoy seeing some of the learning we do over the following weeks.

Please feel free to catch me in the playground if there is anything you need to know.

Thankyou for your patience when I am handing over your children at the end of the day. It will take me a little while longer to start with as I get to know you all.


Here is this terms newsletter: Class 1 Newsletter

Week beginning 10th September 2018

Today we had our new p.e. coaches in, and one was actually someone who had been to the Olympics for dodge ball – how amazing is that!!

Here we are in action,


We hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays! The children did a fantastic job of settling into Class 1 during their first few days. 🙂

 Making numbers using the

multilink cubes.

Sketching our self portraits. Using mirrors to look at the shape and the colour of our features. We all learnt that we are all unique and none of us look the same which is wonderful – we’re all individuals and all important in our class!  Year 2 children sketching the

missing half of their self portrait using shading – very confidently!

Time for practical maths work. How can you count a group of objects without moving them?……very tricky so we came up for solutions. Sort them out by colour, sort them by type, order them in a line…. the list was endless but gave us all a lot of thinking to do.

Year 2 children using problem solving skills to work out a number using groups of tens and units.

Time for our year one children to get busy after concentrating extremely well at writing about our holidays. Of course remembering our capital letters and full stops.